The Best Classes For Each Character In Fire Emblem Engage


Divine Dragon or Wyvern Knight

Alear has access to the unique class Divine Dragon. This is the best class for them because it capitalises on their sword prowess and all-around excellent character and class growth. If you want more mobility, Wyvern Knight is also an excellent option for Alear for similar reasons.


Great Knight

Vander is the classic early overpowered unit that quickly becomes terrible as the game progresses. You shouldn’t move him away from the Great Knight class since this is the best he will be.


Mage Knight

Clanne is another early unit that is outclassed as the game progresses. If you invest in him, you should promote him into a Mage Knight to give him more utility in combat.


Enchanter or Martial Master

Framme will be your main healer until you reach the Ring of the Dawn Maiden. Due to her innate Art proficiency and playstyle of a supporting character, the DLC class Enchanter is excellent for her. The Enchanter buffs other units with items, so keeping them away from the frontlines is the best for weaker characters like Framme. If you don’t have the DLC, make her a Martial Master.



Alfred has access to the unique promotion class Avenir. This is by far the best class for him because of the skill Golden Lotus, which can trigger to prevent 50 percent of physical damage taken. Alfred’s low speed can’t be fixed, so don’t change him to anything else.



Celine is one of the better mage units in Engage. Her unique class Vidame is excellent for capitalising on her magical damage and the class skill Ignis. As a Vidame, she can use swords, tomes, and heal. It’s perfect for Celine’s stats.


Wyvern Knight or Mage Cannoneer

To ensure Boucheron is still viable in the mid-game, you should turn him into an Axe Flier and then a Wyvern Knight. This increases his mobility, survivability, and strength considerably. The ranged DLC class Mage Cannoneer is also great for Boucheron since it swaps strength and dexterity, so the former calculates hit while the latter calculates damage.


Bow Knight

Etie is your first archer in the game, but she is later outclassed at every step by Alcryst. She has low dexterity, so making her a Bow Knight will help fix this and increase her mobility.



Louis’ default class is the Axe Armour, so he naturally wants to promote to General. This won’t fix his atrocious resistance stat, but his physical defence will be outrageously high and is helpful in later maps.


Griffin Knight

Chloe is one of the best units in the game, especially as a Griffin Knight. Her movement, speed, and avoidance as a flier will help her dodge attacks, double enemies, and zip around maps.


High Priest

Jean is the archetypical Villager in Engage, giving him the personal skill that increases his growth rates. High Priest will be Jean’s best option since he has fairly low growth rates overall. Essentially this means his growth skill doesn’t help much. Make him a healer and keep him away from the front.



Yunaka begins the game as a thief and should stay in this class for the entire game. It’s her best class by far, considering her skill and the Covert nature of thief classes working in tandem to let her crit a lot.


Sage or High Priest

As soon as you get Anna, you should promote her away from the Axe Fighter class. She has some of the best Magic growth in the game, meaning she will shine as a Sage or High Priest.



Diamant’s unique Successeur class gets S-rank swords and can also use axes. This class gets the Sol skill, which will trigger based on his dexterity. All in all, Diamant is one of the stronger front-line fighters and his unique class is best for him.


Tireur d’√©lite

Alcryst is the best archer in the game, and his unique class Tireur d’elite enhances this aspect of him in every way. The class skills Luna triggers frequently, and he will rarely miss those pesky fliers.



Citrinne has extremely high magic power and extremely low strength. Due to this, she will want to be a Sage, letting her deal incredible damage with S-rank tomes. Mage Knight could work for her, but it’s not her best.



Amber is another cavalry unit that you won’t know what to do with. His personal skill makes him stronger if he’s fighting alone, which means you want to make him a Paladin who can outpace your other units. He will do well alone, but that won’t last.



Jade joins you as an Axe Armour unit, and there’s no other route for her to promote to other than General. She will be weak to mages, but her defence and damage are considerable.



Unless you want to, you should refrain from promoting Lapis to Swordmaster. She is a glass canon in so many ways, but without being able to deal much damage. Turning her into a General will improve her terrible defence and balance her stats significantly.



The Warrior class is the best for a few units because of their damage capabilities and access to bows. Sapphire joins late in the game, but she is one tough customer. Keep her as a Warrior, bnd you won’t regret it.



Ivy’s unique class Lindwurm is the best for her. It enhances her magic, improves her mobility, and her speed allows her to double opponents frequently. Ivy also has access to healing staves, which is always good.


Sleipnir Rider

Hortenisa is the best healing unit in the game, and her class Sleipnir Rider is the best for her. Her personal skill, alongside the class skill World Tree, bolsters her healing abilities considerably. She also has extremely high resistance, meaning even mages with Wind magic can’t bother her.



Kagetsu is made for the Swordmaster class. He is a pre-promoted unit, and this is where he should stay. His damage, speed, and defences will be excellent for the battles ahead.



Zelkov is arguably a better thief than Yunaka in every way. He has more strength than her, and his stat spread is better in every way. Yunaka isn’t bad, but Zelkov does her job and then some.


Wyvern Knight

Rosdao is another strong unit that joins you as a pre-promoted Wyvern Knight. Keep Rosado in this class and you’ll have a powerhouse flier who can devastate lance users in one fell swoop.



Hero is the best class for Goldmary by a country mile. Her stats when she joins are incredible, and she will effortlessly become one of your best physical units. Her defence and resistance are exemplary, and Hero keeps it that way.



When you recruit Lindon, you will have so many mage units you won’t know what to do with them. Lindon joins as a Sage, so you might as well keep him as one. He has a considerably high magic stat that will let him blast enemies into next year.



Timerra’s unique class, Picket, is the best choice for her. She has high strength, dexterity, and defences. She doesn’t do much excellently, but her class skill can enhance her damage. She also gets to use S-rank lances, so we recommend keeping her in this class.


Cupidio or Warrior

Fogado joins far too late in the game to be helpful. He’s a mounted bow user, and his unique class Cupidio is a solid choice for him. If you find him lacking in damage, you can promote him to Warrior, letting him retain his bow access and use axes.


Wolf Knight

Merrin is one of the few units that suit a Wolf Knight. She’s fast and her movement and access to swords are great. The Wolf Knight skill Hobble is amazing for keeping enemies locked down, so we suggest keeping Merrin in this class.


Berserker or Mage Cannoneer

Pannette is one of the strongest physical units in the game, able to hit hard and take hits with high HP. Due to her high strength, Berserker is astonishingly good for her. In the same vein, the DLC Mage Cannoneer is perfect for Pannette because her dex stat is slightly lower than her strength. With her personal skill, Panette can nearly have a 100 percent crit rate.


Great Knight

Bunet is another character that joins too late, becoming another saturated unit when recruited. He joins as a Great Knight and will perform well in this role, so it’s worth keeping him in it. He is outclassed by many of your other mounted units.


Sage or Mage Knight

Pandreo might have an insufferable personality, but he is one of the strongest mage units in the game. When you get the S-rank tome, Nova, you will want to give it to him as a Sage. As a Mage Knight, he will lose a bit of damage, but his mobility will be much better.



Seadall is the only Dancer in the game. Due to this, you should never promote him away to any other class. Dancers are broken in Fire Emblem, letting you give units who have acted another turn. His stats are terrible, but his utility is immeasurable.


Fell Child

The Fell Child class is unique to Veyle and is her best. She is the only character who can use the Misericorde dagger and Obscurité tome, both of which can only be used together in her Fell Child class.


Royal Knight

With high damage, resistance, and defence, Mauvier is best in his starting Royal Knight class. He will deal out as much as he takes and can use staves to heal, making him extremely powerful as a front-line support class.

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