The Best Hero Cards In Hearthstone

In Hearthstone, Hero cards are possibly the most impressive cards on deck, simply because they skip beating around the bush and attack with your hero, rounding an impressive blow to the enemy hero vis-a-vis, mano a mano. Next to being impressive, your Hero cards are dependable.



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They are not bothered by something as simple as a taunt card, but they can easily bypass them and often do so with several spells and secrets that wonderfully complement their main attack. Here are the best hero cards you should shuffle into your deck.

11 Magister Dawngrasp

The Magister Dawngrasp Card From Hearthstone

Magister Dawngrasp loves to boast, as he recasts one spell from each spell school you’ve cast in this game. He is especially flamboyant towards the end of the game, casting the largest number, but can be useful in the middle of the game if you have no other play and want to trigger some secrets before they come in to betray you later on in the game.

Magister Dawngrasp is also a great card to have if you have bulked up on spell cards in your deck, leaning towards magic more than any other type. He is also quite a looker, if you’re into Hearthstone card art, taking after elves of old with flaming red hair and royal purple garb.

10 Lightforged Cariel

The Lightforged Cariel Card From Hearthstone

Lightforged Cariel is a common favorite because she wields two advantages instead of one. When dealt, she casts two damage to all enemies, and then she equips a 2/5 immovable object as a weapon.

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Unlike other cards, Lightforged Cariel is useful at every part of your gameplay, but players especially prefer to play her at the very beginning, banging starter minions to death as soon as they make it out on the board like a rather long game of whack-a-mole.

9 Galkarond The Tempest

The Galkarond The Tempest Card From Hearthstone

If you’re in a hurry to attack, Galkarond The Tempest is your creature. When dealt, he summons two 2/2 storms with rush, who are built to attack the same turn they are dealt without having to wait till the next turn. You can even invoke it twice to upgrade it.

This helps for those tight corners where you’re faced with too many Taunts all at once, or when your player shuffles out the entire board on deck readying for a death blow. You can then use it to deal some blows of your own before dealing more cards to build your ranks in preparation for the next game.

8 Dreadlich Tamsin

The Dreadlich Tamsin Card From Hearthstone

Dreadlich Tamsin deals in threes. The deadly monster deals three damage to all minions, shuffles three rifts into your deck, and lets you draw three cards for good measure. If you’re caught between a rock and a hard place, Dreadlich Tamsin has your back, creating opportunities where there are only walls and weapons pointed at your head at every turn.

Dreadlich Tamsin is especially good early on in the game, helping you rearrange your board with more options than you would usually have, and start playing early instead of waiting your turn.

7 Malfurion The Pestilent

The Malfurion The Pestilent Card From Hearthstone

Malfurion The Pestilent is generous with his destruction. He gives you a choice: You can either summon two poisonous spiders, or two scarabs with taunts to guard your hero and minions against oncoming attacks and take them instead.

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This choice helps you build a strategy, you can either attack or defend, wait or venture a deadly blow, build up your army, or safeguard them behind a barrier that does its share of griefing.

6 Scourgelord Garrosh

The Scourgelord Garrosh Card From Hearthstone

Sometimes, Hero cards perform their attacks, reaping horror wherever their hammer may fall. Other times, like in the case of Scourgelord Garrosh, they empower you to launch your attacks by equipping a weapon. Scourgelord Garrosh’s choice is a 4/3 Shadowmourne that damages a minion and its adjacent friends, sowing fear into the heart of your enemy in a way that they are bound never to forget.

Scourgelord Garrosh is great at breaking up formations and is especially used on adjacent Taunts that form a barrier between you and the enemy Hero.

5 Shadowreaper Anduin

The Shadowreaper Anduin Card From Hearthstone

It’s hard to think of a time when Shadowreaper Anduin does not prove useful, but he does prove more useful in those foul plays toward the very end of the game when your enemy has all hands on deck with the entire board full of minions over five Attack ready to land the killing blow.

It’s then that Shadowreaper Anduin comes in for the rescue, destroying all of them in one fell swoop, and leaving your enemy to scrounge for scraps as they try to build a matching attack with what remains of their cards, which if played right, may not be that many.

4 Shadowcrafter Scabbs

The Shadowcrafter Scabbs Card From Hearthstone

When your enemy thinks they have you, just when they’ve laid out all their minions nice and neat, Shadowcrafter Scabbs will craft some shadows and return all minions to their owner’s hands, forcing them to start over. This move comes at a price, though, as your minions will also be returned to your hand, so only play it when you’re outnumbered or overwhelmed to balance the opponent’s hand with yours, and you shall not be disappointed.

Shadowcrafter Scabbs also summons a 4/2 Shadows with Stealth weapon, helping you deal those side blows with your enemy least expecting them.

3 Thrall, Deathseer

The Thrall Deathseer Card From Hearthstone

Thrall, Deathseer will come to your aid when you need him the most, which will likely be somewhere towards the middle or the end of the game when you need a Hail Mary. His move, which is to transform all your minions into random ones that cost two more, is guaranteed to help on almost any deck, giving you the upper hand where you may have been looking around for help.

This move is also useful to players who are good at playing cards they don’t recognize, as opposed to those who have trained themselves to play their hand, as Thrall, Deathseer does not discern friends from strangers. Those coming around to help may be minions you have never seen before.

2 Zul’jin

The Zuljin Card From Hearthstone

A blow from Zul’jin may be hard to forget, but it is even harder to remember. Zul’jin casts every single spell you’ve played in this game onto randomly chosen targets, making it rain hellfire on your enemies for as long as it takes to run through all of them.

This battlecry is special because it is guaranteed to take out more than a few before it’s done, but it can also backfire on your minions who are often mistaken for targets by this wrathful king of doom.

1 Bloodreaver Gul’dan

The Bloodreaver Guldan Card From Hearthstone

If you’re playing a demon deck, Bloodreaver Gul’dan is your best monster friend. When dealt, they summon all friendly demons that died in this game, so you might as well play them towards the end of the game and call on some revenge from beyond the grave.

Players are also known to play Bloodreaver Gul’dan after a massacre, so the demons can come back and fight for their own after they’ve been wiped out by some trigger-happy minion.

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