How To Get The Cairo Snow Globe In Starfield

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  • Buy The Book In Akila City
  • Behold The Pyramids… And Snow Globe, Too

When we think of Cairo, snow’s probably not the first thing on our minds, Starfield. But when it comes to Bethesda’s hand-picked, artistically rad snow globe collectibles, it’s not about what to expect; it’s about what cool real-world landmarks can shrink down into a glass ball with fake snow inside.



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Take a trip to a land whose civilization may not have withstood the test of time – though it sure outlasted most of the rest – but at least it lives in memory via this gorgeous ornamental globe.

Buy The Book In Akila City

Akila Cheyenne System Map Starfield

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve already been to Akila City in the Cheyenne System by the time you read this article. It’s not a certainty, but it’s likely enough. That’s because Akila City is the capital of the Freestar Collective, one of the two powerful political entities who control a bulk of Starfield’s Settled Systems.

Akila City’s a neat place to get lost for a couple of hours, but we’re here today to visit Sinclair’s Bookstore. You’ll find the owner here to be rather eccentric in her lust for books, but then, Earth’s inhospitable, and the vast majority of our species’ history has been lost. Who wouldn’t be?

Browse to your content, but what we need to buy is ‘The Ancient Civilization of Egypt’. Reading this unlocks the precise landing coordinates for the Cairo Landmark.

Behold The Pyramids… And Snow Globe, Too

Cairo Pyramids Starfield

Lay in a course for the Sol System, and while we probably don’t need to tell you which planet the Pyramids of Cairo are located on, we’ll add Earth for good measure. Land at the newly available site, and ogle the faithful recreation of this Wonder of the World.

You’ll find the Cairo Snow Globe along the bottom layer of the foremost pyramid between the pair of them. Humanity ventures into the stars, but the vanity of Pharaohs (and amazing feat of construction) is not forgotten.

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