How To Get Sleepcrate And Sky Suite Penthouse On Neon In Starfield

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Being able to have a house of your own is a unique feeling in open-world RPG games like Starfield. As you explore various planets, you’ll find a few main cities guarded by either UC Vanguard or Freestar Collective. You can find a house for yourself in most of these cities as long as you know where to look.



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Once you have a house, you can decorate and furnish it however you please. Neon is a city found in the Volii solar system, and you might have to visit this city for various reasons. However, finding a good house here is quite challenging.

How To Get A Cheap House In Neon

Starfield Sleepcrate Renting Location

If you’ve just entered Neon City and would like something simple to lay your head on sometimes, you can rent a Sleepcrate from the Ebbside area. Keep in mind that this is just a small room that has a bed and a few other necessities. It won’t be something that you can decorate too much and call a home.

Starfield Ebbside Entry Location

To rent one of the Sleepcrates in Neon, find the Enhance shop on the main street and you’ll see an entry to Ebbside right beside it. Go through this door and keep going straight until you find Izna Sundararaman in a Sleepcrate Rent shop on the right side. She’ll give you a key in exchange for 6,500 Credits.

You can then head back out to the main area and use the Ebbside entrance in front of the Enhance shop to get to the location. You’ll be able to open the room with your key and use the bed inside to rest or wait at any point.

How To Get An Expensive Home In Neon

Starfield Bartender In Astral Tower Neon

If you’re looking for a proper home in Neon, you need to head over to the Astral Tower. You can find this on one end of the road in the main city. Once you enter this bar, you have to go all the way back and talk to the bartender. After a few dialogues, he’ll offer you a Sky Suite Penthouse nearby.

You’ll have to pay 235,000 Credits if you want to acquire this property, which is quite a huge amount considering its location. If you decide to buy the place, you can head out of the Lounge and use the Elevator to the left after going down a set of stairs. The top floor of this elevator will be called Sky Suite, and it’ll be restricted until you buy the place.

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