How To Get The Garden Millipede In Palia

If you’ve never seen a millipede before, they’re long, worm-like insects with a ton of legs, and they like to go fast. Palia has a few varieties of them to find, from the bright fuchsia and blue Scintillating Millipede and the deep red Hairy Millipede, to the Garden Millipede. Some fetch a high price, and many count towards Palia’s many achievements.



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In this guide, we’ll be showing you the places where you can find the fairly rare Garden Millipede and give you a tip on how to catch them before they run away and disappear.

Where To Find A Garden Millipede

Map of Kilima Valley with stars over Leafhopper Hills, Remembrance Garden, near Gillyfin Cove, and near Chapaa Crossing in Palia

The Garden Millipede is an Uncommon tier insect that you can find across most of Kilima Valley, particularly in the grassy fields of Chapaa Crossing, Leafhopper Hills, Reflection Hills, or near the Family Farm. They can spawn at any time of day but are more common during the day.

Their bright greenish-yellow color tends to make them blend in with the environment, so they can be difficult to spot from afar in the grass.

Besides being found in the wild, it also has a five percent chance to spawn when foraging both Sundrop Lily and Wild Garlic in any area of Kilima.

Similar to other insects that spawn in from a resource, they get alerted to your movements instantly. Garden Millipedes move constantly in a straight line when alerted but are surprisingly fast for their size. Use this bit of information to catch the millipedes easier – if you know where they’ll move, you’ll be able to predict their movements.

Sticky Smoke Bombs are the best ammo to catch them with, as the slow-down effect makes them a lot easier to hit. They can also be constantly pelted due to their simple movement.

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