Upcoming skins and Leaked Tier rewards

Prepare for the excitement as PUBG Mobile reveals the A3 Royale Pass, ‘Freaky Fiesta,‘ set to launch with the highly-anticipated 2.8 Update. In this in-depth overview, we explore the release date, the diverse range of rewards, and the unique feature of upgradable outfits and weapons.

PUBG Mobile A3 Royale Pass: Release Date

Mark your calendars for the grand entrance of the ‘Freaky Fiesta’ Royale Pass on September 14, 2023. This upcoming release promises to elevate your PUBG Mobile gaming experience with its exceptional offerings.

PUBG Mobile A3 Royale Pass: Tier List and Rewards

Outfits with Halloween Theme

Unlock a world of fashion and combat with the A3 Royale Pass. At Tier 1, embrace the Gutsy Lass Set, a perfect blend of style and grit. As you progress to Tier 40, equip the roaring Nitro Maniac Set to stand out in the battleground. And for those who reach Tier 100, the Lunahowl Set awaits, symbolizing both elegance and power.

  • Tier 1 – Gutsy Lass Set.
  • Tier 40 – Nitro Maniac Set
  • Tier 100 – Lunahowl Set
Tier 40 - Nitro Maniac Set
Image via ClassfiedYT

Unique Gun and Item Skins

PUBG Mobile introduces a range of captivating skins and emotes to adorn your weapons and gear this Halloween:

  • Uncanny Carnival – Famas (Tier 10): Transform your Famas with a vibrant carnival design.
  • Spectral Night Plane Finish (Tier 15): Make a statement with a dazzling plane finish.
  • Ghastly Gloom Helmet (Tier 20): Protect yourself in eerie style.
  • Ghastly Gloom – Mini 14 (Tier 30): Elevate your Mini 14 with a touch of gloom.
  • Nitro Maniac Emote (Tier 30): Express your enthusiasm with a dynamic emote.
  • Circus of Screams – Crossbow (Tier 50): Add drama to your Crossbow with this unique skin.
  • Deadly Carnival M1014 (Tier 55): Equip a deadly makeover for your M1014 shotgun.
  • Clockwork Ursa Backpack (Tier 60): Carry your essentials in style.
  • Flashy Fox Sidecar Motorcycle (Tier 60): Traverse the battleground in a flashy sidecar motorcycle.
  • Magic Puff Smoke (Tier 80): Make a dramatic entrance with enchanting smoke.
  • Luxurious Overlay – Scar-L (Tier 90): Add a touch of luxury to your Scar-L.
  • Lunahowl Mask (Tier 95): Complete your Lunahowl look with this mysterious mask.
Items from the A3 Royale Pass
Image via ClassifiedYT

It’s worth noting that some outfits, including the Tier 100 outfit and the Crossbow, are upgradable with materials, allowing you to enhance their appearance as you progress through the game. Get ready for the ‘Freaky Fiesta’ Royale Pass and experience PUBG Mobile like never before!

Free Tier Rewards

Even at the free tiers, players won’t miss out on the action:

  • Ashamed Emote (Tier 15)
  • Wing It (Tier 55)
  • 7-Day Room Card (Tier 100)

PUBG Mobile A3 Royale Pass: Redeem Section Rewards

Players can unlock exclusive emotes and items in the Royale Pass Redeem Section.

  • Juggle Master Emote
  • Zombie Dance
  • Victory Dance
  • Flame Gate Molotov

A3 Royale Pass: Cost

For those seeking premium access, the Elite Pass Version is available for 720 UC each while the Elite Pass Plus costs 1920 UC.

Final Thoughts

In anticipation of the ‘Freaky Fiesta’ Royale Pass in PUBG Mobile’s A3 Royale Pass, Halloween’s spirit is palpable. This update promises unique outfits, eerie weapon skins, and spooky emotes, perfectly setting the stage for the upcoming Zombie mode. With customizable, upgradable gear, players of all tiers can immerse themselves in the Halloween atmosphere. Mark your calendars for September 14, 2023, and get ready to embrace the spine-tingling adventure that ‘Freaky Fiesta’ promises. Don’t miss out on this Halloween-themed game-changer!

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