Where To Buy The Best Modded Controllers

While the standard controllers for consoles are more than enough to play comfortably, some quality of life features and improvements can always be made to them. Since most consoles only come with standard controllers, it is up to modded controllers to implement these features and give us more options.



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These controllers can have features like button inputs that keep repeating, saving you time and effort, while also extending the life of your controller. They also have remappable button inputs, along with other details. Here’s where you can pick up the best modded controllers.


Wordene Black Out Modded Xbox Series X_S Controller

Wordene Black Out Modded Xbox Series X|S Controller

The Wordene Xbox Series X|S Controller brings rapid-fire, jump shots and adjustable settings that will let you tailor your experience when you play games.


  • Long durability, it can last you for a couple years
  • You can adjust the burst speeds on this controller, giving you more customization
  • Works great for FPS games thanks to it features and mods

Amazon is a great place to get some of the best-modded controllers, such as the Wordene Series X|S, with a mod chip installed and features like rapid fire, quick scope, mimic, and more. What makes Amazon a good option is its variety of designs, so you can get something that suits your particular style.

The website also has Amazon Prime for fast delivery, in two, days while saving you money, but even without Prime, when it comes to modded controllers, Amazon tends to deliver them fast. You can get your controllers in three to four days instead of a week, even without Prime, making Amazon an attractive choice for those who cannot wait to get their modded controllers.

Evil Controller

Evil Controllers customs modded controllers

Don’t worry; it isn’t really evil. Evil Controller has been a reputable company in this business for over ten years, making it a brand you want to visit if you buy from the pros. It offers custom controllers with a wide variety of mods on all platforms, and will replace your controller or repair it if it breaks, as they provide a lifetime warranty on all their controllers.

The quality and designs are also excellent, but if the lifetime warranty doesn’t sell you on Evil Controller, then the customization options will. You can change the mods and colors and even add special edition schemes so that it works the best for you and look its best for you.

Battle Beaver

Battle Beaver Custom Modded Controllers For Series X

Battle Beaver has been going at modded controller for ten years, giving you another reputable option to buy from. Its mods can offer anti-recoil, rapid-fire, and trigger stops along with more options, giving you a great deal of customizing what features you will be using. It also provides a lifetime warranty.

What makes Battle Beaver stand out is that it offers more customisation options. You can add rear buttons to your controller, modify the thumb sticks, or replace the triggers, to mention a few options. It also gives you the choice of using original components from the controllers, so, whenever you want an original controller with a custom design, a fully modded one, or a hybrid, Battle Beaver has you covered.


eXtremeRate Modded Controllers for Playstation and Xbox, reminiscing of Starfield

Standard controllers can be expensive, especially in the latest generation. Modded controllers can be even more costly and cost hundreds of dollars, making it an issue to get one without a compromise. Well, eXtremeRate has the answer, as it is a site known for its budget-friendly modded controllers.

The retailer features many mods, like rapid-fire and anti-recoil, stick extensions, and custom shells. The affordable prices are the main highlight of the site, along with its easy-to-install mods. Check out the vast number of options, as you can save even more money, depending on what you need for your controller.

When choosing where to buy your modded controller, consider the platform you will use it on and the chance that not all mods are compatible with all games. Some mods can result in a suspension in certain games, so be sure to research the title you will play if it features multiplayer. These sites offer the best controllers, while having a unique selling point, whether it be reducing the price or selling a fancy one with remarkable aesthetics. Consider getting a lifetime warranty if you want to keep a replacement available, or budget options if you want to try out a modded controller before buying an expensive model.


Can modded controllers get me banned in multiplayer games?

Yes, they can. What is permitted in multiplayer games varies from game to game, so be sure to research and find out what’s allowed and what’s forbidden.

Are modded controllers better than the standard ones?

Overall, yes. That is due to the quality of life features and improvements these controllers provide, that can make them last longer and play better than the standard ones. Some modded controllers offer a lifetime warranty too.

What are some attractive features of modded controllers?

Rapid-fire or anti-recoil are great additions for FPS games, while input repeating can be excellent for grinding in RPGs. There is also the option of changing colors, layouts, and remapping button inputs to customize your experience.

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