How To Complete The Kindness Of Strangers Quest In Starfield

Regardless of whether you chose the Raised Enlightened trait when creating your character in Starfield, you can visit the House of Enlightened and pick up The Kindness of Strangers Quest. Starfield introduces many factions and religions, and straight out of the bat, you’ll be thrown into the deep end of New Atlantis, the UC’s (United Colony’s) pristine city, or so it would seem on its exterior.



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Deep in The Wells, impoverished New Atlantis citizens struggle to survive in the run-down slums. Despite this, there are many shops and services in the Wells, and it’s where you’ll meet Andy Singh, a follower of the House of Enlightened.

How To Get The Kindness Of Strangers Quest

Starfield: The Wells of New Atlantis

During the One Small Step story mission, you can pick up The Kindness of Strangers Quest on your first visit to New Atlantis. You’ll pick up the quest by accepting to help Andy Singh escort Tahir Vala home from the Medbay in the Wells.

Andy is found in the House of Enlightened. To get there, take the elevator between Terrabrew Coffee and Jemison’s Mercantile in the Spaceport district of New Atlantis—where you land the Frontier spaceship.

The House of Enlightened is found roughly in the center of the atrium that the elevator leads to. The sign for the building is worn away, making it easy to miss. A bounty hunter is leaning against the building wall near the steps leading to the House of Enlightened entrance.

The Kindness Of Strangers Overview

Starfield: Andy Singh

Andy Singh will pay you 2,000 Credits to help walk a recently released patient called Tahir Vala home to Sub 17, a poor district of the Well. Along the way, you must pick up a meal from Kay’s House for Tahir.

This straightforward quest will give you the following rewards:

The Kindness Of Strangers: Pick Up The Patient From The Medbay

Starfield: Tahir Vala in the Medbay

Tahir is found sitting outside of the Medbay area of The Wells. There’s a green medical sign right next to him, so you can’t miss it. Tahir busted up his leg pretty badly, and although he was discharged from the Medbay, his leg is still weak, requiring you to escort him safely home. A UC Security Guard offers to take Tahir home, but Tahir declines as he is untrustworthy of the UC.

Tahir will be cautious of you offering him help, not understanding why you would help him. Select the following dialogue option to gain Tahir’s trust:

  • “Not a scam. Just Andy Singh”

Tahir explains that he would rather owe Andy and the House of Enlightened than the UC and accepts your offer. But before you head to Sub 17, you’ll need to stop off at Kay’s House to pick up a meal for Tahir.

The Kindness Of Strangers: Stop By Kay’s For A Home Cooked Meal

Starfield: Kay's House

Kay’s House is found by walking back towards the House of Enlightened. Once you’ve passed the door to the atrium, turn left to find Kay’s House.

You won’t have to spend any credits on the meal, including the 2,000 credits that Andy Singh gave you after accepting the quest.

Speak to Kay Mason about the meal, and Tahir will explain that he doesn’t have any credits for the meal. Kay will ask who the meal is for, and you’ll have the following dialogue options:

  • “It’s for Tahir.”
  • “It’s for me, I’m starving.”

If you tell Kay that the meal is for Tahir, she will give the meal to Tahir for free. Explaining that she has already talked to Andy and that the meal “is on the house.”

The Kindness Of Strangers: Escort The Patient Home

Starfield: Tahir Vala and Sub 17

Next, you’ll need to escort Tahir back home, which is found by walking back to the Medbay and taking a left to Sub 17. Continue down the corridor until you reach the football goal.

Once you arrive at Tahir’s home, you can give Tahir the soup by selecting the following dialogue options:

  • [Miso Soup] “Before you go, here is your soup.”

Tahir will explain that it’s been long since he’s had a warm meal. He will thank you for helping him, explaining that he feels that a weight has been lifted, a feeling that he’s not felt in a long time. This completes The Kindness of Strangers quest, earning you 150XP.

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