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  • Dealing With Outside Cables

You finished your PC setup, and everything looks good, when you notice that the cables are everywhere and making quite a mess at the back of your computer. While it is said that every PC setup has an ugly section, the bane of most setups tends to be the cable management.



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All it takes is proper tools, good choices when buying a case, and patience to control unruly cables to ensure your setup looks clean and pristine. This article will explore some tips and suggestions that you can rely on to make your cable management easier to handle and save you time and effort when keeping everything tidy.

Buy The Correct Case

NZXT H510 Elite Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case

NZXT H510 Elite Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case

Keep your cables inside your case and reduce clutter.

The NZXT H510 Elite Compact ATX is an excellent case thanks to its beautiful aesthetics and cable management features that give your setup a tidy and stylish look.


  • A fantastic case, apparel wise.
  • Uses smart path for cables to keep them tidy.
  • Excellent compact tower that will fit your desk nicely.

Many manufacturers have taken into account the struggle that cables can present you with, and have taken some measures to alleviate the problem. There are cases where the main focus is cable management, as they use specific outlets to keep cables away and hidden.

One example of such a case is the NZXT H510 Elite Compact ATX Mid-Tower Case. The case is an excellent choice for aesthetics, and the inside has been done strategically so that the cables can be placed neatly, leaving only the outside to be dealt with.

Another good option for keeping things in order is ensuring you get power supplies that keep the cables inside the case. Modular power supply units, also known as PSUs, are great as they feature detachable cables, keeping the ones you use inside your case rather than taking a lot of room outside.

Dealing With Outside Cables

N NOROCME 192-Piece Cable Management Kit

N NOROCME 192-Piece Cable Management Kit

Control your cables and keep things looking clean with this kit.

Manage cables with this ultimate kit containing everything you need to control rowdy cables outside your case. It has over 192 pieces to ensure your setup is clean and organized.


  • Cheap price for a kit that has so many pieces.
  • The variety of items give you multiple options to organize your cables.
  • Tapes group cables together without pressuring them or damaging them.

  • Need a storage for the pieces you won’t use, which at almost 200 total is a lot.

Now that everything looks tidy inside the case, it is time to tackle the elephant in the room: the cables coming out. These cables can be a chore but can be controlled easily with the proper tools.

You want to use Split Sleeves, as these are self-wraps that can contain multiple cables inside, while on the outside, it looks like only one big cable. The trick to managing lines is to group them, as when they are separated, they appear rowdy and untamed. A split sleeve can be purchased in quantities and enables you only to deal with a few orderly cables rather than a bunch of disorganized ones.

If your cables are thick, or you don’t put them inside these sleeves, you can also use self-adhesive ties. These are usually presented in the shape of a roll, and you can cut them with scissors to get the perfect length for any cable size that needs to be grouped with other cables. They are great for your cables as they tie themselves together without any scope for damage.

Thinking Outside The Box

Cables organized by using the desk to hide them at the same time

Moving on to other ways of managing cables, some platforms and holders are designed specifically for this purpose. Platforms can have a groove or hook where you insert cables and place them on the ground to keep things streamlined. They come in different shapes and lengths to accommodate a variety of different kinds of cables.

The platforms is a great choice if you want to keep your cables in one place, as the slots are all made for individual cables, so your have can create multiple paths, depending on where you want a cable to go.

Holders can be used to manage cables along walls and move them across your desk. It creates a stylish visual that makes for an appealing look when it comes to cable management. Holders will also, as the name suggests, hold the cables in place, so you can keep them straightened.

Tips And Tricks

Cables being grouped together beneath a desk all tidy

While those are some of the tools you can get for managing cables, there are still many options to explore; and with a bit of creativity, you can make your setup beautiful on both the front and the back.

Grouping is the crucial concept. You want to keep cables together in a way that does not damage or put pressure on them, while also reducing the amount of clutter. A couple of orderly cables look much better than many disorganized ones.

Be patient when dealing with this process, as you might not get it right on the first try. You can tackle it as often as needed until that perfect look is done. Plan how you want your setup to look and what tools you will need to accomplish that, as it will go a long way toward reducing the stress that can come with cable management.


Does cable management improve my computer?

Cable management, when done correctly, can improve your computer’s airflow and prevent overheating, but it won’t automatically make your PC more powerful.

Is Cable Management Important?

Yes, it will make the area where your computer is located look more tidy, and more importantly, it will give your setup a professional look.

Can Cables Become Damage If Cable Management Is Done Poorly?

When grouping or putting them in a tight space, your cables can become damaged if you over-tighten them. Ensure enough space and room for the cable to be relaxed yet firm.

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