Starfield’s Constellation Edition Is Back In Stock On Amazon

It’s officially Starfield launch day. Not the day those who paid extra can start playing it early, but the actual day anyone with a copy of the game or an Xbox Game Pass subscription can finally get in on the fun. That means those of you without either of those are probably about to experience some serious video game FOMO. Move out of the way Baldur’s Gate 3, it’s Starfield’s turn in the spotlight, and it’s all anyone is going to be talking about until 20 games launch all at the same time in October.



If you don’t have Starfield already, it’s obviously not too late to grab a copy or sign up for Game Pass. It’s not even too late to grab Starfield’s very impressive, but somewhat expensive, Constellation Edition. Along with a digital code for the game, the most special edition of Starfield also comes with a whole load of in-game goodies, a steelbook display case, a constellation patch, and the coup de grace, a Starfield watch complete with its very own case.

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The Constellation Edition’s pre-orders sold out pretty quickly when they first went on sale, and since it includes some limited edition items, it was assumed that was that. Turns out it wasn’t, and now release day is upon us, Starfield’s Constellation Edition is back in stock on Amazon. You can buy it through the link below but act fast, a lot of people are going to be searching all things Starfield today, so odds are it’ll sell out pretty quickly.

Starfield Cover


Constellation Edition

Starfield is the first new IP from Bethesda in a quarter of a century, launched for the next-gen Xbox Series X|S and PC. Taking place outside our own Solar System, you play a member of the Constellation, a collective of explorers set on discovering new worlds.  

There are two downsides to having waited this long to pick up the Constellation Edition. The first is you won’t be playing on launch day unless Amazon emails you the digital code and sends your physical goodies in the post which is certainly a possibility. The other downside is you won’t get the five days of early access, one of the perks included when pre-ordering the Constellation Edition, but it will still cost you the same even without that added extra.

Even though today is Starfield’s release day, it’s amazing to see what some players who had early access have already achieved. 24 hours prior to the official launch day, almost 1,000 players had already beaten Starfield’s main story. The overdramatic grav jump theme, which you will hear a lot over the next few days, has also already been removed by modders.

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