Where To Find The Ice Cream Machine Parts In Palia

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Singularity 6 brings limited-time events into the world of Palia for the first time with the Maji Market. This special night market can be found at the Kilima Fairgrounds, and it is open every night in-game from the hours of 6pm to 3am.



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The mayor, Kenli, and the village magistrate, Eshe, decided to put together this night market for Kilima Village residents to enjoy, and they are very hopeful that it succeeds. Unfortunately, due to your antics helping the mayor’s daughter, things are becoming a bit more chaotic at the Maji Market. Help fix the situation to get several rewards.

How To Start The Maji Market Mayhem Quest

Kilima Village's magistrate Eshe stands in front of a market shop.

As long as you’ve finished the quest “Kenyatta’s Cravings,” you can find Eshe somewhere wandering the Kilima Fairgrounds. Talk to her, and she’ll complain to you about how the Maji Market is a disaster. With this, the “Maji Market Mayhem” quest will start.

You’ll need to talk to Delaila at her market stall to learn that the frightened escaped chapaas damaged her ice cream machine. Agree to help her fix the ice cream machine so she can make her special desserts.

Next, ask around to see if anyone has something that can fix the machine, but most of the villagers won’t be able to help. Luckily, if you talk to Reth at his street food stall, he will be able to help.

Before talking to Reth, you can ask Kenli for help to get 200 gold. If you ask Nai’o for help, he’ll give you five carrots.

Reth has spare parts he is willing to give you, as long as you agree to taste test a new creation of his sometime later. Take the parts back to Delaila, and she will fix her ice cream machine right up, and you’ll get Delaila’s Rolled Ice Cream as a reward.

Reth will want to hear how things went, so go talk to him. Unfortunately, Reth reveals those “spare parts” he gave you were actually important to his fryer, which is now out of commission.

He suggests finding Delaila’s original ice cream machine parts, but they got scattered around when the chapaas damaged her machine the first time.

Where To Find All Ice Cream Machine Parts

Palia in-game map showing all locations for the missing ice cream machine parts at the Maji Market.

There are five original ice cream machine parts to find scattered throughout the Maji Market. Thankfully, most of them are pretty close to Delaila. Here is where each of the ice cream machine parts are:

  • On the left side of Delaila’s market stall, by the hay
  • Behind Delaila’s stall, by a small tree
  • Near the chapaa prize counter by Kenyatta
  • Behind the blue tent of the chapaa prize counter
  • At the north side of the chapaa petting zoo

Each Ice Cream Machine Part takes up an individual spot in your inventory, as they do not stack.

After retrieving all the parts, return to Reth to hand them over. While you were running around, he whipped up a treat for you to try. Since you had promised him you would, he’ll want you to try his Mochi Ice Cream and tell him what you think.

Make sure to have an additional inventory slot for the Mochi Ice Cream, otherwise it will get sent to your home storage. If this happens, you might have to go all the way home to grab the Mochi Ice Cream in order to progress in the quest.

How To Make Eshe Happy

Several colorful fireworks exploding in the sky at Palia's Maji Market.

After fixing all the mess caused by the escaped chapaas, you can return to Eshe to let her know. She still seems to think that the Maji Market is a disaster and beyond saving. It’s now up to you to find something that can make her happy, and change her mind.

Considering you just tried a delicious frozen treat from Reth, you should go right back to his food cart to pick up one for Eshe. Take Reth’s Mochi Ice Cream to Eshe, and you’ll succeed in making Eshe happy with how the Maji Market is turning out.

This fully completes the “Maji Market Mayhem” quest, and you’ll receive the following rewards:

  • 1,000 gold
  • 15 Renown
  • Maji Market Arch decoration

The Maji Market event ends on September 26, 2023.

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