The Board Game Is Back In Stock, Pre-Orders Available Now

There’s a lot of crossover between video games and board games, and not only through their shared use of the word game. Fans of one quite often also enjoy the other which is why there are so many examples of video games being turned into board games and vice versa. A very popular example of that vice versa is Stardew Valley: The Board Game which sold out pretty sharpish. The good news is ConcernedApe has revealed they’re back in stock and pre-orders are available now.



Hopefully you’ve found this article early enough as odds are the board game is going to sell out pretty quickly again. Pre-orders for the latest wave of the Stardew Valley board game went live on Tuesday afternoon, but don’t despair if that time has long passed by the time you read this. It’s still worth checking the link below to see if there are any left. If there are, you can pre-order now and the games will ship in October.

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Stardew Valley: The Board Game tasks players with doing exactly what they’re tasked with doing in the video game. Save Stardew Valley from the Joja Corporation. Completing Grandpa’s Goals to restore the community center is how you do that, and there are a variety of different ways in the board game that you can make that happen. Farm, fish, visit the mine, collect items, and as is also the case in the video game version, seasons will pass as you progress.

stardew valley the board game
via ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley: The Board Game

Stardew Valley: The Board Game takes the experience of its video game and puts it right on your tabletop. Challenged with the same task as they are in the video game, players will need to do all they can to prevent the Joja Corporation from running the valley.

Unfortunately, the Stardew Valley board game is currently only available in the US. ConcernedApe does urge those of you outside of the US to check out your local board game retailers as you never know where you might find it in actual stores. Its creators are also refreshingly honest about what to expect from the game. While they admit the rules are easy to learn, they add that if you and those you game with prefer shorter periods of play, the Stardew Valley board game might not be for you.

The effort to make Stardew Valley more than a video game continues. Not just through the restocking of its board game, but also via an official cookbook. Stardew Valley will join other video games like God of War and Halo when it gets its own cookbook in 2024, available to pre-order now.

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