Persona 6 Reportedly Won’t Release Until 2026

According to a reliable Persona insider, Persona 6 won’t be released in 2025 like many fans assumed and is instead more likely to launch in 2026, just in time for the series’ 30th anniversary.



Persona fans might already have a lot to look forward to in the future with the release of Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica on the horizon, but that doesn’t stop us all wondering about the next mainline title in the series – Persona 6. Even though Sega and Atlus haven’t officially revealed Persona 6, it’s been so long since Persona 5 launched that many assumed that we’d be getting the next game in the next year or so.

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It appears that isn’t going to be the case, however. According to reliable Persona insider MbKKssTBhz5, who has previously leaked information about several different Persona titles, it’s looking like it’ll be a long wait until we see anything of the next mainline game. According to them, Persona 6 is currently aiming for a 2025 release, although it looks more likely that it’s going to be 2026.

Over on Twitter, MbKKssTBhz5 said, “The next Persona was not going to come out in 2024. Right now it’s 2025, but 2026 is much more likely. It is a higher scale game than P5, but in many ways it will be different too. P3R is in some ways a test for this game. It will be a much larger step than P5 from P3/P4.”

Considering Atlus and Sega are aiming for a 2025 release, it’s possible that it does end up coming out that year, although considering Persona’s 30th anniversary is in 2026, it makes a lot more sense for the team to take its time and launch the game in time for the celebrations, rather than pushing for 2025.

Persona's 20th anniversary art.

News on Persona 6 isn’t the only thing that MbKKssTBhz5 tweeted about, however. According to them, the Persona team is also working on a new game that will feature the entire “Persona series cast” that’s aiming to be released at some point in 2024’s fiscal year, so it seems like there’s still plenty of Persona goodness on the way outside of the mainline series.

With that in mind, it seems likely that the next big game from Atlus is Metaphor: ReFantazio, the fantasy RPG that was recently revealed during Xbox’s Summer showcase. We don’t know much about that game so far, but it does seem to be further into its development than Persona 6 is, especially considering that hasn’t even been announced yet.

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