How To Break Down The Wall In BG3

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  • How To Break Sturdy, Medium, And Greater Toughness

There are many hidden treasures in Baldur’s Gate 3, though some are hard to get to. There are also doors and barriers that can get in your way, leaving you trapped unless you break them. Breaking them takes a lot of effort, but even your toughest character can end up doing little to no damage when toughness is involved.



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When you see that an object has toughness, you may not know what it’s referring to. Sure the wall looks sturdy, but why isn’t Karlach able to knock it down when it has a visible HP bar? That’s because toughness levels are tricky and easily overlooked while exploring the Sword Coast.

What Is Toughness?Cracked Wall in Baldur's Gate 3

Toughness, in short, is how much damage needs to be dealt at once to do any damage. If the threshold is ten, and you roll a nine, then no damage will be done at all. If you were to roll a ten, then all ten points of damage would be dealt.

There are also different levels of toughness. Some are easier to deal with than others, but each one has several resistances to consider when attempting to break them.

How To Break Sturdy, Medium, And Greater Toughness

Cracked Wall restistances in Baldur's Gate 3

The three types of toughness found in the world are sturdy, medium, and greater toughness. These scale upwards, respectively, and can be encountered as early as Act One.

You’ll find that treasures can be hidden behind cracked walls or that you can break stronger traps, like the gargoyles, rather than disarm them.

Sturdy Toughness

The Sturdy condition is for rather tough materials requiring a total of ten HP or more damage to be dealt at once. This is an easier toughness to break and can apply to doors and cracked walls. Resistances vary depending on the item, but slashing damage is usually ineffective.

Instead, you’ll want bludgeoning damage from a hammer or pickaxe. Keep one on hand for when you explore. Equip it to your strongest character and have them hack away at it. You’ll bring the cracked walls crumbling down in no time.

If you’re still having trouble, you can use potions to help improve your strength to get the rolls you need.

Medium Toughness

The Medium toughness condition is a bit harder to hit. To do any damage, you’ll need to total 22 HP or more to be successful at whittling away the health bar. This can be difficult in early stages of the game, but as your characters level up and gain better equipment, it will become easier.

Medium toughness objects include gates that are meant to keep enemies out. If you travel through the Underdark using True Soul Gut’s secret passage in the Goblin camp, you may spot a minotaur crashing into the gate at the Selunite Outpost. This shows how durable the gates are, as the minotaur can’t bring it down before being felled.

Greater Toughness

Perhaps the strongest of all, greater toughness requires 50 HP damage at once to receive any damage. These objects are incredibly difficult to destroy, if not impossible, in early stages of the game. Such objects are the gargoyle statues and traps you’ll find in your adventures.

To avoid getting stuck in a precarious situation, you can attempt to destroy these traps before setting them off. It’s more difficult to deal massive amounts of damage while the trap is also actively taking down your health.

You can often chip away at the health if the object has a weakness, but you’ll be there for a while. It’s better to use items and potions that give you more strength so you can break through.

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