How To Get Every Chant And Quick Verse In Blasphemous 2

Prayers in Blasphemous 2 are the game’s version of spells, and they’re wonderfully useful skills to bring to the battlefield.

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A compelling combat system is one of the primary draws for Blasphemous 2 – it strikes out to make huge improvements to the systems present in the previous game and it’s successful at that. One huge part of this is with the game’s assortment of prayers – spells that can be woven into your usual weapon combos.



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Prayers are separated into longer, more impactful chants and short, quick verses that are easily spammed, as long as you have enough Fervour. You can have one chant and one quick verse equipped at once, and they’re easily switched, giving you some very powerful and flexible options in battle.

All Chant Locations

The Penitent One of Blasphemous 2 using Peteneras to the Burial of the Lights

Think of chants as costly spells that you’ll require good spacing and planning to use efficiently. There are nine chants in the game, all of them with useful qualities.



Peteneras to the Burial of the Lights

This chant is given to you automatically as you make your way through the Ravine of the High Stones.

Mirabras of the Return to Port

Make your way to the left-most part of Profundo Lamento. You can reach this either through Profundo Lamento itself or using the lift from the Sea of Ink to the south. A ledge to the left of the lift’s top contains this chant.

Chime of the Twisted One

You’ll find this chant to the right of the teleporter room in Mother of Mothers. This is located to the upper left of the area.

The room that this chant is found in is filled with Hidden Symbols, a clue to the fact you must use this chant to find these Hidden Symbols throughout the world.

Jabera to the Poison of Jealousy

From the Prie Dieu at the southeast corner of the Crown of Towers, head one screen to the left, climb up the right-hand side of the screen, and then head further to the right, through the corridor filled with enemies.

The final room on the right contains a platforming puzzle to complete. Head up to the second level using Sarmiento & Centella, and then activate the statue here. Warp through the floating mirrors quickly, and after warping through the metal grates, quickly change to Ruego Al Alba in midair and use Weight of Sin to plunge through the horizontal barrier and reach the chest containing this chant.

Aubade to the Sleepless Iron

From the topmost Prie Dieu in the Choir of Thorns, head to the screen to the right of the lift that leads up Two Moons. On this screen, you’ll find a chest to the upper right containing the chant.

Taranto to My Sister

After obtaining the ability to cling to ring decorations and unlocking any teleporter, head to the City of the Blessed Name. Between the teleporter room and the Cobijada room, you’ll find floating rings that lead you to a bell.

Ring the bell with Veredicto and then quickly drop down and to the right, towards the room with the woman who upgrades your Bile Flask. Above the entrance to that room is a hidden area and a ghostly door you can head through once the sound waves reach it.

Debla of the Lights

Purchase this from the travelling merchant after unlocking the Basilica of Absent Faces.

Tiento to your Thorned Heirs

You will acquire this chant after completing the quest to finish the Unfinished Lullaby.

Seguiriya to the Memory of your Eyes

You will acquire this chant after completing the quest to lift the curse of the Unforgiven.

All Quick Verse Locations

The Penitent One of Blasphemous 2 using Liviana of the Blighted Blades

Unlike chants, quick verses are cheap and meant to be used quite often. They’re great supplements to your damage. There are eight quick verses in the game, though you can only equip one at a time.

Quick Verse


Galera of the Living Briar

Purchase this from the travelling merchant after unlocking the Basilica of Absent Faces.

Bleeding Miracle

Head to Grilles and Ruin, two screens to the right of the first Prie Dieu at the entrance. You’ll be in a screen with two ladders. Drop down to the screen below this one using the ladder on the left-hand side.

On this screen, you’ll find a statue. Activate it, and you’ll see a gate open near the chest on the right side of the screen through an impenetrable wall. You’ll need to quickly climb back up to the previous screen and dash over to the right-hand ladder to reach this gate before it closes again.

Martinete of Forge and Thunder

You’ll find this verse in Mother of Mothers, in the southeastern corner of the area. From the Prie Dieu at the top of the area, head all the way to the right and drop down the vertical screen. From here, take the left exit to enter a large screen. The lower right exit to this screen will lead you to the room with this verse in it.

Bleeding Crown

Purchased from the shopkeeper in the Forlorn Patio, which is to the northwest of the Streets of Wakes.

Rosa of the Three Stars

On the screen above the Prie Dieu to the lower right of the area, there’s a wall that you can destroy using Ruego Al Alba’s Weight of Sin technique. Use this to reach the chest containing this verse.

Serrana of the Kindled Hearth

Once you reach the leftmost side of the Labyrinth of Tides, you’ll come to a very tall screen with exits to the top and to the bottom. After climbing up the screen above, head to the left.

This screen has a timed challenge inside that rewards you with this verse.

Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn

If you completed Yerma’s quest by bringing her the Holy Oil that she requests before fighting the boss in Two Moons, you’ll receive this verse after the boss fight.

If you beat the boss of Two Moons without completing Yerma’s quest, you can purchase this verse from the merchant in the Forlorn Patio, which is to the northwest of the Streets of Wakes.

Liviana of the Blighted Blades

There is a screen on the ground floor of the Crown of Towers that holds a bell, a spirit door, and a chest underneath. Once you have the double jump ability and Veredicto, you can simply ring the bell and fall through the door to reach this verse.

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