Starfield’s Best XP Buff Can Only Be Gained By Bumping Uglies

Starfield, like most of Bethesda’s RPG offerings, has a fairly deep romance romance system that lets you bed and ride off into the sunset with one of four different companions you can meet along your journey. There are a wide variety of benefits that having a loving partner accompany you across the Settled Systems brings, but one of the best is a pretty big XP buff that you can only get by bumping uglies with your significant other.



First shared on the Starfield subreddit by u/VAASisJASON (thanks VG24/7), it was revealed that the ‘Emotional Security’ buff that you receive for sleeping in the same bed as the character you’ve romanced gives you a pretty hefty 15 percent increase in XP gain for 24 real-life minutes. That means if you want to maximize your time with Starfield and level up as quickly as possible, you can sleep with your significant other every in-game day to ensure that this buff stays active.

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Longtime Bethesda fans will be well aware of the benefits a decent nights sleep can bring, as previous games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 gave you a Well Rested bonus for getting some shuteye pretty much anywhere that wasn’t a soiled mattress on the floor. In fact, Bethesda has been encouraging players to knock boots with their companions for a while now, as a similar perk in Fallout 4 called Lover’s Embrace also offered up a 15 percent XP gain increase for doing the deed.

Obviously, if you actually want this buff in Starfield, then you’ll need to find yourself a romantic partner. There are four to choose from, those being Sam Coe, Andreja, Sarah or Barrett, and each one has a series of quests for you to undertake once you’ve traveled around with them a bit and increased their affinity towards you. You can even marry them if you’re the monogamous type, ensuring that you’ll be buffed up til death do you part.

In other Starfield news, the game has only been out for a handful of days so far, but fans are already putting the customization options to good use. One fan in particular quickly set about recreating as many iconic spaceships as they could with the game’s ship builder, which has led to videos of ships like The Normandy from Mass Effect, The Millenium Falcon from Star Wars, and a Pelican from the Halo series flying around the Settled Systems, far away from their respective titles. Hey, everyone needs a holiday at some point.

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