How To Beat The Bosslug Boss In Sea Of Stars

As you make your way to visit the Elder Mist in Sea Of Stars, you’ll need to defeat the Bosslug. This boss may seem straightforward, but it provides a good amount of challenge, meaning you’ll need to know the best strategies to defeat it. Doing so requires some preparation, knowing its moves, and using the best strategies to win.



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Since you only have two party members at this point, you must be decisive with your choices, ensuring you get through the fight. If you find the fight challenging, you can go through the following strategies, allowing you to make your way through the game with as much ease as possible.

How To Prepare For The Bosslug

Zale equipping the Adventurer's Vest for bonus Defense and Magic Defense in Sea Of Stars.

If you explore the cave, you’ll find an Adventurer’s Vest, the Combo Move Mending Light, and the Leeching Thorn accessory.

Equip the Adventurer’s Vest to Zale since he’s your primary healer, so you shouldn’t risk him getting knocked out. You can give the Leeching Thorn to Valere since she has stronger physical attacks, allowing her to get more out of the healing properties.

You should also look at the relics available to determine if you want to use them. While relics aren’t required, they don’t have any drawbacks, making them a great way to help you through bosses and work around the game’s mechanics.

If you find the fight challenging, equip the Amulet of Storytelling relic, increasing your HP by 100 percent, allowing you to survive longer and hold off on your healing abilities and items.

You should also equip the Sequent Flare relic that’ll give you a clear indication of when to press your attacks and blocks correctly.

The Bosslug’s Attacks

Zale's turn and preparing to attack the Bossbug in Sea Of Stars.

The Bosslug has a few attacks that you must watch out for. It will also summon smaller bugs to aid it. Their damage is approximate and assuming you don’t successfully block them.



What It Does

Standard Attack


Launch a purple orb at the target. Press the button right before it hits you to lower the damage.

As the fight goes on, Bosslug will start to launch two in a row, so watch closely and prepare for this attack.

Drop Rocks


Bosslug will shake around and drop rocks from the sky. A few pieces of rubble appear above your characters, with one forming above the other first. This lets you know the order in which the rocks will drop, so try to time your button press to block right before it hits you.

Acid Bug Bombs


Summons two purple enemies, called Bossbugs, to attack you. While they don’t do damage initially, they’ll jump at you if they survive, so dispatch them as fast as possible.

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The Bosslug Fight Strategy

Zale and Valere working together to use their healing Combo in Sea Of Stars.

Now that you know the attacks, you can prepare accordingly to take down this boss. It has around 325 health (this is a rough estimate, since it’s total health is never shown

First, you should note that it’s weak to Sun and Moon magic, so you’ll want to make the most of your spells to maximize your damage. Even though Zale can deal Sun damage, you shouldn’t have him perform his Sunball ability unless he has full MP and everyone is at full health.

Otherwise, have Zale use the Healing Light ability, his healing move, whenever anyone drops below 50 percent health. If you keep your health above 50 percent, the enemy won’t have any attacks that’ll instantly wipe you out. Otherwise, have Zale perform basic attacks.

Remember that you can switch between your characters to determine who acts first. Have Zale heal right before an enemy attacks, so you can potentially take them out with Valere before they have the chance to strike.

Dealing Damage

Valere will be fighting most of this battle. Don’t bother with her Crescent Arc move, but focus on the Moonerang ability instead since you can hit the Bosslug and its summons as needed. It’ll deal enough damage to take them out if you time your staff swing to deflect the energy blast. Otherwise, you’ll have to target the smaller enemies to take them out before they can attack.

That ability is also best for dealing the most damage possible since you’ll keep reflecting it until you mistime it.

Otherwise, you’ll want to watch for the Bosslug to prepare its spawning attack. When it does, the enemy will have symbols appear above them. Attack with Zale if you see a sword, and you’ll use Valere if you see a hammer. You also use Moon magic for the moon and Sun magic for the sun.

Combo Meter

Aside from that, you also have your Combo Meter. Start by saving up two points of it, and use it to quickly heal your characters. Otherwise, hold onto it until you need it. If you reach three points, you can use one to perform the damage combo on the Bosslug to maximize your damage.

Keep these general tips in mind, and don’t be afraid to use items as you see fit, especially since you must recharge your MP and Combo meter with time.

After Winning The Fight Against Bosslug

Valere approaching a treasure chest in the cave the Bosslug emerged from in Sea Of Stars.

Once you finish the fight, you’ll earn 80 experience points your characters will say they can continue through the cave by using the climbable rocks to the side. However, you should immediately leave the room and use the campsite and save point. After doing so, you can head back into the room and enter the cave the Bosslug emerged from.

Upon entering the room, you’ll encounter two treasure chests, with the left containing 60 gold and the right having an Adventurer’s Vest. You can give the Adventurer’s Vest to Valere, so she’ll have additional stats for the upcoming challenges the game will present.

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