The Best Aliens In Disney Lorcana

Disney Lorcana offers over one hundred of your favorite Disney characters in card form to battle it out on the tabletop with friends. Like many other card games, there are color-coded cards, with characters, items, actions, and even song cards to collect and play.



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In the First Chapter for Disney Lorcana, there are a handful of Alien characters, mostly from the Lilo & Stitch universe. That being said, if you’re a massive Stitch fan, these are probably going to be the characters you pick up first.

7 Stitch, New Dog

Stitch New Dog Disney Lorcana Card

Stitch, New Dog is a card for the very start of the game. He doesn’t provide a lot, but he offers low-level Willpower and Strength that can be useful in the first couple of turns of your game. Playing this Stitch will only cost you one ink, which is convenient at the beginning of the game when you lack ink in the inkwell.

If you find you don’t have use for Stitch, New Dog, you can add him to your inkwell from your hand to become one ink to put toward paying for another card, potentially with better (or more useful at the moment) stats.

6 Stitch, Abomination

Stitch Abomination Disney Lorcana Card

Stitch, Abomination is Stitch in his purest Alien form. As such, he provides great Willpower and Strength against your opponent’s character cards and has an ink price to match. You’ll want to play this Stitch alongside another card that has a lot of abilities but little in the way of Willpower against attacks.

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Like other cards in Disney Lorcana, Stitch, Abomination is all about strategy with his high stats and lack of extra abilities to progress your game. Still, he isn’t a throwaway card by any means, and you’ll find him beneficial in your deck.

5 Jumba Jookiba

Jumba Jookiba Disney Lorcana Card

Jumba Jookiba has limited abilities for such a high ink cost Alien, but he has medium Willpower and decent Strength against your opponent’s cards. As such, you might find him useful to play, or better off sending him to the inkwell to help afford cards with better abilities and higher stats, like Gantu.

You likely won’t be able to play Jumba Jookiba until the game is halfway over, if not later, since it may take a while to save up enough ink. With that in mind, planning to use him as a way of protecting characters you have in play that you have more use for is the way to go.

4 Stitch, Carefree Surfer

Stitch Carefree Surfer Disney Lorcana Card

Stitch, Carefree Surfer is one of the more expensive Alien cards to play, but he has excellent Willpower and decent Strength against your opponent’s cards. On top of having great stats, this Stitch allows you to draw two cards if you have at least two character cards in play when you use him.

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The Stitch, Carefree Surfer card can go a long way to helping your game in the final stages when you play him to his full potential. In later turns you should have enough ink in your inkwell stored up to spend on this Stitch, as well as at least one of the cards you draw as a result of playing him.

3 Gantu

Gantu Disney Lorcana Card

Gantu has the highest ink cost of all the Alien cards, along with powerful Willpower and Strength stats that make him a daunting character to have to go up against on the tabletop. When he’s in play, any of your opponent’s characters with two or less ink cost will be blocked from challenging your cards.

That said, Gantu relies as much on chance as he does strategy since you can’t necessarily predict what your opponent will play – or what is in their hand – with low enough stats to trigger Gantu’s Under Arrest ability. Luckily, even if you miss out on his extra ability, his stats are enough to make it worth adding him to your deck.

2 John Silver

John Silver Disney Lorcana Card

John Silver of Treasure Planet fame is an Alien Pirate that offers decent Willpower and Strength for only six ink from your inkwell. To activate his ability, send him on a quest when you play him. This will allow you to choose one of your opponent’s character cards to give reckless during the next turn.

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Assigning reckless to an enemy character card will remove their ability to quest, and forces them to challenge one of your character cards. This is a dual benefit for you, as it slows down your opponent’s quest for lore (the driving motivation of the game), and potentially makes one of their characters you feel is the most threatening take on damage.

1 Stitch, Rock Star

Stitch Rock Star Disney Lorcana Card

Stitch, Rock Star is an expensive Alien card to play, but well worth it if you can afford him in your later turns. Usually priced at six ink, you can instead pay four ink to play this Stitch on top of another Stitch you have in play. If you don’t have any other Stitches at your disposal, Stitch, Rock Star on his own gives you five Willpower and three Strength.

Another advantage of playing this Stitch is that, if you play a character card that costs two or less ink, you’ll be able to draw a card once they’ve been exerted. In theory, then, you could play Stitch, Rock Star on top of Stitch, Carefree Surfer, then use both cards draw ability to play the remaining Stitches back-to-back for a major sweep against your opponent.

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