Where Are The Escaped Chapaas At The Maji Market In Palia

The cozy community MMO Palia has its first limited-time event in the form of the Maji Market. It is a special night market set up by the mayor, and you can enjoy its festivities during the in-game hours of 6pm to 3am each night.



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When you reach the Maji Market for the first time, you’ll probably start talking to the villagers around to see what they are selling at their stalls. In the main area, you’ll find the mayor’s daughter, Kenyatta. She’s pretty bored with having to run her booth, but you can help with her boredom in a few ways.

Getting A Treat For Kenyatta

Reth greeting you as he stands at his street food cart, with cooking supplies and materials behind him.

Talking with Kenyatta will initiate the “Kenyatta’s Cravings” quest. Your first task is to go get a snack for Kenyatta, and you’ll want to find Reth’s cart at the Maji Market. You can buy a bunch of different food items at Reth’s Street Specialties, and a few of the cheaper options are:



Reth’s Stinky Tofu

350 gold

Reth’s Hearty Veggie Bao

400 gold

Reth’s Onigiri

450 gold

Take your snack of choice back to Kenyatta so she doesn’t die of starvation, and she’ll thank you. You’ll get 500 gold as a reward, hopefully paying off what you spent on the snack.

Getting The Fireworks For Kenyatta

Kenyatta standing at her market cart, asking you about some fireworks she heard about.

The night isn’t over for Kenyatta, and she’ll mention that she heard Najuma might have some cool fireworks. To save her from further boredom, you’ll want to go retrieve those fireworks.

You can find Najuma on the far side of the Maji Market, right next to her dad Hodari. Tell Najuma that you know of her secret operations, and she’ll give you her Experimental Firework to try out for yourself.

Go talk with Kenyatta again, and she’ll prepare a spot for you to set off the fireworks. The spot is a small pot buried into the ground a bit north of Kenyatta, right next to the chapaa pen. Place the Experimental Firework in the pot, then make sure to look up to see the pretty explosion.

Where To Find All The Escaped Chapaas

An escaped chapaa sits next to a big tree on a grassy hill.

Unfortunately, setting off the firework right next to the chapaa petting zoo might not have been the best idea. Kenyatta informs you the loud noise scared the little creatures, and they have all run off.

You will need to track down all the chapaas and return them to their pen. There are five chapaas that you need to find, and here is where you can easily find them all:

Palia in-game map showing the locations of the escaped chapaas at the Maji Market.

Chapaa Name



Head directly south from Kenyatta, in the middle of the street.


The southern tree on the west grassy hill.


Next to the big tree in the central hill.


To the right of Reth’s street food stall.


At the southeast area of the fairgrounds, behind the big pavilion.

After finding all the chapaas, you can drop them off back at the petting zoo pen. Let Kenyatta know what you’ve done and you’ll complete her quest. You heroically saved her from a night of boredom, and you get a bunch of rewards:

The Maji Market event runs until September 26, 2023.

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