How To Complete The Search For Pua Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley

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  • How To Unlock The Search For Pua Friendship Quest

Helping Moana recover her memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley leads you to uncover that Pua has been left behind. It’s up to you and Moana to find him and bring him home. You’ll have to track him down first, but you’re not alone and Moana is happy to help, because she knows just where to start.



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Thanks to your efforts with her last friendship quest, she’s ready to find her lost friend and bring him back to the village where he’ll be safe. This is a short friendship quest with a unique reward unlike any other. You won’t want to pass up this opportunity to add a new friend to the village.

How To Unlock The Search For Pua Friendship QuestMoana and the Avatar on Dazzle Beach in Baldur's Gate 3

To unlock this quest, you’ll need to reach friendship level eight with Moana but also must progress further with Remy. Once these conditions are met, the quest will be available.

Talk to Moana and you’ll learn that enough time has passed for Pua to find the coconuts and show himself in the village. Follow her to the boat to find signs of Pua being there, though he’s gone by now, and you’ll have to track him yourself.

How To Track PuaAvatar outside of Chez Remy in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You’ll have to track Pua through the Peaceful Meadow, so look for little golden prints along the grass. Talk to Moana as you find more prints, and you’ll track Pua to Chez Remy.

There’s a plate of food spilled over, showing that Pua was here. He’s gone again, but he can’t have gone far, and Moana tells you to track Pua in the Forest of Valor, so he has to be nearby.

How To Unlock Pua

Pua trapped in Night Thorns in Disney Dreamlight Valley

As you track Pua through the forest, you’ll notice a bunch of Night Thorns all over, and if you look closely, you’ll see that Pua is trapped inside. Free him from the Night Thorns and pick up the Leader Shard that appears.

Hand the Leader Shard to Moana to finish the quest, and as your reward, you will unlock Pua as a companion. He can be equipped like all other companions, and you can let him roam freely if you assign him to a Cozy Companion Home in your village.

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