How To Become An Alien In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 features its fair share of occult life states, and aliens are the oldest and arguably one of the most fun. Their mental powers, human disguises, and element transmutation add a little spice to your gameplay, and most of us have wondered, at some point, if you can make your Sim into an alien.



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Unlike vampires, werewolves, mermaids, or spellcasters, there are no gameplay mechanics that let you turn an existing Sim into an alien. If you want an alien Sim in your game, and you don’t already have one, you’re going to have to either make a new Sim or use cheats to make it so.

How To Make An Alien In CAS

An image of a green-skinned alien in Create-A-Sim in The Sims 4.

The absolute easiest way to make an alien in The Sims 4 is to create one from scratch in Create-A-Sim. You’ll need the Get To Work expansion because that’s the one that added aliens to the game.

When you boot up CAS, click the button to add a sim to the family, then click ‘create occult’ and then ‘alien’. Bing, bang, boom – you’ve got an alien Sim.

By making an alien Sim in CAS, you can control every detail of how they look, as well as decide what their human disguise looks like.

An image of a ... colourfully dressed alien from The Sims 4, wearing an outfit that includes a broad-brimmed hat with zebra stripes and a cowboy shirt with cow spots.

This is probably the best way to make an alien in Sims 4. You’re not limited to what the game decides to throw at you, and you don’t have to do anything complicated or cheat to make your alien look the way you want to.

How To Have An Alien Baby

An image of a Sim from the Sims 4 holding an alien baby, with the achievement popup for having an alien baby in one corner.

If you want to add an alien Sim to an existing family, and you don’t want to just to add one through CAS, your options are a little more limited.

The only way to get a fully alien Sim in your family through gameplay is to have a Sim give birth to one, and there are two ways to do that: have your Sim get abducted by aliens or have your Sim woohoo an alien.

How To Get Abducted By Aliens

An image of a sim in the scientist career outfit whose stomach is glowing.

To get abducted by aliens, you’ll need to have the Get To Work expansion. With GTW, Sims can randomly get abducted by aliens between the hours of ten p.m. and four a.m.

A sim will suddenly get the action Investigate Weird Light in their queue, which will stop any other actions they might be taking.

If you change your mind when the buff kicks in you’ll need to keep your Sim from going outside. Lock or delete any doors, and wait until they get bored. You can also change the abduction settings using the Satellite Dish.

An image of the Curious's house from Sims 2 recreated in Sims 4; a Sim is using the telescope to look at the sky at night.

The alien abduction rate was lowered, so to make your Sim get abducted, you’ll need to do everything you can to increase your chances. First off, you’ll need to make a male Sim, because female Sims can get abducted by aliens, but all they get out of the bargain is a moodlet.

If you play with the custom gender options, a male sim with the female frame who gets abducted will come back pregnant, but a female sim with the male frame will not.

A Sims 4 Sim using the giant microscope while wearing the top-of-career science outfit.

Second, you’ll want to make your Sim join the Scientist career. Scientists are more likely to get abducted by aliens, to begin with, and they get special objects that increase their chances.

The satellite dish, Out Of This World desktop, the wormhole generator, and space rocks all make it more likely that you’ll be abducted. You can also use the satellite dish or desktop to Contact Aliens, pushing your chances up even more.

An image of the text of the third trimester alien pregnancy moodlet from Sims 4.

Male Sims who get abducted by aliens have a 25 percent chance of coming back pregnant. You might need to get abducted a couple of times but try hard enough, and eventually, you’ll come back pregnant.

You’ll know your sim is pregnant if he gets the Weird Tummy Ache moodlet.

An image of a Sim from The Sims 4 holding an alien baby.

The pregnancy works exactly like a normal sim pregnancy, with its custom moodlets. When your Sim does eventually give birth, their offspring will be a pure alien, with all the alien powers and a human disguise.

This is the easiest way to get a pure alien Sim through gameplay.

How To Have An Alien Baby Through Woohoo

An image of two Sims 4 sims on a couch. One Sim is putting an arm around the other sim's shoulders.

Scared of probes and unspeakable experiments? Want the parent to be a female Sim? You can always find an alien Sim and have a baby with them, just like any other Sim.

Aliens live among regular Sims, wearing human disguises. It’s a bit sus, but hey, it works for them, and any townie that isn’t one of the known premade Sims might be an alien in disguise.

How To Find An Alien

A Sim offering a rose to an alien Sim.

There are a couple of different things you can do to find an alien. First, you can try to get them into an intense mood – an alien Sim in an intense mood will start to glow.

Second, you can ask for and analyze their DNA, because an alien Sim will show up as an alien on a DNA scan. You can use the Scientist career satellite to scan the town, and sometimes, an alien Sim will show up.

Finally, you can just go for it and try to woohoo, because when you woohoo an alien Sim, the game will tell you that you woohoo-ed an alien.

An image of a Sims 4 bed with hearts over it, implying that two sims are woohooing.

Once you’ve found your alien, you need to have a baby. For alien/human pregnancies, you need a male/female couple, as female aliens can only have a baby with male humans, and vice versa.

If you can’t find an alien of the appropriate sex, you could also choose to have a science baby with an alien.

An alien hybrid baby from Sims 4, with purple skin and dark hair.

However, if you choose to have a baby with an alien, it might not be a true alien baby. A Sim and an alien are more likely to produce a human-alien hybrid.

Hybrid Sims don’t have any alien powers; they have funky skin tones, eyes, or pointy ears, but they can’t disguise themselves as a regular Sim. As a consolation prize, they get real hair.

Two hybrid Sims have a chance to have a true alien baby, it’s about a 50 percent chance for a hybrid, 25 percent for a normal human, or 25 percent for a true alien.

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Use A Cheat Code To Create An Alien Sim

An image of the testingcheats menu surrounding an alien version of Nina Caliente from Sims 4.

What if you want one of your existing Sims to become an alien? Well, there’s no good way to do that in the game right now. There’s a gameplay method to make just about any other kind of occult, but there’s no way to make a Sim an alien through gameplay, aside from giving birth to one.

However, in the game’s code, occult Sims are just Sims with a special, hidden trait. By equipping that trait onto an ordinary Sim, you can create an occult Sim more easily.

An image of Nina Caliente from Sims 4, with the cheat console overhead and the cheat to make your sim an alien typed in.

Hit Ctrl-Shift-C to enter the cheat console, and then, type testingCheats on. This puts the game into debug mode; certain cheats won’t work if testing cheats are off.

Once you’ve done that, type or copy-paste traits.equip_trait trait_OccultAlien into the cheat console. This will turn your Sim into an alien.

An alien sim in CAS, showing that Nina Caliente is now an alien.

You won’t see any changes at first, but click alter disguise, go into CAS, and hit the check mark. You should now have an alien Sim!

Use A Mod To Create An Alien

The Sims 4- MCCC menu

You may want a little more control over your new alien’s appearance. Maybe you want their face to be the same in alien form and Sim form; maybe you want your aliens to have hair, or maybe you want to make their alien form and Sim form to look identical.

Even with cheats, you’re not going to be able to do that in-game. Unlike with vampires, you can’t copy a Sim’s disguise over to their alien form or vice versa. Fortunately, modders have provided a solution.

First, you need to install MCCC. Next, save your alien Sim to your library.

An image of an alien sim and a human sim in Sims 4's CAS.

Add a copy of your alien to the family, and using MCCC, make one of them human while in disguise. You should now have two Sims in the family– one who looks alien, and one who’s the human version of your alien’s disguise.

An image of Nina Caliente from Sims 4, with MCCC's

Select your human Sim, and go into the MC CAS menu. You can select Copy Face, Copy Physique, and/or Copy Body Appearance. Then, select your alien Sim, and go into the same menu. Select Paste Face, Paste Physique, and/or Paste Body Appearance.

Go into CAS (through the cheat menu after entering cas.fulleditmodeon or through MCCC’s menu, not through Alter Disguise), and click the checkmark.

If you go into CAS through Alter Disguise, your changes to your Sim’s face won’t save!

Your alien Sim should now be an exact copy of their disguise, in both facial features and body. You can do the same trick in reverse if you want your alien Sim to have pointy ears in human form.

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