How To Defeat Strider In Armored Core 6

As you progress through Armored Core 6, you’ll encounter a variety of missions, each with its unique objectives. Some may task you with retrieving an item, infiltrating a location, escorting a weaponized machine, or simply defeating a specific enemy. While the difficulty of these missions can vary, one particular challenge stands out in Chapter One, specifically in Mission 7: “Destroy the Weaponized Mining Ship.”



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The name alone hints at the gravity of the task at hand. In this mission, your task is to literally take down an enormous weaponized mining ship all by yourself. At first, it might appear like a huge deal but it’s easier than it sounds.

How To Complete The Destroy The Weaponized Mining Ship Mission

How To Get Near The Weaponized Mining Ship (STRIDER)

Player approaching the weaponized mining ship Armored Core 6

Fortunately, when you start the mission, you won’t immediately find yourself in direct combat with the STRIDER, which is a relief.

Your initial objective is to reach the weaponized mining ship, and the path to it is quite straightforward, so you shouldn’t get lost.

During your journey, you’ll encounter some enemies that you can choose to either eliminate or bypass. However, as you approach your target, it’s generally recommended to deal with them.

As you get closer to the STRIDER, you’ll notice it unleashing a barrage of blue lasers and firing missiles. This attack originates from the machine’s EYE, but you can easily evade these projectiles by timing your dodges to the sides correctly.

Destroy The STRIDER’s Leg Unit

Player approaching the STRIDER's leg unit Armored Core 6

After you’ve reached your target, you’ll receive the instruction to destroy its leg unit, causing the giant mining ship to crumble. This objective will be clearly marked in your mission log.

The process is straightforward: you need to keep attacking the right leg until it eventually collapses.

Be careful as the machine will continue to unleash missiles and those troublesome blue lasers at you.

Once the ship is down, you’ll have the opportunity to climb onto its back and ascend to the central section of the ship.

Destroy All Sub Generators

Location of all sub generators Armored Core 6.

After destroying the STRIDER leg and reaching the ship’s center, you’ll spot four marked locations on your map that must be destroyed before facing the EYE.

These generators are positioned on the ship’s right, left, bottom, and top sides, and they’re relatively easy to find.

Disabling each one is a simple task and requires only a few attacks but be aware of the enemies on the way.

It’s a good strategy to save the generator on the top for last because destroying it will immediately initiate the boss fight against the EYE.

Destroy The Eye

Player fighting the STRIDER EYE Armored Core 6

Now that you’ve successfully destroyed all four generators, it’s time to defeat the EYE, which serves as the core of this weaponized mining ship.

Although the EYE remains stationary, it does possess a few different attacks to watch out for, such as its laser beam and missile barrage.

Luckily for you, you can use parts of the STRIDER as cover to shield yourself from these attacks.

If you’re low on AP or Repair Kits because you’ve been doing the whole mission in one go, dying to this boss can actually help because you’ll restart at the nearby checkpoint with full AP and Repair Kits.

Once you’ve successfully vanquished the EYE, it’s time to make your escape.

Escape From The Area

Destroy The Weaponized Mining Ship mission Armored Core 6

After defeating the weaponized mining ship, STRIDER, you’ll witness it crumbling and descending into destruction.

A quest marker on your map will guide you to a safe distance, where you can enjoy the show of the STRIDER being destroyed.

Completing this mission will reward you with a hefty 270,000 COAM.

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