The Best Space Mods For Minecraft

Everyone knows that you can create whatever you want in Minecraft, and everyone also knows that the worlds you have access to explore are enormous. Despite all the wonder that comes from exploring the base game, some players might want to bring the vibes from their favorite sci-fi games to this sprawling sandbox.



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Pretty much everyone loves outer space for one reason or another, so adding a few mods to Minecraft to let you get that space experience is a must. You won’t exactly be playing Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but with a few mods, you can capture a similar adventurous spirit with some excellent fan-made content.

Updated September 4, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: The idea of space travel is enticing, even in Minecraft. We’ve added a few more space exploration mods to this list, giving you tons of content to play through.

12 Starflight Innovation

A ship with a space backdrop

Starflight Innovation created by nanorover59

If you’re looking to get a bit of Kerbal Space Program and other space simulator games into your Minecraft experience, the Starflight Innovation mod is a great choice. Essentially, this mod lets you undertake the daunting task of building a rocket.

This isn’t a simple mod by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s best to give this one a shot if you’re looking for a bit of a challenge. Those able to create something truly special might just be able to take a trip to the moon or even to Mars.

11 Galaxies: Parzi’s Star Wars Mod

A sunset and a crashed ship

Galaxies: Parzi’s Star Wars Mod created by parzivail

As far as space mods go, Galaxies: Parzi’s Star Wars Mod might just be one of the most impressive you can find. Anyone looking for space content probably loves some Star Wars, and that’s what this mod gives loads of. The mod touts itself as the definitive Star Wars experience in Minecraft, and it’s hard to disagree.

The level of customization and exploration on display with this mod manages to leave a lot of others in the dust. Experiencing the shocking wonder of this mod is worth it, even if you aren’t the biggest Star Wars fan, as you’ll still be getting a fantastic sci-fi experience at the end of the day.

10 Ender Space

a shot of the end

Ender Space Mod created by Sweetygamer

There is a surprising amount of players who just don’t like exploring The End in Minecraft. This simple little mod will add a bit of a space twist to the location by turning it into a much more moon-like location.

Ender Space adds in low gravity while you explore the world, but you still need to be careful as fall damage isn’t disabled. Additionally, you’ll have an oxygen meter, which means you’ll only be able to explore the location for a set amount of time before you need to retreat and regroup.

9 Beyond Earth

A purple sky in Minecraft

Beyond Earth Mod created by mrscauthd

While being able to explore space to find new planets is incredibly cool, Beyond Earth lets you go a step further by also being able to set up your own space stations. There are a number of planets to explore, and a number of unique ships to explore them in.

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The mod also boasts its own unique gravity mechanics, adding a little bit of extra attention to detail while you’re exploring the cosmos. For someone interested in finding new worlds to explore and build bases on, it’s hard to find a better mod.

8 Spyglass Astronomy

a large observatory and the night sky

Spyglass Astronomy Mod created by Nettakrim

While a lot of players will be looking for more action-based mods to add to their Minecraft experience, some people will be interested in a more relaxing and visually stimulating experience. That’s where the Spyglass Astronomy mod comes in.

The whole purpose of the mod is to help you immerse yourself deeper into your world and allow you to peer up at the many stars and planets in the sky. You’ll be able to set up constellations and even name entire stars and planets, something that is fantastic for astronomy lovers.

7 The Galaxiest Mod

a mysterious blue-green alien world

The Galaxiest Mod created by Ninialdo

If you’re interested in nothing but a wild space exploration adventure, this mod is for you. The Galaxiest Mod adds two entire solar systems to the game with ten different planets to find and explore at your leisure.

While many mods feature simple planets that remain mostly unchanged, this mod features some vibrant and unique worlds. The excellent use of color on different worlds really does make each one feel like you’re exploring an alien world all by yourself. You’ll find yourself exploring each world for hours on end if you’re a dedicated Minecraft player.

6 Space Dimensions

spacedimensions base

Space Dimensions Mod created by captaintenneal81

Another great mod that provides plenty of incredible worlds to explore and great vehicles to explore them in, Space Dimensions will add a lot to Minecraft. You can explore some of the usual planets like the moon and Mars, but there are some unique ones like Titan and Ganymede.

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You’ll also be able to fly in a rocket, but there are plenty of other vehicles. You can try out mining vehicles, hoverbikes, submarines, and even a cloud shuttle. There are tons of ways to explore new worlds in ways never before thought possible.

5 Custom Stars

a starry night sky

Custom Stars Mod created by b3spectacled

It’s easy to get lost in a sea of space exploration and rocket-building mods, and completely miss some of the many mods that improve the base Minecraft experience with simple changes. The Custom Stars mod is a great pick for someone who only wants a simple improvement in relation to space.

Essentially, the mod lets decide just how starry your night sky will be. It may not offer hours of additional gameplay, but it certainly can add to the beauty of exploration at night in Minecraft. With all those extra stars, you might be a bit less worried about a rogue Creeper sneaking up on you.

4 Space Station

the bedroom of a Space Station

Space Station Mod created by unaistudio

Exploring alien planets is a ton of fun, but so is the idea of visiting a space station that is somewhere out there whizzing around in space. Visiting a space station is exactly what this fun little mod will let you do.

You’re able to upgrade and decorate the station as much as you’d like, and there’s also a variety of activities for you to do while you’re up there. There are a variety of new resources included, so there’s plenty to find with this fantastic space mod.

3 Create: Astral

minecraft create astral mod showcasing tanks filled with liquids

Create: Astral Mod created by Laskyyy_


The Create mod is one of the most well-known Minecraft mods, giving you access to different types of power and technology. The mod stays pretty close to the surface, but with Create: Astral, you can venture into the stars.

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Create: Astral gives you the tools from the original Create mod, as well as several planets to explore. As you explore more locations, new content will unlock, which will allow you to travel even further through the universe.

2 WarpDrive

minecraft warpdrive mod showcasing planet and spaceship

WarpDrive Mod created by LemADEC

WarpDrive is a classic sci-fi mod inspired by Star Trek, as well as several other popular sci-fi works (yes, this includes Doctor Who). With this mod, you can build a ship, and then use your Warp Drive to travel across the galaxy.

In addition to exploring, you can partake in space combat with the aid of laser beams. If the battle gets too tough, jump to hyperspace and find a new planet to take refuge on!

1 Advanced Rocketry

Advanced Rocketry minecraft mod showcasing a rocket completely built

Advanced Rocketry Mod created by zmaster587

Lastly, we have Advanced Rocketry. This mod is another option that has Kerbal Space Program vibes, right down to rocketship assembly. Along with this, you can visit other planets, mine on astroid belts, and travel to distant space stations.

Advanced Rocketry’s website is full of helpful guides, just in case you get a bit lost while playing. Thankfully, Advanced Rocketry is compatible with other space-related mods, allowing you to customize your astronaut experience.

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