How To Complete Yerma’s Quest In Blasphemous 2

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Blasphemous 2 is a game that encourages you to explore and discover things independently. It doesn’t provide much guidance, relying on item descriptions or cryptic hints from certain NPCs to help you along. One special NPC is Yerma, whom you first encounter in Profundo Lamento. She provides you with the Steely Battle Lance that allows you to upgrade your weapons.



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If you choose to follow Yerma’s questline, you’ll notice that she often offers assistance in defeating major bosses throughout the game. However, once you reach Two Moons, she’ll request that you find some oil for her lance. The tricky part is that the item she needs can be found in a different location.

Where To Find Oil For Yerma

Map road for Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment Blasphemous 2

The oil Yerma requests is the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment, and there’s a chance you might have already acquired this item if you’ve been thorough in your exploration.

This special oil can be found in the Elevated Temples.

However, before you can access this location, you must defeat all three guardians: Great Preceptor Radamés, Orospina, Lady Embroiderer, and Lesmes, Incorrupt Sacristan.

Once you’ve accomplished that, return to Prie Dieu at the City of the Blessed Name. There, you’ll discover an elevator that will take you to the Elevated Temples.

Starting from the first Prie Dieu on the right at the Elevated Temples, move two rooms to the right. When you reach the third room, climb up and take the first room to the left.

From there, proceed all the way to the left until you reach the second Prie Dieu in this location.

Afterward, drop down two rooms and head to the room on your right.

The Penitent One standing next to the Angel Ring Blasphemous 2

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you come across those angel rings.

Now, simply move all the way to the right, and you’ll find the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment.

And don’t forget to unlock the shortcut while you are here.

How To Use The Holy Oil Of Everlasting Anointment

Player giving the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment to Yerma Blasphemous 2

Now that you have the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment needed for Yerma, return to the Two Moons location, and you’ll find her standing just before the boss room where Svsona, Fermosa Fembra awaits.

If you remember, Yerma mentioned at her first encounter that she had been on the trail of a specific person, and that person was Svsona. Now she can finally put things to an end, with the help of the Penitent One.

By giving her the oil, you’ll gain her assistance during this boss fight.

After defeating Svsona with Yerma’s help, she will make one final appearance to express her gratitude for your support throughout her journey.

As a token of appreciation, she’ll reward you with the Quick Verse: Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn, thus completing her mission.

Quick Verse Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn in Blasphemous 2

However, if you decline Yerma’s request and choose not to give her the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment, you will still have access to the Svsona boss fight.

But after defeating it, you will sadly find Yerma dead, as you didn’t extend your assistance to her despite her aid to you along the way.

At least you’ll be able to pick up the Chisel-Engraved Wounds Rosary Bead in this scenario.

Chisel-Engraved Wounds Rosary Bead in Blasphemous 2

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