Every Archetype Prime Perk In Remnant 2, Ranked




It’s a tough time trying to survive in the realms of Remnant 2. Corrupt creatures, mechanical monstrosities, immortal gods, ghouls, and nightmare-stalking wraiths to name just a few of the horrible beasties that call the worlds within the Red Crystal their home. And unfortunately, not a lot of them are friendly to humans.

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To give you a fighting chance against that eclectic force of fantasy monsters roaming those far-off realms there are multiple classes known as Archetypes to choose from that all come with their own unique abilities, passives, and Prime Perks. There are 11 Archetypes in total, but to give you an easier time picking the class that works the best for you, here’s every Archetype Prime Perk in Remnant 2, Ranked.

11 Dead To Rights – The Hunter

Remnant 2: The Hunter Activating Their Prime Sight Ability

First up on our list, we have the Hunter’s Prime Perk which is known as Dead To Rights. This is a fairly useful ability as it extends the active abilities of the Hunter such as being able to highlight every nearby enemy for a few seconds. Considering how labyrinthian and cramped some areas can be, and how often monsters like to attack you from the rear, it can be useful to know where everyone is for a few extra moments.

To gain that extra time you need to deal a minimum of 65 Weak Spot damage whilst it’s active. Doing this it extends the duration of any active Hunter Skills by a base rate of two and a half seconds. The timer can be extended up to a max of three and a half seconds, whilst the Weak Spot damage threshold can be lowered to 55 the further this class levels up to the cap of ten.

10 Lucky – The Explorer

Remnant 2: The Explorer In Their Full Outfit

This one is ranking a little low because it’s basically just an enhancement to this Archetype’s ability to farm the game for resources. Lucky grants an extra percentage for additional items to drop when you take down tough enemies, such as elites, aberrations, or bosses.

At its base level, Lucky gives you an extra ten percent on your drops, whilst at level five it boosts to a slightly higher 20 percent before capping off at 30 percent when you hit level ten. It’s mostly useful for endgame grinding for extra bits and pieces, but other than that it’s worth using a more combat-focused Prime Perk.

9 Ruthless – The Summoner

Remnant 2: The Summoner In Yaesha With Two Root Minions

This is a Prime Perk that can sometimes backfire if you’re running around with exotic weapons that hit extremely hard. Ruthless is the Summoner Archetype’s primary passive and it works by increasing the damage and movement speed of Minions when they’re attacked by the Summoner.

As you beat your new Root Demon friends to “encourage them”, they’ll gain a 30 percent increase in damage and movement speed for 20 seconds. This is just on level one. At level five the boon increases to 40 percent and lasts for 30 seconds. Then if you hit level ten with the Summoner it goes up to 50 percent for a maximum time length of 40 seconds. Just try to use something weak when applying your “encouragement”, you don’t want to damage them too much.

8 Shadow – The Invader

Remnant 2: The Invaders Shadow Ability In Front Of Another Player

This Prime Perk fits right in with the Invader’s playstyle. When an Invader Skill is activated, this Archetype will leave behind a decoy of itself for three seconds. This immediately draws enemy aggro and also provides a nice buff to damage should you decide to open up on your attackers.

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At its base level, you’ll deal an extra five percent to targets attacking the Decoy. At level five this increases to ten percent, then finally at the Invader level cap of ten, it lets you hit for an additional 15 percent damage. In general, it’s a helpful active Perk that can help you thin the hordes of horrors a little faster.

7 Spirited – The Alchemist

Remnant 2: The Alchemist Character Select Screen

Possibly one of the simplest and relatively useful Prime Perks in Remnant 2, the Spirited Perk of the Alchemist unlocks additional slots for Concotions. These are essentially potions, drinks, or liquids your character chugs to gain a buff for a very long period of time, usually 60 minutes.

You only have a limited number of Concoctions active at once, and the Alchemist essentially gives you the ability to guzzle down more drinks. At its base level, you get just one extra slot, but you gain two at level five and then three at level ten. It’s a pretty niche ability, but if your playthrough is buff-heavy, then it’s a handy perk to have.

6 Regenerator – The Medic

Remnant 2: The Medic Charging Up A Heal

Called Regenerator, this one is a little complicated but it’s pretty useful if you’re running on a higher difficulty and are getting low on heals. After the Medic restores a total of 350 health to a party member or themselves, the Medic will regain a spent Relic Charge. Also, as they level up, the healing amount lowers to 300 at level five, then finally 250 at level ten.

However be advised, that for each active party member, the healing requirement is increased by 50 percent. So you’ll still have to do a lot of healing to get those charges, but if you’re doing your job as a Medic that should happen fairly often. Plus there are weapons and mods that can help you heal your friends and hit those requirement thresholds a little easier.

5 Tempest – The Archon

Remnant 2: The Archon Using Their Lightning Powers On Drones In N'Erud

A unique Prime Perk that has both passive and active aspects, the Archons Tempest perk is pretty useful for those that use a lot of Weapon Mods in their playthrough. First off, Tempest passively generates two Mod Power per second. Then, when using a Mod it increases Mod Generation by 50 percent for six seconds.

This means you’ll be firing off those unique weapon abilities a lot quicker. Plus, these only improve further when the Archon levels up. At level five they generate two and a half Mod Power per second with the same amount of Mod Generation for active Mods. But, at level ten they gain three Mod Power a second and generate 100 percent extra Mod Power. So it pays to power level this Archetype quickly.

4 Loaded- The Gunslinger

Remnant 2: The Gunslinger Fanning The Hammer Of Their Revolver

If you like being trigger-happy or just enjoy magazine dumping your weapon on bosses and other beasts then you can’t go wrong with the Gunslingers Prime Perk as it’s one of the best ones to use in Remnant 2 for DPS fiends.

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When any Gunslinger skill is activated, both your weapons are instantly reloaded and you gain infinite ammo reserves for your guns for a few seconds. It’s incredibly useful as it bypasses the reloading animation and if you’re out of bullets, it gives you a full clip for free. At its base level, the infinite reserve lasts for five seconds, at level five it’s six and a half, and then at level ten, it maxes out at eight seconds.

3 Bonded – The Handler

Remnant 2: The Dog Of The Handler Reviving Someone

Since the Handler’s abilities focus on their pupper pal, their Prime Perk also utilizes the dog companion and is honestly a very good one to have. Known as Bonded, when you receive fatal damage, instead of dying, you’ll go into recovery if you have a Relic Charge still in your inventory. At this point, your fuzzy friend will run over and revive you and give you 50 percent of your Max Health.

This can also be used on an ally if you’re busy with a boss or also put down into a recovery state. However, your friend also needs a Relic Charge in their inventory in order for this command to work. As the Handler levels up, the cooldown on their Prime Perk will lower from 120 seconds to 105 seconds at level five, then finally 90 seconds at level ten.

2 Die Hard – The Challenger

Remnant 2: The Challenger Facing Off Against The Ravager In Yaesha

The Challenger is next as we start to wind things down in our list. It gets a high ranking because their Prime Perk can be an absolute lifeline at times that will pull you through some of the brutal boss fights in Remnant 2. When you receive fatal damage, instead of immediately dying, the Challenger becomes invulnerable for two seconds and regenerates 50 percent of their Max Health.

But, if you level this lad up to ten, the invulnerability window increases to three seconds and you recover your entire health bar. So it’s essentially like a Second Wind, and considering how easy it is to get one shot by a boss out of nowhere, it’s an incredibly useful Prime Perk to have. Though be warned, it does take ten minutes or at least a rest at a Red Crystal to reset this ability.

1 High Tech – The Engineer

Remnant 2: The Engineer Using Their Gatling Gun Heavy Weapon On A Target Dummy

Possibly one of the best Prime Perks in Remnant 2 in the right hands, the High Tech Perk of the Engineer is all about buffing your robotic turrets. When you hold down the SKILL button, the turret you’re carrying or have deployed will enter a unique Overclock mode for a few seconds.

Whilst it’s active, the Heavy Weapon will gain infinite ammo, an increased rate of fire, and a 25 percent boost to damage. At its base level, it lasts for 15 seconds, at level five it increases to 20 seconds before capping out at 25 seconds when you hit level ten. Considering how versatile your turrets are, how fast they fire already, and how damaging they can be, it’s an incredibly good Prime Perk to have active. Especially if you need another gun helping you out in solo mode that isn’t another player.

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