Farlight 84 will bring a Revamped Sancton mode in 2024 with new features

Farlight 84, the futuristic technology-based action battle royale, is planning to introduce a revamped and remapped “Sancton” mode in 2024. The mode will allow players to create their own space and build housing facilities as they like. Though it is not confirmed by the game yet, players are surely going to see it coming in the game. As per a tweet from Ripgod, a community moderator for Farlight 84, the upcoming updates on the Sancton are expected to come out in early 2024.

Farlight 84 Sancton mode: A place for total relaxation and packed with fun items

Sacnton is a private place for each player to build their housing. It is a place for relaxation and full of fun. Players can build their house with the materials from the game which can be acquired after completing several tasks.

Players can design their house as they like and decorate it with fun items like wall paintings, couches, TVs, etc. Besides, players will be able to invite others to join a party to have fun together. Overall, the place is a home inside the mayhem that offers customization and provides outstanding gaming experiences.

Players who play from the beginning are familiar with the sanctuary. A small piece of land inside the wasteland is owned by each player after completing some specific tasks. After collecting the materials from the game, players could build their own Sancton. However, the game is probably looking to improve the user experience and take the Sancton mode to a new level in the coming year.

Final Thoughts

Moreover, players can showcase their accomplishments in their own place. There are trophies, collectibles, unique items, and much more that players can gain from Farlight 84. And, the Sancton will serve as a place to store and show off those to the others. However, it is worth waiting to see what more is waiting for the players in the coming days. Players will surely be excited to have the feature in Farlight 84.

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