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In Armored Core 6, missions vary in length, with some being short and others quite lengthy. This doesn’t necessarily make a mission easier but provides a different kind of challenge. Many of these missions involve fighting your way through many enemies. Unlike some games, relying on a single setup won’t work here and won’t get you far, especially in Chapter 3.



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During this chapter, you’ll face a crucial mission decision to either Eliminate the Enforcement Squads or Destroy the Special Forces Craft. If you choose the first option, be prepared for a rather challenging boss fight.

Mission Overview

Eliminate the Enforcement Squads Armored Core 6

The Eliminate the Enforcement Squads mission is very straightforward. Your objective here is to recapture the Wall and defeat PCA’s troops.

It involves dealing with multiple enemies at four different locations and facing a boss at the end of the mission.

It’s worth reminding you that while you can choose between Eliminate the Enforcement Squads and Destroy the Special Forces Craft, you can only complete one of them in your current playthrough.

Now, let’s talk about the importance of your AC setup in this mission since you’ll be dealing with enemies.

The recommended setup for the mission in Armored Core 6

Two words: Stun Baton. This weapon is your lifesaver, especially in the last fight of this mission.

The VP-67EB deals impressive damage and builds up an Electrical Discharge on enemies as you keep shooting them. Once the meter is full, it inflicts a massive amount of damage to the target, and this is something that you’d need with the last fight in this mission.

Your second primary weapon choice should be either the Laser Rifle or the Plasma Rifle. Both provide consistent and reliable damage for many encounters.

For your shoulder weapons, we recommend a missile choice like SONGBIRDS. They can deal extra damage, and their blast radius can be quite handy.

When it comes to armor, it’s up to you. Both heavy and lightweight can work well for this mission. Just ensure your dodging skills are on point if you opt for the lightweight frame.

Where To Find The Battle Logs And Archive Data

Playing fighting the Hidden AC in Armored Core 6

In this mission, there is only one Battle Log that you can acquire, and you can get it from your starting location.

After you begin the mission, don’t follow the marker point, instead, make your way to the right side.

You’ll come across some pillars on the way, and after the second one, take another right to find a dead end with a destroyed machine.

If you interact with this machine, it will trigger an AC to come from behind your back and ambush.

Once you manage to destroy this AC you will get the Battle Log.

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Eliminate The PCA Enforcement Squad

Playing encountering the first group of enemies of this mission Armored Core 6

Now that you’ve secured the only collectible in this mission, return to your starting point and head towards the marker.

Not far from the starting location, you’ll encounter the first group of enemies that you can easily take down, especially if you have the Plasma Rifle equipped.

When dealing with them, watch out for their rockets, and it’s a good idea to stay in the air as much as possible.

If you prefer a stealthier approach, you can use the cliffs on the right side to stay hidden and destroy them.

Playing fighting the PCA enemies Armored Core 6

As you make your way to the Wall, be prepared for an ambush by two PCAs. This is where the Stun Baton comes in handy.

The strategy here is to focus on one of them first, use the Stun Baton to shock them, and then switch to your second weapon for more damage.

You can also use the surrounding buildings for cover or to recharge your EN.

The next marker leads you inside the Wall. Follow it until you reach a locked door that you can interact with.

Before unlocking it, be ready to face more enemies, so use Scan to plan your strategy.

Player fighting enemies in Armored Core 6

As soon as you unlock the door, two enemies will attack you immediately, so be alert.

After you destroy the two enemies at the door, you will find more waiting for you inside. Using the Laser Rifle or Plasma Rifle will make quick work of them.

Once you’ve dealt with all the enemies in this room, the real challenge lies ahead.

How To Defeat AA22: Heavy Calvary

Player against Heavy Calvary Armored Core 6

In the next room, you’ll face the Heavy Cavalry, who can be tough due to his shield. But with your Stun Baton in hand, this fight becomes much easier.

First, deal with the three other enemies in the room to avoid distractions when facing the boss.

Here’s what you should do with the Heavy Cavalry: Use the Stun Baton repeatedly on the boss until he’s backed into a corner or against a wall. This will cause his shield to break quickly and inflict damage.

The good news is the Stun Baton has a noticeably fast cooldown, so you can use it repeatedly without any trouble.

During this fight, you should also keep an eye out for his missile attacks and keep moving to dodge them. However, if you keep hitting him with the Stun Baton, he won’t get a chance to use them.

Fortunately, even with his shield, you can stagger him, and when you do, switch to either the Laser Rifle or the Plasma Rifle to deal more damage.

Player defeating the heavy calvary Armored Core 6

Remember your shoulder companions, SONGBIRDS, and use them strategically during the fight.

If you happen to die during this battle, unfortunately, there’s no nearby checkpoint, so you’ll have a long way to go back to him.

Defeating the AA22: Heavy Calvary will wrap up the mission and get you your reward, which is 270,000 COAM.

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