Aphelion eSports is crowned as the champion of Snapdragon Pro Series (SPS) Season 3: NA Challenge

Season 3 of the Snapdragon Pro Series (SPS) NA Challenge ended today, and Aphelion eSports became the tournament champion. The team defeated United Gaming in the grand finals and took the champion title. Besides being the champion, the team also grabbed a whopping $20,000 as the prize pool.

The esports event started on the 7th of July and ended with the grand finals, after crowning Aphelion the champion on the 3rd of September. Organized by ESL, the offline event took place in Seattle.

SPS Season 3 NA Challenge: How it went for the champion Aphelion eSports

A total of eight teams competed in the SPS Season 3 NA Challenge. After fighting through the regular season, the top 4 teams got promoted to the Upper Bracket Semifinals. Aphelion eSports, the champion, faced 50 Shades Of Hog and won the match. The team, then, faced the other semifinal winner United Gaming in the Upper Bracket Finals. The team faced a dominant defeat and was demoted to the lower bracket.

Champion Aphelion eSports again faced the same opponent from the opening match of the finals, 50 Shades Of Hog. Another victory against the well-known rival has put the team in the Grand Final. Aphelion eSports and United Gaming, then, faced off in the heart-pounding final match. Winning both rounds in the grand finals brought the glory of being the champion for Aphelion.

Aphelion eSports bagged a massive amount from the Prize Pool

The event featured a total of $50,000 as the prize pool of the event. The SPS Season 3 NA Challenge champion has got a sum of $20,000. The share of the prize money is as follows.

Team Name (Based on Ranking) Prize Money
Aphelion eSports $20,000
United Gaming $10,000
50 Shades Of Hog $7,500
Empire Gaming $5,000
Method2Madness $3,000
UG Nebula $2,000
Golden X $1,500
We stay active $1,000

The year event event of Clash of Clans esports is knocking at the doorstep. Organized by Supercell, the Clash of Clans World Championship 2023 is scheduled to take place in Helsinki from the 24th of November and will end on the 26th after crowning the best team as the champion.

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