Where To Find Eyeless Minnows In Palia

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In the charming cozy farming and life simulator game, Palia, you get to chat with villagers to find out what they’d really like for the week. Sometimes they ask for some pretty odd stuff, but you still want to come through for them. After all, those reputation levels are at stake.



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Eyeless minnows are one of the many things villagers might ask for, but they’re a little difficult to find. But don’t worry, we have your back with this guide. Be prepared to win some hearts by giving those favorite gifts and weekly desires to the villagers of Palia.

Where To Find Eyeless Minnows

Palia Eyeless Minnow being shown off by an avatar. Small body of water in the background.

The short answer is that you can find eyeless minnows in the Pavel Mines. If you’re still having some trouble working your way through the maze of tunnels there, that’s understandable.

If you’re not familiar with Bahari Bay, the second area in Palia, follow the pictures and directions to make your way to the right spot.

Bahari Bay

Palia Kilima map with Bahari Bay entrance circled.

To get to Bahari Bay, you’ll travel West and enter the gate that will phase you into the area. The gate is circled on the map.

Your avatar will slow down a little, similarly to when you visit your home.

Take the road that passes by Hodari and Najuma’s house, and follow it past the workshop where you can sometimes find Najuma working. Keep following the main path until it forks into three different directions. Take the fork furthest to the left. You should see some wooden tracks, and a mine entrance.

Palia Pavel Mine entrance, with avatar standing in front of the entrance.

Pavel Mines

Palia inside Pavel Mines entrance, avatar standing by another opening to the right, and another open mine shaft to the left.

Once you enter the mines, you’ll take the first branch to the right, which leads down a steep stairway. It’s immediately to the right in the picture above. It’s a little difficult to tell in-game that it’s a mineshaft entrance, but just a few steps to the right and you’ll see the staircase.

Palia Pavel Mine steep stairway with an avatar standing halfway down the stairway.

Turn left once you get to the bottom of the staircase, splash through a shallow bit of water toward a wooden-reinforced overhang. There’s a dock and a little body of water under the overhang.

Palia Pavel Mines with an avatar standing in the mines, and an orange arrow pointing the way to a fishing spot. The spot is beyond the wood-reinforced overhang.

Fishing Up The Eyeless Minnow

Palia eyeless minnow in a fish tank on a table in an avatar's home with avatar standing next to it.

You can fish up an eyeless minnow even with a makeshift fishing pole, so you won’t need to worry about upgrading before you seek out this fish. This fish should be readily available at this location regardless of the time of day in-game, which makes it easier to obtain once you know where to find it. Don’t worry about fishing at the fishing ripples, you can cast into still water and get eyeless minnows.

If you’re lucky enough to get a higher-quality eyeless minnow you can even display it in your home. Just place the fish like any other item, and it will appear in its own little fish tank.

It might be a good idea to have some extra on hand since eyeless minnows are commonly requested, and are also well-liked as a regular gift by some individuals. Make sure you’re not using any bait, such as worms.

First equip the fishing pole, right-click, and select the bare fishhook icon. Start fishing like normal, and in just a matter of minutes you’ll have plenty of eyeless minnows to thrill certain villagers.

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