Should You Give The Artifact To Helix Or Not In Starfield?

You might have gone through a lot to get an Artifact from Neon, but there’s another important decision to make before you can place it in The Lodge.

One of the best parts about the main story in Starfield is that you’ll be included in all the major decisions. These decisions can sometimes change your playthrough drastically, which puts a lot of weight on them. As you progress, you’ll eventually reach the city of Neon to get an Artifact with Walter Stroud.



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A bunch of unexpected things will happen while you’re trying to strike a deal here, but you’ll eventually be able to escape the city and start heading back to The Lodge. However, your path will be blocked by an unknown entity who’ll demand that you give the Artifact to them.

Should You Jettison The Artifact Or Escape?

Starfield Helix Transmission In Starborn Quest

A ship named Helix will pop out of nowhere as soon as you head out of the Neon City at the end of All That Money Can Buy quest, and there’s no way of avoiding it. Someone on the ship will ask you to give the Artifact back while refusing to give any information on who they are or what the Artifact does.

At the end of this dialogue, you’ll be given three options:

  • Initiate your Grav Drive and get out of the system before they can defeat your ship.
  • Jettison the Artifact and let the Helix have it so you can escape in peace.
  • Attack the enemy ship and try to defeat them.

The enemy ship will be level 30, and you most likely won’t have the required upgrades to defeat them at this time.

However, you can still try it if you’re on the lowest difficulty since the ship doesn’t have that much health.

The main decision is if you want to lose the Artifact or risk an encounter with an unknown entity to try and save it. No matter which side you choose, the outcome and rewards of this quest remain the same. At the end, you’ll go to The Lodge where everyone looks at the Helix’s picture and decides to be more cautious in future endeavors.

The only difference you’ll see is not being able to place the Artifact at The Lodge if you give it up. It’s recommended to choose the first option since there’s hardly any way for you to not be able to successfully jump away before your health gets depleted.

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