The Best Farm Map Mods In Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley might be one of the easiest games to mod. Not only does the game developer encourage it by keeping modders in mind with every update, but the very active modding community means mods stay updated, and there are always new ones to try out.



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If you’ve already played the base game and grown used to the farming life, mods are a great way to spice the game up and add in more gameplay. No matter what you might be looking for, there’s a lot out there. If it’s just some new scenery, however, there are also plenty of mods that add in new farm maps so you can enjoy and explore a new farm layout when you start your next save.

Updated September 4, 2023 by Jacqueline Zalace: Farm mods can freshen up your Stardew Valley experience, giving you new layout options. We’ve added more farm map mods to this list, and included links to each mod, allowing you to easily find and download what you are looking for.

13 Rolling Hills Farm

A Stardew Valley map with some dirt plots for crops and a waterfall flowing into a pond

Rolling Hills Farm replaces the forest farm and changes a lot about it. With multiple levels and a large waterfall, there’s a lot the map has to offer.

With three pre-built fenced-in areas that have invisible barriers, you can put your barns and coops inside of them without the fear of your animals running loose.

There are things that aren’t even noticeable at first too, such as a bigger farm cave that has an optional minecart link to let you get around the valley even faster. And if you think the map is so big that you wouldn’t know where to begin, the creator has a handy suggestion guide in the images to show you what they had intended the map to look like while in use.

12 Tiny Garden Farm

A small Stardew Valley farm map that's mostly grass with a couple of winding dirt paths

DaisyNiko created Tiny Garden Farm to make something small to relax in rather than try to maximize space and profit. It’s around a third the size of the usual farm maps and looks just like it could be a little cabin in the clearing of the woods, with the ground mostly textured with grass to make it feel more like a garden than a farm.

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While it’s not for everyone, it’s a great map to use if you don’t have a lot of time to play and need something small to play in your free time. It’s also perfect for those who love cottage core — just add in a couple of graphic-changing mods and you’ll have the perfect cottage to live out your fantasies.

11 Waterfall Forest Farms

A large Stardew Valley Map full of trees and waterfalls

The Waterfall Forest Farms mod includes two map options full of waterfalls. One is a normal map size, while the other is a larger edition to add more farm space. No matter what map you choose, they are both entirely customizable.

Of course, the main focus of the map is the multiple waterfalls splitting apart the farm. When you load into your custom map, they will make the farm feel like a whimsical paradise you were lucky enough to become the owner of.

10 Strawberry Fields Farm

A simple Stardew Valley farm map that has separate plots for the crops and a winding river in the middle

Replacing the standard farm is the Strawberry Fields Farm map. This mod turns the ground into grass to make it feel more like sprawling fields than the dirt that the normal farm looks like.

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There are several sectioned-off fields already for all of your farming needs in order to keep up with the theme and make everything look nice, but if you need a little extra space all of the grass is tillable. And, of course, there are some animal pens with invisible barriers to keep your animals safe inside.

9 Solo Four Corners Farm

A Stardew Valley farm map with a fenced in plot for your crops and two fenced pens for your animals

Solo Four Corners Farm is a reimagining of the game’s actual four corners map. The original four corners map was made with multiplayer in mind, giving each player their own section of the map to build their own farms on while also including a couple of other features, like a small quarry.

With this mod, it keeps these features while making it feel less separated and more unified. The map even keeps the features in the same corners as the original for those who have played it before and grown used to going to certain areas for them, and it also has optional pre-built indestructible fences, as well as an optional improved farm cave that also links to the farm’s quarry.

8 Ultimate Farm

A Stardew Valley farm map full of crops

The large map in Ultimate Farm brings you a sprawling estate full of places to explore. There’s enough space for all of your farm buildings, both normal and modded, to stay out of the way of your farming plots, and even then, there’s almost more space for farming here than you can manage alone.

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Besides the farm changes, it also comes with four other maps, bringing you a farm quarry, a forest meadow, and two small caves. These bring you stone and ore spawns, berry bushes and foraging spots, and renewable hardwood stumps, and you might never have to step off of the farm again for resources here.

7 Overgrown Garden Farm

A Stardew Valley farm map that features a lot of flowers as wel as a small river

In the Overgrown Garden Farm mod, there’s a wonderful forest farm waiting for you to explore. With grass underfoot and lots of bushes and flowers around, it really feels like a secret getaway. The mod also gives you the option to keep the small areas already sectioned off for you to plant things in, or to make everything uniform so you can plan your planting on your own.

This mod replaces the foraging map, meaning you’ll find a lot of foraging materials, renewable hardwood, and fishing. The bushes also spawn berries during berry seasons, meaning you’ll have a large supply of berries every year. There are even custom sprites that change throughout the seasons, bringing something new every time the calendar changes.

6 White Water Farm Map

A Stardew Valley farm map with a branching river cutting through the whole thing

The White Water Farm Map replaces the Riverland farm in order to give it an upgrade. It functions in the same way, but it changes the look to make it prettier.

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With three different farm levels, it gives room for the river to cascade down as waterfalls, and even adds in the river sounds you hear around town when you’re standing near the water. As an extra feature, there’s also a picnic blanket at the bottom of the map that changes with the seasons, making for a nice place for your farmer to relax after spending the days working the fields.

5 Capitalist Dream Farm

A Stardew Valley farm map that's very organized and well kept

Capitalist Dream Farm is a large map perfect for people who want to play to earn a lot of money. The straightforward and streamlined design means there’s a lot of room for crops, and you can make a fortune every season if you fill them all.

The farm layout is already marked for you. The dark grass areas are the exact size of buildings or are where you’re meant to plant your crops.

Then, there are little flower spots to show you where the best place is to put down your sprinklers and scarecrows to keep everything watered and safe from the crows. There are also a ton of berry bushes to help you with your foraging.

4 Farm Extended

A Stardew Valley Farm map featuring a large plot of land, two animal pens, a lake, and a forest clearing

Forkmaster built the Farm Extended map, combining the best of all the different standard maps into one. This large map has a big farming area as you might find in the standard map, but then has several different smaller branching areas.

On top of this, it removed the ponds to open up and maximize your farming space, adding a water trough by the house to act as a close source of water instead. It also has several minecart and boat shortcuts to help you get around the valley more easily.

3 Immersive Farm 2 Fix

immersive farm 2 stardew valley map zoomed in

The Immersive Farm 2 is so big that the image above barely covers the scope of it. The original farm mod isn’t updated anymore, but thankfully, dedicated modders have brought it back in the form of Immersive Farm 2 Fix.

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This fixed version maintains the original map while making it more compatible with newer versions of the game. You can find dedicated fields for animal raising and farming, as well as a larger Greenhouse and cave. Overall, everything is bigger, giving you an excuse to stay on your farm all day long.

2 Mountain Top Farm

stardew valley mountain top farm layout

While Stardew Valley is… well, a valley, we don’t fully experience the highs and lows of this terrain. With the Mountain Top Farm, you will be able to build your farm at the top of a mountain, with the valley lying below. The farm replaces the standard farm option, can be used in multiplayer games, and even features a larger cave.

Like many other mods from DaisyNiko, the Mountain Top has a general layout for you to follow. For example, dirt squares map out where you can grow crops, while permanent fences are great for containing the animals you raise. Overall, this is another solid map option from DaisyNiko.

1 Larger Beach Farm Map

map of the larger beach farm mod, showcasing how large the area is

Lastly, we have the Larger Beach Farm Map mod. This mod does exactly as it says – makes the beach farm larger. Now, your beach will have smaller islands that offshoot from the main body of land. You can use these for buildings and planting crops, similar to how you use the land on the rest of your farm.

One quirk of the beach farm is the inability to use sprinklers. This mod lets you enable sprinklers in sand, so you won’t have to worry about only planting on dirt. The beach farm is already one of the best options in the base game of Stardew Valley, so this mod is definitely worth checking out.

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