Clash Royale Season 51 ‘King’s Gambit’ September 2023 Update and Balance Changes

A fresh Clash Royale season has arrived, and as is the tradition every month, fans who were eagerly anticipating the rewards and content they’ll find in Season 51 can relax now. This particular season, titled King’s Gambit, is dedicated to a Chess Clash collaboration with, similar to what Clash of Clans did. So, in this article, let us look into what Clash Royale Season 51 King’s Gambit September 2023 Update has to offer in terms of new skins, emotes, rewards, and more.

Clash Royale Season 51 King’s Gambit September 2023 Update details

A brand new Arena has been unveiled with this update, which is called the Chess Arena, themed after the Season.

New Tower Skin

Tower Skin Season 51
Image via Supercell

Currently, one Tower Skin has been confirmed for this update, which will be available in the Pass Royale at Tier 48. The Castling Castle tower skin brings out the best of the black-and-white scheme and is a wonderful presentation thanks to the chessboard pieces being a standout.

New Card Evolution: Royal Recruits

Evolution Royal Recruits
Image via Supercell

Well, the recent leaks were legit after all! This season, we will be getting to see the Royale Recruits Card Evolution in action, much to everyone’s surprise for sure. With the charge ability, when an evolved Royal Recruit’s shield is depleted, it will initiate a charge toward the nearest target. You can compare their charge to the Prince. The elixir won’t change, and this will be for two cycles.

Emotes and Banners

Once again, seven new emotes will be coming. All the new emotes will be based on the Chess theme which the players can enjoy. Alongside, there are 40 brand-new banners available. There are 16 in the Banner Box, 16 for sale, 4 in the Season Shop, and 2 for Diamond Pass Royale owners.

Season Shop and Card Boosts

The Season Shop will return with some fantastic deals, which can be obtained by exchanging season tokens. Along with the cards on offer, banners and emotes are also worthwhile investments. PrinceRoyal Recruits, and Magic Archer cards are also available in the Season Shop for 500 tokens apiece. Wild Shards will also make an appearance in the shop, available for 6000 tokens.

Clash Royale Evolution Shards guide
Image via Supercell

Card Evolution enthusiasts can find Royal Giant Shards in the Season Shop, which can be purchased thrice starting from 5,000 tokens which will add the same value to each purchase. Banner Tokens and Emotes are added too. Four cards have been picked for boost this time around. They are PrinceRoyal Recruits, Magic Archer, and Archer Queen.

Balance Changes

There shall be no balance changes for this season, hence breaking the three-month streak of continuous changes. Although, we might get to see some in between if the Royal Recruits prove to be a dangerous card with overpowered performance.

What are your thoughts on the Clash Royale Season 51 King’s Gambit update? Let us know in the comments below!

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