How To Find And Use The Stage Bag In Warzone 2 DMZ

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 DMZ is an extraction-type game mode with no set objective. In DMZ, a fixed number of players are deployed into exfil zones (maps) where they can complete various missions and contracts while fighting against other players and hostile AI.



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Depending on the chosen map, the number of players deployed in Each DMZ session can vary between 12 and 60. Stage bags are interactable items in the DMZ map Vondel, which drop collectible GPUs. You can use the GPUs to gain an extra weapon slot, cash, or skeleton keys.

How To Open The Stage Bag

A player looking at a locked stage bag in the staging area near the Fire Department.

Before you decide on going to the Stage Bag locations, you will need a Stage Bag Key to open it.

There is no way to open the Stage Bag without a “Stage Bag Key” or a Skeleton Key. So make sure you have one before trying to open the Stage Bag.

Luckily, there are many ways to acquire a Stage Bag key in DMZ. Here are the most popular methods to use if you want to get your hands on one:

  1. One method is to complete High Value Target Missions (or HTV missions) in DMZ and search for their loot. HTV missions guarantee a key drop, so you will find a Stage Bag Key on two or three tries.
  2. Opening the Mayor’s Briefcase on the bench near Town Hall is the second but long way to obtaining the key. However, to unlock the Mayor’s briefcase, you must find the Mayor’s Briefcase Key by completing the “Hunter Mission,” looting a toolbox located in the sewers in the E5 map grid or simply looting around the map.
  3. If you can not find a key by any of the above two methods, then your best bet to find a Stage Bag key is to try looting AI enemies around locked locations on the map.

If you are trying to find the Mayor’s briefcase key and don’t want to go through extensive looting or faction missions, head straight to the sewers toolbox in the E5 grid since it guarantees you will find a Mayor’s Briefcase key.

Stage Bag Locations In Vondel DMZ

A screenshot of the complete Vondel map in COD Warzone DMZ.

There are two Stage Bag Locations in Vondel DMZ, which guarantee a GPU drop. Since Vondel is a relatively populated map, you will find many hostile AI combatants on your way there.

After you have obtained the stage bag key, follow the below instructions to reach your desired locations.

The Fire Department

A map screenshot of the Stage Bag location near the fire department.

The first Stage Bag is located on the south side of the map outside a small building just north of the Fire Department. Go to the marked location in the above image and look for a staging area nearby.

The Stage Bag is on top of the stage; you can open it using your key.

This area contains reinforcements, meaning you will find level-two guards here. Always be cautious about hostile AI and other players since the GPU is a Rare item in the game.

The University

A map screenshot with the University Stage Bag location from DMZ Vondel.

Like the Fire Department, the next Stage Bag is located on a stage near the north side of the University building. Make your way to the cursor location on the above image and look for the staging area.

The Stage Bag is located in the center of the stage, and you can use your key to access its contents.

You don’t need a separate key to unlock the second Stage Bag. One Stage Bag key typically has three uses, meaning you can use the same key in both locations.

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