How To Complete Battle Plans In Warzone 2 DMZ

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The DMZ in Call of Duty Warzone 2 is an extraction-type game mode where you can complete various missions and contracts. Although there is no clear objective in DMZ, you do have the option to exfil (exit) from the game with your collected loot by calling an exfil helicopter at designated zones.



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The DMZ also contains many fighting factions that assign you Faction Missions that reward you with various equipment and XP upon completion. In season five, the Battle Plans Mission is a tier one faction mission assigned by The Shadow Company.

Battle Plans: Objectives And Rewards

A menu screenshot of the Battle Plans mission objectives and rewards in COD Warzone DMZ.

With the release of season four, a new enemy group called the Konni was added to the DMZ. The Konni and the Shadow Company can be seen fighting against each other throughout active combat zones on the map.

Your Battle Plans mission assigned by the Shadow Company in season five is to eliminate key Konni targets to obtain their battle notes and cargo ship instructions. Hence, there are two main objectives of the Battle Plans mission:

  1. Dead Drop three Konni battle instructions.
  2. Dead Drop the Konni cargo ship instructions.

For completing the Battle Plans mission, you are rewarded with the following items:

  • 100 Faction reputation points.
  • TAQ-V (contraband).
  • 5000 XP.

How To Complete The Battle Plans Mission?

A player looking at a white waste container to dead drop the collected Konni intel.

You can complete the Battle Plans mission on Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, and Vondel. Once you have loaded the game, get into the queue for any of these three maps to start a DMZ session to start the mission.

Collect And Dead Drop Three Konni Battle Instructions

A screenshot of battle instructions dropped by a Konni fighter in COD Warzone 2 DMZ.

To collect the battle instructions from Konni targets, head to one of the active combat zones on your chosen map. You can recognize the active combat zones from the continuous exchange of gunfire between AI combatants and smoke in the area.

If you are unsure about being in an active combat zone, look for a red “Active Combat Zone” indicator on your screen, just below your compass, to confirm that you are in the right place.

The Konni targets can be easily recognized by their red signature clothing. Typically, Konni fighters wear all-black clothes with a red ribbon or scarf on their heads, making them easily recognizable.

Once inside the active combat zone, eliminate the Konni targets and search their bodies. You will notice that some of them drop a large map on the ground after dying. These maps are the battle instructions you are looking for.

The Konni are fighting against Shadow Company in these active combat zones. Do not kill any Shadow Company fighters in friendly fire. You can make the Shadow Company fighters hostile towards you if you don’t stop.

Once you have killed enough Konni fighters and collected three battle plans, you must deliver the battle plans to a nearby dead drop location. The Dead Drop locations are spread throughout the map as white-colored garbage bins.

You might have to visit multiple Active Combat Zones to collect three battle instructions from Konni targets. If you are afraid of getting killed or targeted by other players, you can drop each of the collected battle instructions separately.

Collect And Dead Drop Konni Cargo Ship Instructions

A player aiming at Cargo ship instructions on the ground in COD Warzone 2 DMZ.

The cargo ship instructions are also found by eliminating Konni fighters and examining their dropped items. However, not every Konni will drop the cargo ship instructions.

These items are mostly dropped by Konni targets that are eliminated inside strongholds, locked areas around the map.

You need a stronghold key to access the stronghold area in DMZ. These keycards can be acquired by eliminating enemy AI that commonly drops them on the floor. Strong-hold keycards are easily recognizable since they have a blue glow around them. You can also buy stronghold keycards at Buy Stations.

Once you have found a stronghold keycard, go to one of the many strongholds on the map and start killing Konni targets. You will eventually find dropped cargo ship instructions from their bodies as they die.

You must keep repeating this process until you have three cargo ship instructions. Once you have them, you can find a nearby dead drop location to deliver them to Shadow Company and complete your mission.

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