Where To Find The Apollo Snow Globe In Starfield

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  • Read Livingstone’s Second Journal
  • Visit The Apollo 11 Landmark On Luna

Starfield, like any game from the legendary makers of The Elder Scrolls and modern Fallout, is positively packed with fun secrets and nifty unique treasure. The various snow globes you can find throughout the galaxy fulfill both those conditions; they’re a tribute to the legacy of real-world space exploration, and they look awesome as household decorations.



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We’re covering the locations of each of Starfield’s snow globes, and here’s where you’ll find one of the most memorable: the Apollo Snow Globe.

Read Livingstone’s Second Journal

Sir Livingstone's Second Journal Starfield

Before you can set out locating the Apollo Snow Globe, you need to reach an early point in the main story. All you need to do is get to the Lodge, Constellation’s home base on New Atlantis, and pass the initial cutscenes here. That’s it. You’ll likely achieve this within an hour, unless you elect to quest around the city first – totally fair.

Once you’re comfy at the Lodge, check the bedrooms until you find the one belonging to Matteo. On Matteo’s desk is the journal, which you need to read before the activity for the Apollo Snow Globe pops up. Technically, it simply tells you to visit the Apollo 11 landmark on Luna.

Visit The Apollo 11 Landmark On Luna

Starfield Galaxy Map Alpha Centauri to Sol

…Which is exactly what we’ll do! You can reach the Sol System from the get-go, so plot a course there via your convenient Star Map in the character menu. Once you’ve arrived, zoom in on Earth’s moon, Luna, where a landing spot now exists that wasn’t there previously. Awesome. Let’s land.

Now, make sure you’ve set the Apollo activity as active so that the objective marker displays when you’re in scan mode. Follow the path. Once you’ve arrived at the Apollo 11 landmark, boost up to its surface to complete the objective and retrieve the Snow Globe.

Apollo Snow Globe Starfield

The Apollo Snow Globe on Luna is just one of several snow globes you can find in Starfield, and we’ll be covering them all, so be sure to check our other guides for more.

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