How To Paint The Ceiling In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 has always been great about allowing players advanced customization options for their homes, and in the July 2023 update for the base game, we’re now able to design a new part of the house for the first time: ceilings.



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Snag some of your favorite floor and wall designs and plaster them everywhere in the room now to tie together the homey feeling of your – well, home! This quick guide will walk you through the major Build Mode change in the July 2023 update for The Sims 4 base game, and teach you how to paint your ceiling.

How To Paint Your Ceiling And Floors

sims 4 ceiling paint kitchen ceiling tile grid-1

With more than 30 new swatches, you can find ceiling paints and patterns where you used to find the Floor Patterns in Build Mode.

Now, this section has been renamed to Floor and Ceiling Patterns, to reflect their new capabilities in the July 2023 update.

In the first section of this menu, you’ll now see the option to use the patterns in one of four ways:

  • “Floors by Tile” is the small, flat square first in this row.
  • “Floors by Room” is the full corner of a room second from the left.
  • “Ceiling by Tile” looks much like the floor one, but raised.
  • “Ceiling by Room” is the final option on the right, with transparent walls and a more opaque ceiling.

sims 4 ceiling paint location build mode buy mode

To paint your ceiling, simply select either “Ceiling by Tile” or “Ceiling by Room,” depending on how you’d like to spread the pattern, then hover over the room in question to spread it.

It may appear at first as if you’re redoing the floor in a room above, depending on your camera angle.

If you’re ever unsure, you can always double-check in Live Mode and change it if needed.

Then, choose from any option listed to the right. For the most part, the bulk of the ceiling paint is floor and wall paint repurposed for the ceiling, but The Sims released dozens of new color swatches for said patterns to include more offerings for ceiling paint.

The ceiling may be difficult to see while using the regular camera, but with Free Camera in Build Mode now, you’ll be able to adjust the camera much more finely to check out your new home decor.

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