Best Cult Classic RPG Video Games That Deserve A Remake

In the vast landscape of RPGs, there are hidden treasures waiting to be rediscovered. These cult classic RPGs have left a lasting impact on the gaming community, captivating niche audiences with their unique storytelling, immersive worlds, and innovative gameplay.



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Now, with the power of modern technology, it’s time to breathe new life into these forgotten gems and allow them to shine brighter than ever before. From forgotten realms to dystopian futures, these titles deserve a remake to introduce a new generation of gamers to their timeless charm and allow them to reclaim their place among the pantheon of gaming legends.

11 The Bouncer

Sion and Kau in a Cutscene

Take control of a crew of tough bouncers caught up in a perilous web of lies as you dive into the depths of a future cityscape. The Bouncer’s remake would offer the chance to enhance its cinematic action gameplay, elevate its fluid combat mechanics, and give its graphics and animations a fresh look.

This revitalized rendition would delve deeper into the enthralling narrative, unmasking hidden truths and intensifying the emotional connection to the characters. Prepare to immerse yourself in a gripping RPG experience where every decision shapes the destiny of both heroes and a city on the brink of chaos.

10 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

A Soldier in Eternal Darkness Sanity's Requiem

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is a masterwork of psychological horror that takes you on a trip through time and madness. The compelling storyline in a remade version of this classic game would be improved, drawing players into a twisted universe set in several eras.

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As sanity becomes the player’s greatest enemy, the remake would delve deeper into the psychological torment, pushing the boundaries of the horror genre. With mind-bending gameplay mechanics and a sanity system that challenges the player’s perception of reality, the remake would deliver an unforgettable horror RPG experience that will leave players questioning their own sanity long after they put down the controller.

9 Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magick Obscura

A Knight Surrounded by Enemies

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing fusion of Victorian esthetics, arcane sorcery, and technological wonders as you venture into the astounding world of Arcanum. A remake of this beloved gem would grant players the chance to explore its vast universe, steeped in intricate lore and captivating quests.

Craft your own unique character, delving into a deep well of customization options that shape your abilities and determine your place in this dynamic realm. Witness the consequences of your choices as the world around you react and evolves, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable experience.

8 Lost Odyssey

Kaim From A Cutscene

Embark on a sweeping and emotionally charged odyssey that spans generations, as you join the enigmatic immortal protagonist on a quest for self-discovery and purpose. A remake of Lost Odyssey would bring back its awe-inspiring storytelling, where poignant tales of love, loss, and redemption tug at the heartstrings.

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Engage in strategic turn-based battles, strategically utilizing an arsenal of skills and spells to overcome formidable foes. With enhanced visuals, the remake would rejuvenate this epic adventure, introducing a new generation to its captivating world and leaving them spellbound by its depth and beauty.

7 Planescape: Torment

Planescape Torment Party Standing In A Room Full of Gears Cropped

Plunge into the enigmatic and thought-provoking realm of Sigil, where the choices you make have far-reaching consequences that shape the very fabric of existence. A remake of Planescape: Torment would offer an unprecedented opportunity to dive into its intricate narrative, which delves into philosophical themes and explores the depths of the human psyche.

Traverse a unique and surreal setting, encountering a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and secrets. Experience unparalleled character development as you navigate moral dilemmas and uncover the truth about your own identity.

Let the remake of this legendary RPG transport you to a world that challenges your perceptions and leaves an indelible mark on your soul.

6 Wild Arms

A Cutscene With Rudy

Embark on a thrilling journey into a world where magic and the Wild West coexist together. The beloved cast of Wild Arms would return in a remake, each with their own unique personalities and goals as they set out on a heroic journey to save the world.

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Engage in thrilling puzzle-filled dungeons, utilizing clever problem-solving skills to overcome obstacles and unlock hidden treasures. Experience strategic turn-based battles, where a mix of firearms and magical abilities are the key to victory. Whether you’re a new adventurer or a returning fan, the remake would offer a fresh and immersive experience, capturing the essence of this unique Western-inspired fantasy universe.

5 Summoner

Joesph Inventory Screen

Unveil the enigma of your forgotten origins while summoning mighty beings and embarking on an awe-inspiring journey through a meticulously crafted realm of fantasy.

A reimagining of the classic game Summoner holds the promise of elevating its already immersive universe to new heights, refining its gameplay mechanics to deliver a more seamless and engaging experience, and reintroducing its enthralling narrative that will captivate both returning and new players alike. Prepare to be transported to a world brimming with wonder and ancient secrets, where your destiny awaits.

4 Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu

Levant and Mahbu

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing realm where the fate of your village rests on your ability to capture, train, and nurture mystical creatures.

A remake of the beloved Jade Cocoon offers an opportunity to resurrect its distinctive creature-capturing mechanics, enriching them with modern advancements and visual splendor, while preserving the intricate and rewarding breeding system that made the original so beloved.

Brace yourself for an enchanting journey through a world teeming with magical beings and an enthralling storyline that will ignite the imaginations of a new generation of players, allowing them to rediscover the ethereal magic of the Tamamayu.

3 Legend of Legaia

Vahn Victory Pose

Unleash the might of martial arts in a desolate world ravaged by monstrous adversaries. A reimagined rendition of Legend of Legaia would resurrect its iconic combat system, where players unleash devastating combos through precise button combinations.

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This remake would reintroduce the game’s immersive realm, teeming with ancient mysteries and perilous quests, while revitalizing its captivating storyline. Prepare to embark on a perilous journey where your martial prowess will determine the fate of humanity, and where each carefully executed move brings you closer to salvation or annihilation.

2 Parasite Eve

A Cutscene With Eve

Step into the haunting world of Parasite Eve, where survival horror and RPG elements intertwine to create a chilling experience. Set in modern-day New York City, a remake of this iconic game would reintroduce players to its atmospheric setting, immersing them in the dark and mysterious corners of the city.

With intense battles against grotesque biological threats and an innovative Active Time Battle system, the remake would captivate a new generation of players, offering them a chance to unravel the mysteries behind the biological menace that lurks in the shadows.

1 Thousand Arms

Meis and His Family

This delightful gem from the bygone era of RPGs deserves a much-needed revival. This cult classic seamlessly blends turn-based combat, dating sim elements, and a charming steampunk world.

Its unique charm lies in its protagonist Meis Triumph, a young blacksmith with the power to infuse magic into weapons, making it a truly innovative experience.

Despite its innovative mechanics and intriguing narrative, Thousand Arms remains largely underappreciated. A remake would allow a new generation of gamers to experience its endearing characters, engaging combat, and captivating story.

With upgraded visuals, refined gameplay mechanics, and perhaps even expanded content, Thousand Arms has the potential to captivate RPG enthusiasts once again, solidifying its place as a cult classic for years to come.

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