Diablo 4’s Latest Patch Has Absolutely Butchered Sorcerers

With the imminent start of Diablo 4’s Season of the Malignant, Blizzard has released a pre-season update to make sure everything’s in ship shape before the game boots up into high gear. Unfortunately for Blizzard, the reception to the game’s first major patch is pretty negative, and that’s being kind. Instead of getting everyone excited, the patch has managed to irritate pretty much every Diablo 4 player out there, especially Sorcerers who appear to have been hit the hardest despite being arguably the weakest class in the game.



The biggest issue most Sorcerers have with the patch is the nerf to the Devouring Blaze skill, something that was pretty crucial to end game Sorcerer builds. If you wanted to dish out some decent damage as a Sorcerer, you’d need to use the Devouring Blaze skill to deal burning damage and increase your critical strike chance. Unfortunately, Blizzard has now nerfed the skill’s bonus critical strike damage as well as its extra bonus damage on immobilized enemies too, severely reducing its viability.

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If that wasn’t bad enough, Blizzard has also somehow made its squishiest class even squishier. In order to make sure Sorcerers aren’t mulched by Diablo 4’s hardest enemies, players have to find gear with damage reduction stats and rely more on their barrier skills. However, Blizzard has also decided to nerf pretty much every defensive bonus that gear can have, meaning Sorcerers are left with less armor and no buffs to their barriers skills to make up for it.

Even for those not playing as a Sorcerer, this patch also nerfs a number of others things like vulnerable damage that has had a negative impact on pretty much every class, prompting many to flood the Diablo 4 subreddit with their anger and frustration. One particular post is gaining a lot of support, which is by a user called u/dangerousone326 explaining that they’re going to delete the game as they think Blizzard is “too far gone”.

There are several more posts on the subreddit talking about how people shouldn’t play the game if they’re upset with the changes, along with more players in the replies of u/dangerousone326’s post criticisng Blizzard and stating that they’re going to do the same. With the game’s first season right around the corner, you probably don’t want players jumping ship right about now. Hopefully, Blizzard will address the uproar pretty soon, and lets keep our fingers crossed that we’ll see some future changes that will make classes more fun to play.

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