How To Make Beignets In Disney Dreamlight Valley

From how to make Beignets to how much they sell for, here’s your guide to creating these sweet treats.

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There are over 40 recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some of these recipes become reoccurring favorite gifts for villagers that you can give them to increase their Friendship Level faster. Other recipes are best used as energy boosters for perilous farming. The rest of the recipes are perfect for selling and earning money.



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Cooking is an underrated important aspect of the Disney Dreamlight Valley economy. There are tons of different uses for meals, and Beignets are one of those meals that will be very beneficial if you can scrounge up the ingredients for it. Here is how to craft Beignets in the game.

Beignets Recipe And Overview

disney dreamlight valley finished screen of cooked beignets with recipe

Beignets Overview


4 Star Meal

+912 Energy

524 Star Coin

Beignets are a French food classified as a Dessert with a few simple ingredients. The meal sells for 524 Star Coin, which is pretty good if you are trying to earn a living by selling cooked meals.

Instead of farming and selling raw ingredients or Gems, you can get even more bang for your buck by turning ingredients into highly profitable meals.

This meal will also restore 912 Energy upon consumption. Carrying a bunch of Beignets with you down to the Vitaly’s Mine or when fishing will save you from running out of Energy while you are stocking up on resources.

Beignets Ingredients

disney dreamlight valley player in front of cooking pot full of ingredients



Canola Seeds purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Forest of Valor for 25 Star Coin.


Sugarcane Seeds purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Dazzle Beach for 5 Star Coin.


Purchased from Chez Remy for 220 Star Coin.


Wheat Seeds purchased from Goofy’s Stall in Peaceful Meadow for 1 Star Coin.

You can craft this meal at any cooking station, including the one inside Chez Remy. All of the ingredients for Beignets can be home-grown except for Eggs. You need one Egg, which can be purchased from Chez Remy for 220 Star Coin.

Remember to plant seeds within their native biome. When doing so, they will grow at a much faster rate, so you can get to cooking and selling quickly.

To know what biome a crop is native to, you need only look at Goofy’s Stall within that biome. Anything sold in Goofy’s Stall is native to the biome the stall is in.

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