How To Grind Glyphs Fastest In Diablo 4

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One of the major end-game systems in Diablo 4 is the leveling of your Glyphs via Nightmare Dungeons. These powerful, gem-esque consumables can be socketed into certain Glyph slots in your Paragon Board. Unlocking powerful benefits, these Glyphs increase in both their effectiveness and Paragon Board radius as they level, making them a high-priority target for maximising your character’s power.



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This guide will reveal which Nightmare dungeons are the best ones for quickly leveling up your Glyphs, based not in terms of enemy experience, but on their layout and clear speed.

Best Dungeons For Glyph Leveling

Wrath Glyph Being Upgraded In Diablo 4

To level your Glyphs, you must complete any Nightmare Dungeon. The amount of experience earned corresponds to the level of the dungeon, meaning that in terms of raw experience, you’ll want to try and complete the highest level your character is capable of. However, this can come at the cost of a quick clear, as the enemy level will increase with the level of the Nightmare Sigil.

Try to find a happy medium between efficiently killing enemies and completing higher-level Sigils, as this will provide you with a strong platform to work on your end-game progression. You should always be aiming to kill enemies that are at least three levels higher than you for character experience, so use this as a baseline difficulty and work up from there.

Glyphs can be empowered up to a maximum level of 21, with a special bonus being received at level 15. This will increase the radius of the socketed Glyph on your Paragon Board, allowing them to reach more stat nodes and further empower their effects.

Glyphs also come in two different rarities; Magic and Rare. This system is somewhat obsolete as you will very quickly acquire all Glyphs, regardless of rarity, once you begin to grind Nightmare Dungeons, so don’t worry about not having your best in slot Glyphs right from the start. You can always save up Glyph Experience to spend it on the ones you want, so focus on gaining the raw experience rather than spending it immediately.

Glyphs will only grant you their effects when they are socketed into your Paragon Board, activating their secondary effect once enough primary stat has been allocated within their node radius.

Guulrahn Canals

Guulrahan Canals Completion In Diablo 4

The clear stand out when it comes to speed-running Nightmare Dungeons is the Guulrahn Canals. The quickest clear speed you can find in Diablo 4, the low mob density and limited objectives make the Canals the perfect choice for Glyph Experience.

You can find the entrance to the Guulrahn Canals in the Northern section of the Jakha Basin in the Dry Steppes. It is a relatively short run West from the Hidden Overlook Waypoint. The enemies you’ll be facing will mostly be Spiders and Zombies, so watch out for Rotting Corpse explosions!

The dungeon consists of two objectives:

  • Slay All Enemies in the Offal Pits
  • Destroy the Cocoon and Corpse Pile

Due to only caring about completing the dungeon, instead of how many enemies you are killing, the Canals work out to be the best choice for purely Glyph farming, although you may want to try other options if you’re after a combination of Glyph and Player experience, owing to its low enemy count.


Den Mother Boss And Aldurwood Completion In Diablo 4

Despite the Guulrahn Canals being the clear winner in terms of clear speed, other dungeons are only a bit longer to complete and come jam-packed with enemies to slaughter. Scosglen has a strong selection of these types of instances, with both Aldurwood and the Raethwind Wilds being quick and efficient to run.

The entrance to Aldurwood lies in the Shrouded Moors section of Scosglen, which is only a short ride from the Tirmair waypoint.

Aldurwood contains two objectives:

  • Slay Three Aldurkin
  • Defeat the Den Mother boss

This dungeon contains a variety of enemies, but most of them will fall under the Beast or Werewolf categories. They can deal some high damage if you are unprepared for their charge attacks, so try to stay on the move and focus on clearing out the packs of enemies before taking on the Aldurkin.

The Den Mother boss is one of the easiest available, as you only need to watch out for some obvious red pools and her slash attacks. Her wolf minions should be no problem and depending on your single target damage you might be able to rival the Guulrahn Canals in terms of your clear speed.


Maulwood Nightmare Dungeon Completion and Character Running In Diablo 4

Despite sounding as if it would be a Scosglen dungeon, the snowy forest of Maulwood can be found in the Dobrev Taiga section of the Fractured Peaks. It is a very short ride East from the Margrave Waypoint.

Although Maulwood has three objectives, they are all quick and easy to complete:

  • Slay three Bandit Sentries
  • Travel to Skeletal Rise (after activating two levers)
  • Destroy three Skeletal Constructs

You’ll primarily be facing off against Bandit and Werewolf enemies, both of which are decent enemies to fight, as they won’t have explosive death effects as standard. There is no boss to contend with either, with the only slow moment coming when you need to activate the two levers to gain access to the Skeletal Rise.


Slither Boss and Witchewater Nightmare Dungeon Completion In Diablo 4

Hawezar’s first offering to the world of Glyph speed runs is Witchwater, which you’ll find at the Southern end of the Blightmarsh section. The closest Waypoint will be Vyresz to the South, which is a fairly short ride away. It has a very linear layout, meaning you won’t waste much time running around to find your next objective.

The instance is crawling with Snake and Spider enemies, who can be dangerous foes due to their crowd control abilities. Try not to pull too much at a time, as becoming stunned or webbed can easily lead to a wipe. Both enemy types will also use poison attacks extensively, so keep chugging your health potions to maintain a quick clear speed.

Witcherwater may have four objectives to complete, but its compact layout still makes it one of the fastest clears you have access to:

  • Free four Prisoners
  • Collect the Worn Key (from the last prisoner)
  • Destroy three Ward of Eyes
  • Defeat the Slither boss

Slither is a large serpentine boss, who is fairly straightforward except for its Glare ability. This quick green conal attack will Daze you if it connects, and due to its fast wind up it can be pretty tough to dodge. Try to save your mobility skill for this attack, as you shouldn’t need it to avoid Slither’s other attacks. Stay out of the green puddles and keep circling the boss and it should die quickly.

Blind Burrows

Broodguard Boss In Blind Burrows Completion In Diablo 4

The Blind Burrows is fairly interchangeable with the Raethwind Wilds, with both dungeons offering a high enemy count alongside a quick clear time. Also located in the Southern part of Hawezar, the entrance to the Burrows can be accessed in the Fethis Wetlands, only a short ride East away from the capital of Zarbinzet.

The major enemies you’ll find inside will be Spiders and Insects, the most dangerous of which will be the Spider Hosts. Their death explosions can be fatal, so try to keep on the move as you kill your enemies, as it may take a short time to complete the first objective.

The Blind Burrows only has two objectives to complete:

  • Slay three Infested Villagers
  • Defeat the Broodguard boss

The Broodguard is a giant spider, who, while not particularly dangerous, can take a little while to kill owing to the fact she enjoys running away from you. She will cover the arena in webbing, which you should try to avoid, as it will Immobilize you on contact. However, she does not deal much damage so there is no need to play cautiously. Simply continue to chase after her to claim your Glyph experience.

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