Exoprimal: Best Exosuits, Ranked

With a premise about dealing with raining dinosaurs, Exoprimal is clearly not taking itself too seriously. Yet its combat is something that it takes seriously enough, making an exciting balancing act between killing hordes of enemies while dealing with the opposing team.



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Because the goal during a match can change drastically, the game allows you to swap Exosuits on the fly, so you can adapt to each challenge as it arises. So if you want to excel at the wargames, you will have to know each Exosuit from top to bottom — not just to use them, but to know how to counter them.

10 Murasame

Exoprimal Exosuit Murasame

If we only count the fun factor, Murasame has to be at the top of any list. He’s basically a robot samurai that does everything you expect him to do, and he looks so cool while doing it too. Not to mention he has a grappling hook that, while tricky to use, gives you incredible mobility.

That ends up being the problem with this Exosuit at its core, though; everything on his kit is tricky to use. Even his main gimmick of parrying attacks is just not as straightforward as having a dedicated shield. Plus, when it comes to tanking, the other options are just too good to pass up.

9 Vigilant

Exoprimal Exosuit Vigilant

The sniper archetype is a staple of any kind of competitive shooting game, and for good reason. They always have a versatile mobility kit to get a vantage point, from where they can pick off enemies one by one. The problem in Exoprimal is that if you try to kill the Raptors one by one, it’s going to take you all day.

Vigilant’s main use is on the final stage of a match, where you can swap to her and focus on sniping the enemy team. Yet if your own team needs defending, or you’re only playing the PVE mode, any other Exosuit is a better option.

8 Zephyr

Exoprimal Exosuit Zephyr

Zephyr’s melee kit is excellent, and a lot of fun too. You can knock up multiple dinosaurs into the air, juggle them with basic attacks and send them all flying away. He excels at positioning too, having a long range dash and a double jump.

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His main weakness is his over reliance on a focused healer since he gets easily swarmed, and, if he’s not careful, he can get one shotted by the bigger dinos in the game. His lack of health and range makes him a good choice only with solid coordination or when you want to kill the enemy players.

7 Skywave

Exoprimal Exosuit Skywave

The support class in any game is hard to get used to, and Exoprimal is no exception. Yet the hardest part of Skywave is not learning to support your allies, but learning how to control her movement. Being able to fly and hover out of harm’s way, especially in a game where most enemies are melee only, is as hard as it is rewarding.

While the other supporting options are better at their roles, Skywave is better at staying alive and has a lot to offer if you can master her hovering playstyle.

6 Witchdoctor

Exoprimal Exosuit Witchdoctor

A dedicated healer like no other, Witchdoctor is such a pure support that he almost has no damage abilities. He can stun enemies with his basic attack, can create healing areas and add single target healing to anyone when up close. He also comes with great movement tools to go where he’s needed the most.

While he’s basically always good to have around, in non-critical situations he can feel like dead weight. You’d want to complement your build with some damage Rigs if you want to make the best out of this Exosuit, be it the Canon or the Drill Fist.

5 Roadblock

Exoprimal Exosuit Roadblock

While being pure melee is usually bad news in this game, Roadblock makes up for it in pure usefulness. As a tank he always looks to be up close to his enemies, and most of his kit revolves around pushing enemies away. His ultimate is particularly flashy, involving a tornado that sends enemies flying away.

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While this is always good, especially when you need to protect the fragile cargo, you’d want to be careful not to push enemies out of your allies abilities. Not to mention that his shield defends the way he’s looking, so his back is always vulnerable. He might not be the best tank, but, in the right hands, he certainly can be.

4 Deadeye

Exoprimal Exosuit Deadeye

This Exosuit is the default one for a reason; he’s just all around a good pick for beginners. While he doesn’t excel at anything in particular, he also has no glaring weaknesses. His basic attack can handle all kinds of dinos (especially the flying ones; a problem for most other Exosuits), and his grenades have a low enough cooldown to mow down waves of enemies, or deal big damage to large ones.

While you won’t see Deadeye do anything too flashy, sometimes all you need is a little consistency. It’s hard to see any team without one or two of this Exosuit on them, and the results speak for themselves.

3 Krieger

Exoprimal Exosuit Krieger

Damage, durability and even some mobility, Krieger seems to have it all. He only has one tank ability, but one is all he needs. Creating a dome that enemies can’t cross is too useful not to have, making Krieger a must in any team. The rest of his kit revolves around dealing massive damage, and with his main gun and tracking missiles he can make short work of even flying enemies too.

This makes him excel at Exoprimal’s main goal of completing missions as fast as possible, since he doesn’t sacrifice damage to fulfill his tanking role. And with so many swarms in the game, a whole kit based around area damage is as useful as it sounds.

2 Nimbus

Exoprimal Exosuit Nimbus

The best supports in any game can not only heal, but deal good damage too. Nimbus is great on both fronts, and easy to master too; her main gimmick is swapping from healing attacks to damage attacks. This makes her have a rather small kit that’s simple to pick up and play.

Besides, her great mobility comes from her base movement speed, so positioning her to get the most out of each attack is a breeze. Making a support that is also easy to play is no simple task, but mastering this Exosuit sure is.

1 Barrage

Exoprimal Exosuit Barrage

The wargames are all about killing a lot of enemies in a short period of time, and Barrage’s explosives are the perfect tool for that. His kit is simple and at times repetitive, but most of all effective: grenades for days. Hordes of raptors are annihilated in seconds by a couple of basic attacks from this powerhouse.

His best tool comes from his final ability, where he rockets towards the enemy and explodes. This ability usually won’t kill you (it does deal half your health in damage), but even when it does, you’ve dealt so much damage that the wait to respawn is worth it. Killing an enemy controlled Triceratops in seconds is a satisfaction like no other.

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