The 29 Rarest Disney Collectibles And Their Value

From our favorite heroes and villains to fan art that shows new aspects of the films and shows we have come to know and love, the wonderful world of Disney is a never-ending kaleidoscope of magic and wonder. One thing that has spawned forth as a result of this massive fandom is merchandise, and in particular, collectibles.



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Some of the most expensive pieces a collector will find belong to Disney-related products. Yet not all collectibles are created equal, and some are so unique and rare that they are nearly impossible to find or afford. Have you ever wondered what happened to old props and pieces of rides from Disney Parks? Curious if you can own a piece of Disney history or celebrate a monumental anniversary or event that relates to Disney as a whole?

Updated on July 18, 2023, by Kristy Ambrose: From live-action films and television to the cartoons and animated hits we consider classics today, there is a collectible out there for every occasion. It’s exciting to own a piece of the movie you loved growing up, a copy of that old book that you can read to your kids, or a collectible from that memorable family trip to the happiest place on earth. From children’s toys and candy to statues and artwork so rare that they belong in a museum somewhere, there’s something here for everyone to enjoy.

27 Mickey Pez Dispenser ($750)

vintage mickey and donald pez google

Who would have thought that some tiny little pieces of candy and plastic could garner such a huge return? These are still in production and modern replicas can be purchased virtually anywhere, but the older, handpainted models have a much higher value.

These candy and toy collectibles used to sell for about twenty-five cents a box, but now they can be bought and sold for several hundreds of dollars on eBay and related sites.

26 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea Porthole ($7000)

20000 Leagues under the Sea porthole Disney collectible

For over two decades, Disneyworld had an exclusive ride that featured the hit film 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. If you’d gone on this ride during this time, there’s a good chance you looked outside of the ride through one of the ride’s portholes.

Families all around the world saw through these aquatic windows. Now you can buy one of these portholes from the classic ride on eBay, provided you have a few thousand dollars lying around.

For those that value nostalgia, it’s something priceless.

25 Cruella De Vil Disney Store Prop ($8,000)

Cruella DeVille Disney store figurine collectible

If you ever had the good fortune to visit an original Disney store back in the day, there was a chance you would have seen this next item. The stores often featured life-size Disney characters on display, which includes the villainous Cruella de Vil.

The sinister fashion designer got her own giant display prop and is currently being sold for almost $8000. Now you can display Cruella proudly, or ironically, depending on how much you like the character, in your own home for a hefty sum.

24 Indiana Jones Ride Animatronic Hand ($10,000)

Indiana Jones Ride Animatronic Hand
via Syfy Wire

Have you ever dreamed of ever owning your own piece of the Indiana Jones franchise? How about the titular character’s animatronic hand from the Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye ride at Disney? Check out the Collecting Disneyland catalog to find it on page 192.

The Indiana Jones attraction at Disney Parks is a classic for longtime Disney fans. This hand from the ride can be found being sold for up to $10,000 online but the bidding for the auction starts at a mere $7,000.

23 Authentic Tomorrowland Star Jet ($42,000)

via Syfy Wire

While finding props and other collectibles isn’t super surprising to see on a list like this, an actual part of the ride one of these props comes from might surprise even the most prolific of Disney collectors. These props and cars from the rides are huge, and owning one will cement you in Disney history forever.

The authentic Tomorrowland Star Jet, one of the rockets from the original ride, sold for the price of a real spaceship. The bidding started at about 12,000, but when the dust settled the final price tag was more than three times that much.

22 Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories #2, 1940 ($650)

Walt Disney's Comics And Stories #2 (1940) split image

Marvel and DC Comics aren’t the only companies that can claim to have rare first editions in the comic industry. Disney itself has been known for running their own comic books, and anyone who finds their own copy of these First-Edition Walt Disney Comics can sell them online for a hefty price.

The exact amount will depend on the comic’s condition and the exact issue you own, but these items are worth quite a pretty penny. One example of the most valuable vintage Disney comic in circulation is Walt Disney’s Comics And Stories #2, which sells for several hundred dollars depending on how used it is.

21 Disney Sports Basketball For The Gamecube ($2,900)

Disney Sports Basketball Gamecube cover art

The modern era of the Disney memorabilia collection has arrived in the form of video games, which are entering a vintage status of their own. Games that were only available for a limited time or for systems that are no longer in production tend to be valuable collector’s items, and Disney Sports Basketball for the Gamecube is an example.

Intact copies of the game, which means those with the box and manual, sell for close to $1000, while those in their original packaging can sell for three times as much. The manual alone can sell for more than $300.

20 Jack Skellington’s Head Prop ($30,000)


One of Disney’s best times of the year at their parks has to be Christmas. Each year when the holidays arrive, the infamous Haunted Mansion ride gets taken over by Jack Skellington and the citizens of Halloweentown.

There are several props from the beloved Haunted Castle for sale annually and this is one of them.

The Nightmare Before Christmas star is known for taking off his skeletal head and singing. In this next collectible, we find that very head being sold online for up to $30,000. You can find it in the Collecting Disneyland catalog on page 178.

19 Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Devil Prop ($7,800)

Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride Devil Prop cropped

Never before have you ever come across a scenario where you’d have to “make a deal with the devil” to gain your own piece of a Disney ride. Straight out of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride attraction, the infamous devil prop sold for almost $8000 online, and anyone interested can offer the current owner more than $11,000 for a chance to buy it.

The props disappeared from the rides around 1999, so that makes them even rarer. The imagery must have scared children and been a source of discomfort for some families.

18 Bedazzled Cinderella’s Castle ($250,000)

cinderella-castle-statuette-disney store-split imge with Disney location

It’s time to ditch the glass slippers and find yourself a crystal castle instead. A fine piece of art from the infamous crystal makers Arribas Brothers, the replica of the infamous Cinderella castle is a sight to behold.

Set with Swarovski crystals, the castle is valued at about $250,000 and is available at the Disney Store in Disneyworld, Florida.

Any longtime fan of one of the original Disney Princesses and her fairytale romance will fall in love with this incredible castle. There’s a cheaper version for $49,000 if that fits your budget.

17 Disneyland Tiki Room Flower Boat ($15,000)

Tiki Boat Disney from the Collection Catalgue page 179

This next piece of memorabilia from the magical world of Disney takes an iconic prop out of the first Disney Park and allows you to bring it into your own home. The very first animatronic attraction Disneyland ever had could be found in the Enchanted Tiki Room, and part of the ambiance was created by the singing flowers in these boats.

These aren’t just highly priced because of their historic value but also a local legend, since these boats were also used in the decor of nearby Polynesian-themed hotels. It was a popular trend at the time.

16 It’s A Small World Animatronic ($20,000)

it's a small world ride exterior stock photo

One of Disney’s most iconic rides has to be the It’s A Small World. A mellow ride that highlights the various nations and people around the world, the legendary “It’s a Small World After All” song is easily recognizable to the Disney fandom.

The ride and song are both legendary at Disney Parks around the world, and owning a piece of this ride is a surefire way of showing off your dedication to the fandom. One of the animatronics from this classic ride is worth as much as $20,000.

15 Captain EO Original Poster Artwork ($15,000)

Captan Eo Heritage Auctions cropped

When thinking of classic Disney memorabilia, you might not instantly think of the King of Pop himself. Yet in this next example, we explore the late singer’s iconic role in an original Disney sci-fi musical.

In 1986, Disney premiered a highly interactive, sci-fi musical starring Michael Jackson as Captain EO. Featuring 4D live effects, the show was highly popular and had moving seats, smoke, and lasers.

The artwork for the original poster is being sold for about $15,000 online.

14 Space Mountain Car ($50,000)

via Syfy Wire

When discussing the classic Disneyland experience, one thing park-goers often think about are certain rides that have withstood the test of time. Another iconic car ride from the Disney experience, this next collectible is a piece of one of the more iconic roller coaster rides in the theme park pantheon.

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One of the cars from the Space Mountain ride is available in the Collecting Disney catalog for $50,000 or $60,000. Instead of an expensive car or a down payment on a home, you could buy an old theme park ride.

13 Tokyo Disney Audio-Animatronic Head ($40,000)

anamatronic head from disney ride

This next collectible gets a bit creepy. This is every AI-phobic person’s worst nightmare. In Tokyo’s Disney area, experts created a robotic framework for a head that was meant to help a silicone-based head move during the park’s opening in the 70s.

The head without the silicone is a bit unnerving when you see it moving, but if you are still wanting this piece of Disney Imagineer history you can grab it for $40,000 to $50,000 from the Collecting Disney catalog on page 186.

12 Mickey Mouse 75th Anniversary Edition Elton John Statue ($62,400)


One of the more specific pieces of Disney history, the mouse’s 75th birthday saw the creation of one of the more elaborate and artist-specific statues in Disney history. This statue was inspired by the great music legend Elton John, and it’s listed in the Sotheby’s catalog.

Elton John will live on not only for his decades of classic musical hits. For Disney fans, he has contributed greatly to the music of Disney, including the fantastic music of The Lion King.

11 Series A-1 Audio-Animatronics Frame ($80,000)

Animatronic body Disneyland Collector's item

Another creepy robotic nightmare that contributes to the classic sights of Disney Parks has to be the animatronic frame. These frames are responsible for pirates coming to life and ghostly figures moving before the park-goer’s eyes.

These collectibles found are the bones of most of the popular Disney rides.

From The Haunted Mansion to Pirates of the Caribbean, these frames are what make up the animatronics you see on these rides. You can buy your own for between $80,000 and $100,000 from the Collecting Disney catalog.

10 Early 1930s Handmade Disney Minnie Mouse Doll ($1700)

Early 1930s Handmade Disney Minnie Mouse Doll

The two iconic mascots of the Disney brand are none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse. The House of Mouse wouldn’t be possible without this famous cartoon couple.

That’s why this next collectible brings a blast from the past when cartoons were first becoming popular and were making a splash on the cartoon scene.

Velvet 1930’s era dolls are worth hundreds of dollars depending on their condition, and there are a few online for almost $2000 each.

9 Mickey Mouse & Goofy 1956 Comic Printing Plates ($250,000)

Mickey Mouse & Goofy 1956 Comic Plates

This next comic book collectible is one of the more expensive items you’ll ever find, but there’s a twist to the story. It’s not the comic in question, but also the original plates that were used to print it in the 1950s.

This Mickey and Goofy 1956 comic original plating and artwork is priced at $250,000 on eBay. A hefty sum for even the most dedicated Disney collectors out there.

8 Walt Disney’s Fantasia, Forward By Leopold Stokowski ($35,000)

Fantasia Mickey mouse leads a magical broom

There are a few books signed by Walt Disney, and that always drives up the price tag considerably. This one, however, was not only signed by Disney but includes a forward by famed composer Leopold Stokowski which is why it costs as much as a new car.

Cheaper versions of the book in used condition, without the inscription from Disney, are also available but are still surprisingly expensive. It’s an out-of-print, vintage book from 1940, so it’s going to be a high-end item no matter what.

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