How To Apply ARR Anniversary Frames And Stickers In Gpose In FFXIV

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Final Fantasy 14 is celebrating the tenth anniversary of A Realm Reborn this year, and to ensure every Warrior of Light can join in the fun, Square Enix has added special frames and stickers to Group Pose for a limited time from the launch of Patch 6.45.



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There are ten new frames and nine stickers for players to use to ensure they capture their favorite memories of 2023. If you’re wondering how to use these fancy new frames and stickers in Gpose, we’ve got it all covered right here.

How Long Will The 10th Anniversary Frames And Stickers Be Available?

A Final Fantasy 14 player blowing a kiss with a ARR 10th anniversary frame from gpose.-1

The tenth-anniversary frames and stickers will only be available until January 2024, so make sure you make the most of them before then.

How To Use Frames And Stickers In Gpose

A player character and the gpose menu in Final Fantay 14 showing you how to apply frames.

How To Use Frames

Once you’ve entered Group Pose either via the Extra tab or by typing ‘/grouppose’ or ‘/gpose’ into the chat bar, you want to head to the Effect/Frame tab in the pop-up menu — it has an icon of two overlapping squares with a circle in the middle — and is the second square down on the left sidebar (as shown in the image above).

In the Frames section, open the dropdown menu and select from any of the frames to apply it. The anniversary frames are marked with a special colorful flower icon.

How To Use Stickers

A final fantasy 14 player with the 10th anniversary frame in the gpose menu.

For stickers, on the same Effect/Frame tab, you want to press the ‘Sticker Mode’ button.

In Sticker Mode, you can choose the dropdown menu on the left to navigate to the ’10th Anniversary’ stickers, as shown in the image below.

A player using the sticker mode options in Gpose in Final Fantasy 14. copy

You can then place the stickers of your choice wherever you’d like, resize, and rotate them to create a picture-perfect shot.

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