The Best Knife Skins In Valorant, Ranked

One of the best ways to liven up your gameplay experience across various titles and genres is by purchasing weapon skins. In Valorant, melee and knife skins specifically go all out and stretch the boundaries for what quality cosmetics can look like.



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You have the chance for knife skins to appear in your Valorant store daily. The best ones combine sound design, popping color palettes, and intricate animations in ways that set them apart from others in the collection pool. In some situations, the knife is the best weapon for the job.

Updated July 18, 2023 By John Wildermuth: With well over 80 different cosmetic options available for the knife, and many more released with every patch, there is no shortage of possibilities when it comes to picking your favorite Valorant knife skin. We have decided to update this list, as Riot Games has consistently created new, quality cosmetics that add fresh animations and effects to this popular shooter. If you are looking for the best of the best cosmetics to purchase for your knife, then be sure to look for the new additions on this list.

15 Power Fist

An image from Valorant of the Power Fist knife skin, which features three different styles. This split image features the metro styled blue blade, the dance dance revolution purple handheld game, and the orange fist inspired by games like Street Fighter.

The Power Fist knife skins are three distinctive cosmetics, each with a different video game inspiration. The skin itself is made up of a handheld gaming system that attaches to the user’s fist, complete with different animations depending on which game you selected.

For example, the purple fist is inspired by classic games such as Dance Dance Revolution, while the orange fist draws inspiration from different arcade fighting franchises. While this skin is certainly incredible and has a plethora of unique animations for each rendition of the skin, the Power Fist is incredibly expensive, so only purchase this cosmetic if you are sure that you genuinely like it.

14 Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat

An image from Valorant of the Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat knife skin. This skin transforms your small knife into a large, comic book style baseball bat equipped with unique animations and visiual effects straight out of your favorite comics.

Perhaps one of the most unique melee weapons in the entire game is the Radiant Crisis 001 Baseball Bat, as it is decorated with a unique shading gradient that makes the weapon look like it came straight out of a comic book. This metal bat is also equipped with unique animations, that decorate the screen with comic book quips whenever you swing the weapon.

Finally, all the Radiant Crisis skins have a unique kill animation that sends the recipient flying into the air in an explosion of comical colors and effects. While this may not be the most serious skin on the marketplace, you can pick it up whenever the bat pops up in your store.

13 Soulstrife Scythe

Valorant collection screen preview of Soul Strife Scythe

The Soulstrife Scythe is the only scythe available in Valorant. It immediately enters the top ten based on novelty alone, even if it didn’t look as clean as it does. The color scheme and sound effects are the best part.

This scythe is black and gray; if you’re a sucker for neutral colors, this is the skin for you. On top of its design, the ghostly noises it makes when you slash and inspect it sounds as if the scythe is imbued with dark energy and the lives of those it has slain.

12 Valorant Go! Vol. 1

Valorant collection screen preview of Valorant Go! Vol. 1 Knife

The Valorant Go! Vol. 1 knife is the only kunai-like skin in the game, earning it a top spot in the pool of melee cosmetics. Because there’s only one type of this skin in the game, it has exclusive animations that you won’t find on other knives.

The knife itself is a deep blue color featuring Jett utilizing her Updraft ability. The skin closely represents a kunai but with slight differences. The Valorant Go! Vol. 1 bundle, released in February 2021, is full of cosmetics showcasing a few different agents.

11 Ion Karambit

Valorant collection screen preview of the Ion Karambit

This futuristic karambit gives you the power to summon robots onto the map, fully equipped with utility and rifles. Just kidding, but it does look quite nice. The Ion Karambit made its anticipated debut with the release of the second Ion collection in October 2022.

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The original colorway is primarily white with black accents. The variants come in green, orange, and blue colorways. You can inspect the knife to spin it around in your hands. It looks incredible, and the attack animations leave behind a satisfying trail of polygonal shapes.

10 RGX 11Z Pro Firefly

Valorant in-game preview of the RGX 11Z Pro Firefly

The RGX 11Z Pro Firefly is the knife skin from the second RGX Pro bundle released in April 2022. It’s the successor of the RGX 11Z Pro Blade but shares some of the same characteristics that made the first go-around of these skins so successful and captivating.

The Pro Firefly is a butterfly knife with RGB colorways that change and randomize if you inspect it while it’s in your hand. At the cost of Radianite Points, this knife skin animation combines its RGB colors, creating a mesmerizing rainbow effect all in the palm of your hand.

9 Relic Of The Sentinel

Valorant collection screen preview of the Relic of the Sentinel

The Relic of the Sentinel is a crossover knife skin from Riot Games’ League of Legends. The MOBA features a playable character named Viego, the main antagonist in the Sentinels of Light storyline. This storyline event inspired the bundle in which this knife is found.

The Sentinels of Light Valorant skin bundle holds the Relic of the Sentinel, one of the most eye-catching melee skins in the game’s collection. Its unique and vicious design is both beautiful and intimating. The custom inspections are the icing on the cake.

8 Gaia’s Wrath

An image from Valorant of the Gaia's Wrath axe, a skin for the knife. This skin transforms the weapon into a earthen axe, made up of crystals and roots of a tree. There are four different recolors, each inspired by a different season.

The Gaia’s Wrath axe is the perfect choice for anyone that enjoys embracing the four seasons, and the cycle of life itself. This axe is made up of colored crystals, attached together with a hilt made out of the roots of a tree.

Furthermore, this knife skin has four different colors, each depicting a different time of the year through the colors of the crystals and leaves. If you are ever lucky enough to buy this blade when it enters your store, then be sure to check out the unique kill animation, which sprouts a tree on the last person you killed.

7 Reaver Karambit

Valorant collection screen preview of Reaver Karambit

This wicked blade is imbued with darkness. Its otherworldly aesthetic oozes with purple hues and long dark streaks of ominous shadows upon each swipe and spin of the knife. Karambits have stunning animations, but this one takes the cake.

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The Reaver Karambit came along in the Reaver 2.0 bundle. The original Reaver bundle was released shortly after Valorant and was an immediate favorite. Now, the 2.0 skins have the chance to appear in your shop, including this karambit.

6 Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife

Valorant collection screen preview of Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife

The Champions bundle was released in August 2022, coinciding with and celebrating the 2022 VCT Champions event. The skins in the bundle, including the Champions 2022 Butterfly Knife, are no longer available, so don’t wait around for them to pop up in your shop.

You can likely expect a new Champions bundle to come around at the time of the next event. Until then, you’ll have to sit in awe while you watch others spin this knife around during your games. Be on the lookout for teammates with this knife – there are special inspection animations if they’re at the top of the leaderboard.

5 Onimaru Kunitsuna

An image from Valorant of the Onimaru Kunitsuna knife skin. This turns the knife into a large samurai sword, equipped with an Oni's skull and glowing, fiery effects.

The Onimaru Kunitsuna is another highly expensive skin, that transforms your knife into a full-fledged samurai blade. This weapon comes with four distinctive recolors, each changing the design on the blade, as well as the blazing effects coming from the Oni mask at the bottom of the sword.

As this is the only samurai sword in the entire game, all the inspection animations are of the highest quality and also feature satisfying slashing sounds that play whenever you sweep through the air or cut down your enemies. Overall, this is an excellent cosmetic, that certainly warrants such an expensive fee.

4 Broken Blade Of The Ruined King

Valorant collection screen preview of Broken Blade Of The Ruined King variant

Despite being named after a wraith and Ruined King, this blade is glorious. The power it seemingly possesses is alluring and intimidating. The knife is part of the Ruination bundle, a collection of skins based on League of Legends’ Sentinels of Light event.

This particular knife skin radiates darkness and the wrath of Viego, a character from Riot Games’ League of Legends. As you equip the knife during a round – assuming you’ve purchased the animation with Radinatie Points – it extends to form a larger, more menacing sword.

3 RGX 11Z Pro Blade

Valorant collection screen preview of RGX 11Z Pro Blade variant

The beauty is in the details of this knife skin. The RGX 11Z Pro Blade has one of the slickest unsheathe animations where your character pulls the blade from the handle. The skin comes from the original Pro bundle released in October 2021.

On top of its delightful animations, the RGX 11Z Pro Blade can change light colors upon inspecting it with Y. If that’s not enough, you can buy Radianite Points in the store to change the colors of the blade itself. Although it won’t make you better at the game, this skin will make you feel like you’re on top of the world.

2 Ignite Fan

An image from Valorant of the Ignite Fan, a skin for the knife. This Fan has a purple and red color scheme, with flaming wings attached to the fan itself.

Available within the Ignite Bundle is one of the most gorgeous knife skins available in Valorant. The Ignite Fan is skin with two distinctive colors, purple and red, that each emit exceptional fiery particle effects and a regal aesthetic.

While other skins may focus on the practicality of the weapon, these two fans are designed to dazzle your teammates and opponents alike with their stylish designs, and flaming colors. Although this fan is only available through purchasing a bundle, you should seriously consider purchasing these cosmetics, as they are some of the most beautiful weapons in the entire game.

1 Xenohunter Knife

Valorant collection screen preview of Xenohunter Knife

This is the most tasteful knife skin in the game. The way it twists and twirls is unique to this skin, giving it more character than others. Although it doesn’t look too different from the original knife, the Xenohunter’s animations are top-class.

The sound design is impeccable, too. You’ll love listening to it slice through the air. The knife was part of the Xenohunter bundle released in mid-2022, but you can buy it on its own if you’re lucky enough to find it in your store.

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