Tips And Tricks For Playing As Deadlock In Valorant

Deadlock is the fifth Sentinel Agent that Riot Games has added to Valorant, and she possesses an excellent kit that makes her a great pick for team compositions on various maps. Her four abilities in the game include GravNet, Sonic Sensor, Barrier Mesh (Signature), and Annihilation (Ultimate), each with a lot of potential.



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However, playing her isn’t as easy as the other Sentinels in the game, and getting accustomed to her abilities will take some time. Accordingly, you must keep in mind numerous aspects to perform well with Deadlock and eventually help your team win matches. The section below lists some great tips and tricks that will aid you in getting better at using the agent in Valorant.

7 Do Not Primarily Use Sonic Sensors For Holding Flanks And Lurks

Don't Hold Flanks Using Sonic Senors in Valorant-2

One of the most common mistakes you might make while playing Deadlock would be placing Sonic Sensors for holding flanks and lurks. You need to understand that the particular ability doesn’t function like the Tripwire of Cypher and Alarmbot of Killjoy, and it only triggers when the opponents make a noise in its radius.

Those who are flanking or lurking on the map would generally not end up making sounds and would prefer walking. Accordingly, Sonic Sensors would get rendered useless if you place them as a replacement for other backstab holders.

Instead, use the Sonic Sensors for several other purposes that can benefit you. The overall usage would be situational, and you will also have to analyze opponent tendencies.

6 Combine GravNet With Other Abilities For Executes

Combine GravNet with other abilities in Valorant

GravNet can be the ideal piece of utility that you can employ while your team executes the sites during the attacking half. It combines well with other abilities, such as Raze’s nade, and you can throw it at tight angles like Lamps in Bind to clear that position and grab a frag if you find an opponent playing there.

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Besides just throwing it with Raze’s nade, you can also utilize GravNet with abilities like Gekko’s Mosh Pit, KAY/O’s FRAG/MENT, and more. Several lineups are also readily available that you browse through to find the perfect place to throw the GravNet. Learning them will ensure that you do not waste this vital piece of utility on the ground.

5 Throw The Barrier Mesh Towards Lanes And Short Spaces

Use Barrier Mesh Towards Short Spaces in Valorant

Barrier Mesh, the Signature ability of Deadlock in Valorant, is provided to you for free with each round. Ever since the introduction of the Agent, the player base has been learning new and different ways to utilize this appropriately.

Among the many things you can do with the Barrier Mesh, the best option would be to throw them toward Lanes and Short Spaces. This would eventually block the entire path.

For example, if you are committing onto the A Site on Haven, you can utilize the Barrier Mesh towards the CT Spawn, blocking the entrance for the opponents to retake. In such a situation, they would either have to use the other route or waste ammunition breaking the barrio.

4 Use Annihilation For Retakes And 1v1

Use Annihilation For Retakes And 1v1 in Valorant

The Annihilation Ultimate can be perfect for retaking a site when both teams have equal players. You can basically drag out an opponent and then try to gun down the remaining ones. Using the Ultimate would also serve as a distraction, as you can swing onto the foes while they are trying to destroy the cocoon and save their teammate.

Coming to the 1v1 situation, Annihilation can win you rounds without effort. On attack, you can patiently plant the spike and play on the Ultimate while waiting for the opponent. Whereas, during defense, you can wait for the enemy to plant the spike, identify his potential location and then use the ultimate to get him down.

3 Use Sonic Sensors On Spike For Post Plant

Place Sonic Sensors On Spike For Post Plant in Valorant

As mentioned above, you can use Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor for several purposes other than watching flanks or lurks. One of the best uses for this ability would be to place it around the region of the spike that your team has planted.

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If the ability goes undetected, the opponent trying to defuse the spike would make a sound and then get stunned. This would help you get a kill and could turn the round in your favor. Accordingly, you can look for appropriate places on the walls to place the Sonic Sensors after your team plants the spike.

2 Learn The Correct Lineups For Annihilation

Learn Lineups For Annihilation in Valorant

Many novice users would be uncomfortable using the Annihilation Ultimate, and some might even end up placing it incorrectly and missing an opponent. Thus, if you are willing to master the Deadlock Agent in Valorant, one of the things you can do would be to learn the correct lineups or how to use Annihilation.

Aside from regularly throwing the Ultimate, each map would have its own unique way to use the Annihilation, and you can jump onto a Custom game with your friend to practice them. It won’t take much time to learn the correct use of the Ultimate, and this would certainly help you in the long run as you aim to become a Deadlock main.

1 Create Appropriate Setups With Sonic Sensors And Anchor Sites

Create Appropriate Setups Using Sonic Sensors In Valorant

Being a Sentinel, Deadlock must be used in Valorant to Anchor the sites. As a result, you can create appropriate setups on the site you are playing using her Sonic Sensors. The setup would primarily revolve around these sensors because the other ability usage will ultimately vary based on the scenario you end up in.

Essentially, you can put the Sonic Sensors at the locations where you expect the opponent team to showcase movement around the site entrance. You can mainly think about the places where you can expect a Jett Dash or the Angles where the foes will start taking aim at duels and fights, driving the noise for the sensors to get activated.

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