Disney VHS Tapes With Ridiculous Price Tags

If you find a huge stack of Disney VHS tapes stored away in your parent’s attic, this is a story for you. These days, only certain collectors and enthusiasts are interested in old VHS tapes, but certain IPs have some extra value. If you’re thinking of giving them away or throwing them out, you might want to take a step back and reconsider that decision.



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Since VHS tapes are no longer in production, there’s value in them for some collectors. Combine this with Disney’s nostalgia factor and the tendency to have limited runs, and prices can fluctuate wildly for both lots and individual tapes.

Updated on July 18, 2023, by Kristy Ambrose: Consumers have been learning some hard lessons about market manipulation and the power of trends. The recent craze of Black Diamond Disney movies is one example.

This series of 20 films were released between 1984 and 1994 and earned its nickname due to the black diamond-shaped logo on the VHS covers. While their true value has been debated over the years, reports of tapes selling for thousands have resulted in some ridiculous prices. Aside from some dubious and even laughable amounts on VHS listings with the Disney name, some antique, unopened, and out-of-print tapes are no longer available and sell for breathtaking fortunes.

14 The Fox And The Hound, Black Diamond Edition – 1994

Todd and Copper meeting in The Fox and the Hound

It was the first movie a lot of Gen Xers saw at the theater. The main character is Tod, a young fox, who befriends a bloodhound named Copper. However, as the two grow older, they soon realize that hounds are used by humans to hunt foxes. It’s a great but tragic story that ends with a good moral lesson. Movie buffs would be interested to know that a young Kurt Russel was the voice of Copper.

This lesser-known Disney classic is highly deserving of more appreciation on an artistic level. It might have been the nostalgia that can drive the price up to as much as $20,000 but it’s just as easy to pick up an equally good copy for less than the cost of a modern movie ticket.

13 Bambi, Black Diamond Edition – 1989

Bambi Thumper and Bambi in the flowers Disney

Bambi is known for one of the saddest character deaths in Disney history. In our minds, it doesn’t top Mufasa’s, but it’s still very sad nonetheless. It’s still a gorgeous animated feature even by modern standards, something the adult viewer can appreciate.

This coming-of-age tale of a baby deer is priced n eBay depending on the exact edition; some of the unique covers are listed at higher values, sometimes in the neighborhood of hundreds of dollars, but you can still buy one for less than $20. Maybe those childhood trauma memories are affecting their value.

12 The One And Only, Genuine, Original, Family Band – 1968

A group of musicians of all ages playing instruments in a theatre.

The 1990s is overflowing with VHS tapes, but it was a rare commodity in 1968, and the earliest tapes didn’t appear in public until the late 1970s. That’s the main reason that a copy of this obscure Disney musical, The One And Only, Genuine, Original, Family Band, is listed on eBay at over $3000.

Other factors that drive the price of this tape to such a degree is that it’s brand new and still in its original factory-sealed plastic wrap. Collectors know that will at least double the price of anything immediately.

11 Fantasia, Black Diamond Edition – 1991

Fantasia Mickey mouse leads a magical broom

The classic masterpiece of Fantasia is Mickey Mouse himself, in his iconic sorcerer’s outfit. The Mickey Mouse section might be what we most remember from Fantasia, but there are so many wonderful scenes of dancing animals and twirling lights in this movie, finally crowned by the demon Chernabog rising from Bald Mountain.

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Fantasia has a huge focus on music along with adventure and action. Its uniqueness is a selling point, and copies can be expensive, but even rare and new tapes from back in the day barely break the $100 mark when it comes to value.

10 Cinderella, Black Diamond Edition – 1988

Cinderella from the 1950 film facing to the right and giving a small curtsy

In this classic fairy tale, a young woman named Cinderella is forced to cook and clean all day. One night, with the help of her Fairy Godmother, Cinderella goes to the ball and falls in love with Prince Charming. Like almost every other Disney ending, they live happily ever after.

It’s possible to spend more than $3000 on this copy, but you could also buy the same one, in the same condition, for less than $10. Prices on many of the old Disney tapes vary, but Cinderella seems to have been more affected by the craze than others. People seem to forget that this is still just a tape from 1988, not from when the movie was released.

9 Lady And The Tramp, Black Diamond Edition – 1987

Lady And The Tramp speghetti and meatball scene screenshot Disney

It’s the canine version of “My Fair Lady” combined with “Oliver Twist” and despite its status as one of the less prestigious Disney movies, it’s a solid fan favorite. Lady is a cocker spaniel who belongs to a happy couple. Tramp is a mutt who lives on the streets and feeds himself by eating scraps from a local Italian restaurant.

An unopened version of this tape with the limited-edition cover art is more expensive, going as high as a few thousand dollars but also selling for less than $100 depending on the tape’s condition. These adorable dogs are currently climbing our list, with their VHS listing equaling that of Disney legend Cinderella. Proof that animals can dominate the listings.

8 Aladdin, Black Diamond Edition -1993

Aladdin and his lamp as genie appears

Aladdin is a beloved Disney film for many reasons, with the main draw being Robin Williams’ turn as the delightful genie. To this day fans cannot resist the rags-to-riches love story of Aladdin, who tries to win the heart of Princess Jasmine, without being thwarted by the evil Jafar.

The love for this movie is reflected in a high list price for its Black Diamond edition, but you don’t have to pay the asking price of more than $3000 for a copy. There are plenty in the same condition for as little as a few dollars.

7 Dumbo, Black Diamond Edition – 1985

Dumbo and the Crows Disney

Dumbo is a classic tale of the elephant who learned to fly. This adorable animal is still well known today, with his own themed ride in Disney World and a live-action movie remake. Prices for this tape range from high to low depending on the condition of the case and the cover art, starting at just a few dollars and going all the way up to $11,000.

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Perhaps he struggles to become his true self, or maybe his adorable ears. Whatever it is, Dumbo is flying fairly high on our list with the current price of his Black Diamond VHS tape, but customers should be wary about how much they spend.

6 The Rescuers & The Rescuers Down Under, Black Diamond Edition – 1991

The Rescuers peer through grass

The Rescuers Down Under tells the tale of the Rescue Aid Society’s finest mice, Bernard and Bianca, as they fly to Australia to rescue Cody, a young boy kidnapped by poachers after freeing a Golden Eagle from a trap. Voice actors like John Candy and Eva Gabor make the nostalgia bait here even more alluring.

It seems that the adorable mice are more popular than you might expect, with their VHS tape currently being listed for a staggering price, but that has more to do with the age and condition of the tape than the movie itself. As one of the more obscure Disney offerings from the pre-Rennaisance Era, copies can sell for high prices or just a few dollars for several copies.

5 The Jungle Book, Black Diamond Edition – 1991

The Jungle Book Bare Necessities scene with bananas Disney

The Jungle Book tells the story of Mowgli, a boy raised by a pack of wolves who ends up under the care of a panther and a bear after being threatened by a tiger. It is the best-known adaptation of the classic Rudyard Kipling novel, and its popularity has prompted several direct-to-video sequels and live-action remakes.

An obscure title that came into its own thanks to the power of VHS, you can spend a few thousand dollars on a copy or grab one that’s just as good with some pocket change. Special editions are available with songbooks and other accessories and will cost more.

4 Disney, Marking the Millennium – 2000

A screenshot of the big ball in Walt Disney World Resort.

This could be one of the most valuable VHS tapes in existence, provided it’s unopened, untouched, and still in its original packaging. That’s one of the reasons this very rare tape is priced at a whopping $50,000 but it’s not the only reason.

As the name suggests, this tape had a limited release in the year 2000 only, and to make it even more rare, they were only available for purchase at Epcot Center. Disney fans who want a copy can buy an opened or used version for considerably less.

3 Beauty And The Beast, Black Diamond Edition – 1992

Beauty and the Beast ballroom scene close-up

Beauty and the Beast break away from stereotypical romance by creating a female protagonist who doesn’t need to constantly rely on others for help, provided you don’t see this whole story as an expression of Stockholm Syndrome. Belle is headstrong and defiant, which is what makes her one of our favorite Disney princesses.

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The hefty list price of this VHS reflects the popularity of this timeless tale that has been retold countless times, but prices like $35,000 for a twenty-year-old VHS tape, without the original wrap, is nothing short of a bad joke. There are several copies of the same thing selling for less than a few dollars.

2 101 Dalmatians, Black Diamond Edition – 1992

9 of the pups sat with their parents in 101 Dalmatians

101 Dalmatians is one of Disney’s most well-known classic films, and the Cruella-based remakes are part of the reason it’s surged in popularity. Cruella De Vil also appears in several other series including Disney’s Descendants and Once Upon A Time.

The movie is about a Dalmatian couple named Pongo and Perdita, who end up raising 99 Dalmatian puppies while under threat from Cruella De Vil, who wants to turn them into a coat. The continued popularity of these adorable pups seems to have kept asking prices for this VHS incredibly high, with some priced for as much as $2000, but others for less than the shipping price.

1 The Little Mermaid, Black Diamond Edition – 1990

Ariel in the Little Mermaid sitting on rock with wave

There is one discussion about the rare cover of the 1990 VHS tape The Little Mermaid that relates to the shape of Atlantica’s castle. We’d love to tell you, but this is a family-friendly list, and prices for these tapes might be higher but the value is still more about nostalgia than collectibility.

Instead, we’ll tell you that Ariel’s journey to find love has captured so many hearts that the list cost of it is ridiculously high, perhaps riding the wave of the live-action remake. Spend almost $8000 on this tape if you want, but it also sells for as little as five or six dollars.

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