The Best Young Strikers Under €1 Million To Sign In Career Mode In FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Career Mode enthusiasts love to take on challenges, so they are always up for rebuilding the clubs in the lower divisions. If you are attempting to go for such a rebuild, you must carefully purchase players, as you would have minimal money to work with.



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Investing in a striker early might help you sort out your attack and ensure your side scores an acceptable number of goals during the first couple of seasons. You can look at the section below to find a list of the best young strikers to buy in the Career Mode, keeping in mind a maximum budget of €1 million for the position.

The rating and potential listed below are as of FIFA 23’s latest July Squad update.

10 Sinclair Armstrong, Queens Park Rangers

An image of Sinclair Armstrong in FIFA 23

Sinclair Armstrong will be a fantastic pickup in FIFA 23’s Career Mode, and the young Irish striker would be one of the best options if you want a pacey striker. He also has great physical attributes in the game, which will also help you out immensely on the pitch.

The player currently represents Queens Park Rangers and has played a fair amount of EFL Championship matches in his breakthrough season. Buying the 62-rated talent would thus be a good option, and he has the potential to reach the mark of 80.

9 Nicolò Tresoldi, Hannover 96

An image of Nicolo Treslodi in FIFA 23

There are a lot of hidden gems playing football in the different tiers of Germany, one of which being Nicolò Tresoldi. He made his breakthrough in the main team of Hannover 96 in the 2022-2023 season; however, he is yet to score his first professional goal.

Inside FIFA 23, the German striker would be a worthy deal for under €1 million, with him possessing an overall rating of 61 and a potential of 80. It is worth noting that he is not that fast, so you can focus on that aspect by putting him on the Mobile Striker development plan.

8 Can Uzun, FC Nürnberg

An image of Can Uzun in FIFA 23

Turkey has produced several talents over the previous few decades, with the modern generation ones like Arda Güler attracting a lot of attention. Another modern talent from the country is Can Uzun, and just like Nicolò Tresoldi, he plays in the second division of German football.

The player essentially has a rating of 59 in FIFA 23, alongside a potential of 80. You can try negotiating a good deal for him, and he would cost you between €500,000 – 700,000 based on how well you can bargain.

7 Nacho Ferri, Eintracht Frankfurt

An image of Nacho Ferri in FIFA 23

Ignacio Ferri Julià, better recognized as Nacho Ferri, would be the best striker if you are looking for a target man. He is 6’4 in height and has decent heading and pace, making him an absolute threat to the opponent’s defence.

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Nonetheless, his dribbling and passing aren’t that good, and he won’t be the perfect person for link-up play, and you would have no other option than to feed him with the balls. Regardless of that fact, you must certainly consider signing this 61-rated striker since he has a decent potential of 80.

6 Dženan Pejčinović, VFL Wolfsburg

An image of Dženan Pejčinović in FIFA 23

Dženan Pejčinović is a top talent at VFL Wolfsburg, and the young striker has a lot of eyes on him. The German international could become a vital piece of your attack, and you can make him the sole striker in the setup while placing him alongside pacey wingers.

When it comes to his in-game numbers, Dženan Pejčinović has a rating of 62 inside the first season of the Career Mode, whereas his default potential sits at the mark of 81. You can easily surpass his base potential by making him the star player of your side and giving him regular game time.

5 Roko Brajković, Hajduk Split

An image of Roko Brajković in FIFA 23

Another fine striker to buy under €1 million is Roko Brajković, and the Croatian youngster is expected to shine in the coming future. He even scored at his first-ever start for Hajduk Split, becoming one of the youngest goalscorers for the club.

In terms of rating and potential, Roko Brajković is rated 60, while his potential is at 81. You can make him the main man up top or convert him into a winger. The player also does well as an attacking midfielder, and due to his stature, he fits perfectly there.

4 Emre Tezgel, Stoke City

An image of Emre Tezgel in FIFA 23

Emre Tezgel is among the most promising youngsters in the Stoke City side, and he is expected to make a breakthrough as a starter within the next couple of seasons. Although he doesn’t boast a comparatively better rating than those on this list, he has a higher potential compared to them in FIFA 23’s Career Mode.

Looking at the exact numbers, Emre Tezgel features an overall rating of 56, which might not be good enough to make a starter for even the lower-tier teams. Nevertheless, as his potential is 82, you can trust the process and grow him into a world-class player.

3 Norman Bassette, Caen

An image of Norman Bassette in FIFA 23

Norman Bassette has been representing Caen and its B team over the past few seasons, and he is predicted to become a solid goalscorer. His stats are well distributed, and you can try getting him for €600,000 – 700,000 for your club in the FIFA 23 Career Mode.

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His rating of 59 would not directly make him a superstar of the side, but since his potential is 82, any money spent on acquiring his services would not be wasted. He will significantly rise in value as he continues to grow with the seasons passing by.

2 Rory Wilson, Aston Villa

An image of Rory Wilson in FIFA 23

Rory Wilson is seen as the future of Scotland’s attack, and the prolific striker made a move to Aston Villa from Rangers in 2022. Since signing for the English club, he has been in terrific form for their youth teams, and he is just going to get better with time.

Following his incredible displays, EA has given Rory Wilson a rating of 59 in FIFA 23. In the meantime, his potential stands at 83, and he will be a great buy for the striker position in case you don’t have a lot of money to splash.

1 Bobby Wales, Kilmarnock

An image of Bobby Wales in FIFA 23

Bobby Wales is arguably the best striker you can get for under €1 million in FIFA 23’s Career Mode. Like fellow Scotsman Rory Wilson, he is highly regarded and is anticipated to become an absolute world-beater if he continues to improve and live up to his potential.

The young striker would probably be the greatest hidden gem you can find in the Scottish Premiership, and his rapid pace makes him a threat on the counterattack. In the game, Bobby Wales has a rating of 61, and his potential is 83, which is good enough.

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