Best Apple Arcade Sports Games

Sports games have a fanbase of their own, regardless of the platform, and iOS users are no exception. With this in mind, Apple’s subscription-based video game service, Apple Arcade, includes a short but crisp list of fun and entertaining games in the sports genre.



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With a $4.99 per month price tag, this is considered to be a well-balanced deal by most, and with no additional in-game downloads, Arcade is a complete experience. On top of that, the package includes a variety of similar games ranging from basketball to soccer, and everyone can get their hands on their favorite sports and more in Apple Arcade.

8 Sociable Soccer ’21

A soccer player about to take a corner shot while others take position

Developed by Rogue Games, Sociable Soccer ’21 is a fulfilling experience for all soccer fans searching for their favorite sport on Apple Arcade. You can play both online and offline on your iOS devices. Furthermore, you can play against AI, friends, and other players in multiplayer mode.

You can participate in clan and league clashes against other teams and compete for supremacy. If interested, you can also build your own team and grow it to success. Overall, it’s just the perfect amalgam of entertainment and fun.

7 Skate City

A street skateboarder doing a trick

If the sport of Street Skating is what gives you the thrill, this is the game for you. As extreme as this sport is in the real world, the game captures the dynamic nature of the sport perfectly on iOS.

Learn new skills and improve the hundreds of tricks and combinations you can perform in-game. Explore multiple urban venues like Los Angeles, Tokyo, Oslo, Miami, and more, while leveling up your character. The cherry on the top is the in-game recorder that lets you capture snaps and shots of your perfect tricks.

6 Ballistic Baseball

screenshot showing a baseball batter just before he hits the ball

The jam-packed Major League Baseball stadiums are proof of the overwhelmingly high number of fans baseball has across the globe. Apple Arcade runs short on the number of available baseball titles to enjoy; however, Ballistic Baseball covers it all.

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This cross-play PvP game captures the enthralling adventure of every pitch thrown toward the batter. You can also participate in the Home Run hitting contest with the latest version. The game includes a career mode, where you can unlock new characters with the training points earned by winning.

5 Easy Come Easy Golf

Screenshot showing a golfer posing after a full swing

The sport of golf is often considered an elite sport because of the extensive amount of resources required, especially the huge chunk of land. However, with the power of technology, golf enthusiasts can now enjoy golf on their smartphones, and Easy Come Easy Golf on Apple Arcade is one good option.

You can participate in World Tournaments, Tour Mode, Score Attack, Survival Mode, and more. For the lone wolves out there, the game has a Solo Mode as well. Practice all kinds of shots to perfection and defeat players across the globe.

4 Pro Darts 2023+

Collage showing two dart targets and a shelf full of achievement trophies

The competitive sport of dart-throwing is so versatile that it is played both as a professional sport and a pub game. The Arcade version of this game by iWare Designs Ltd. is a fun and engaging experience where you can enjoy the classic game in a 3D setting.

Additionally, the game includes multiple modes like Quick Play, League, and Tournament. Furthermore, you can customize darts and play on multiple types of boards.

3 Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis

Collage showing a tennis match and SpongeBob doing a serve

What would tennis enthusiasts love more than playing tennis? Playing Tennis with and against their favorite Nickelodeon characters. Nickelodeon Extreme Tennis blends the best of both worlds and brings to life amazing characters like SpongeBob, Angelica, Rocko, and more.

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Paired with this are iconic Nickelodeon locations like Bikini Bottom and Zim’s Secret Base, making the experience even more immersive. Rise through the ranks to unlock multiple iconic outfits and rackets and level up to earn experience on the court to grow through the story mode of the game.

2 Grand Mountain Adventure+

Snowboarder sliding down an icy mountain peak

Everyone loves the sports of skiing and snowboarding, but only a small percentage have the resources to experience it in the real world. The Grand Mountain Adventure+ brings to your iOS device the fun of sliding through icy valleys and mountains.

With 11 huge open-world mountains at your disposal, you’ll never run out of space to practice, and with 200+ unique challenges, you’ll never run out of thrill. You can also play multiplayer with friends over local wifi while seeing the epic facial reactions of your friends when you perform those backflips.

1 NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition

NBA 2k23 screenshot showing a player dribbling his way through his opponents defence on the basketball court

The 24th installment in the renowned NBA 2k series, NBA 2k23 is based on National Basketball Association. The Arcade-only version was made available in October 2022 and is now available for all the Basketball enthusiasts out there.

Grow your character through their NBA journey and play against legends like Michael Jordan and Shaquille O’Neal, while dribbling your way through the court in Online and Multiplayer modes to prove your mettle to your opponents. Additionally, you can also become the Head Coach of your favorite NBA franchise, building and guiding them to success.

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