Tears Of The Kingdom Players Are Now Powering Their Vehicles With Frozen Meat

We’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful creations in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom so far, including everything from submarines to cars that can drive up cliffs. However, the majority of these strange contraptions requires batteries to run, something which today’s absolutely baffling piece of machinery isn’t burdened by. Instead, this vehicle runs off of frozen meat, and a bit of force can get you to your destination in record time.



First shared to the Hyrule Engineering subreddit, a player called u/Superruub61 has uploaded a video of their vehicle in action, proving that you can make a functional ride that doesn’t require either battery or electricity to work. Instead, the player has simply stuck chunks of frozen meat directly to the bottom of certain places off their contraption.

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Those who are familiar with the game will know that similar technique was used in shield surfing earlier this year, as frozen meat has little to no friction and lets you slide across seemingly flat terrain for as long as you like. Imagine that situation, but on a bigger scale. To make the contraption move, u/Superruub61 simply strikes the side with a weapon in the direction they want to travel, using the resulting force to get going, and continuously strikes the walls to increase speed.

They actually manage to go at a decent speed too, right before they sink their machine into the water and stop it in its tracks. Unfortunately, you can’t actually direct the contraption yourself since it has no steering stick, so all you can do is give it a push along a wide open area and pray to the Zonai that you don’t hit anything along the way. It’s still much faster than walking though, and is cost effective since you don’t have to worry about battery power and all you need is a few chunks of frozen meat.

Of course, it also helps that the vehicle itself is made from a new, extremely light, material recently found by Tears of the Kingdom players. For those of you unaware, it was recently discovered that you can rip out bits of the game’s scenery with glitches, and these pieces have all sorts of weird qualities since Nintendo didn’t actually forsee players using them in builds. It’s been a huge part of why you’re seeing so many weird creations, and has led to the birth of many elborate aircraft that may not have been possible prior to its discovery.

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