How To Complete The Family Fortune Scenario In The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Scenarios follow themed story-based challenges in order to achieve goals and gain rewards. The Family Fortune Scenario is no different and follows a family at war, competing for the same inheritance.



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It is an intermediate story and has three parts you must complete before gaining one of four endings. Each part will have goals as well as optional goals that you must complete to move to the next section. This scenario follows the Landry family, led by their wealthy matriarch who is so annoyed with her three disappointing grandchildren that she is debating whether they are worth her inheritance.

How To Start The Scenario

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To start this scenario your game must be upgraded to patch 120. When opening up the game, click on Family Fortune Scenario in the play scenario section on the home screen. This scenario is part of the Welcome Scenarios, which includes premade characters and households.

Learn To Get Along

A text bubble showing Nyssa Landry talking to Ava Landry


Optional Goals

  • Improve Grandmother’s Mood
  • Throw A Dinner Party
  • Heal Negative Sentiments
  • Have Siblings Befriend Each Other
  • Get Through a Dinner Party Without Fighting
  • Have Siblings Fight
  • Donate 10,000 Simoleons of Inheritance to Charity
  • Have All The Siblings Apologise To Grandmother

Nyssa demands a family dinner party, so the siblings can prove that they can behave and get along and deserve the inheritance. Of course, this scenario can be played as simply or chaotically as you wish but if you want to complete all the goals, here is an effective way to do it.

Improve Grandmother’s Mood

Nyssa Landry sitting on a sofa reading a book

First, it is a good idea to tick off the goal to improve Nyssa’s mood as future tasks at this stage may anger her. Once her mood is up it will be ticked off the goals list and her mood for the rest of the scenario is inconsequential.

A good way to improve Nyssa’s mood is to keep her away from the grandchildren for a while and let her complete some fun activities on her own.

Have Siblings Fight and Get Through A Dinner Party Without Fighting

A dust cloud in a bedroom between two unidentifiable sims

If you’re completing the optional goals, it is beneficial to have the siblings fight before the dinner party, so you can still achieve the no fighting during the dinner party goal.

Click on the sibling you wish to fight with and select one of the antagonising options, such as Provoke or Yell At, in order to start the fight.

Throw A Dinner Party

Nyssa, Ava, Eddie and Lila sat around a table eating and talking

Next, you will want to throw a dinner party. This can be done by clicking on the phone icon in the bottom left corner and clicking on Plan Social Event. When the Plan An Event box pops up, select Dinner Party.

Have Siblings Befriend Each Other, Heal Negative Sentiments And Apologise To Grandmother

The dinner party should then be focused on ensuring that everyone gets along to achieve the rest of the goals.

Having the Sims interact positively with each other by clicking on one of the Sims and using actions such as Apologise and Find Common Ground should help them befriend each other, improve Negative Sentiments, as well as keep fights at bay.

Completing activities such as cooking together during the dinner party is a useful way to heal Negative Sentiments between Sims.

This final goal is to donate 10,000 Simoleons to charity. To do this, click the phone, then the home icon, and select Donate 10,000 Simoleons. Once the dinner party has ended the next section of the scenario begins.

Become Respectable Adults

A text bubble showing Nyssa Landry talking to Eddie Landry


Optional Goals

  • Get A Job for All Siblings
  • Earn 10,000 Simoleons
  • Get Promoted
  • Find A Romantic Partner For Each Sibling
  • Heal Grandmother’s Negative Sentiments
  • Burn 50,000 Simoleons Of Inheritance

Get A Job For All Siblings And Earn 10,000 Simoleons

Ava Landry in her workwear exiting through the front door

Nyssa states that she and their grandfather worked hard for their money, and it is time for the unemployed grandchildren to prove themselves by finding jobs.

To get each of the siblings a job and subsequently earn 10,000 Simoleons, select Join A Career by clicking on the briefcase in the bottom left corner.

The career you choose doesn’t matter to the game, but to complete the other goals faster, it may be a good idea to select high-paying jobs.

Get Promoted

To get promoted, click on the career icon in the bottom right corner and you will see all the tasks you must complete to earn a promotion. With every task you complete you will move further along the performance bar and once filled you will earn a promotion.

Heal Grandmother’s Negative Sentiments

Nyssa and Lila playing chess and talking in the living room

One of the optional goals for this stage is Heal Negative Sentiments towards Grandma.

This can sometimes take a while, so it is a good idea to try to coerce positive interaction with each of the siblings and Nyssa throughout this section, so that, by the end, she will view her grandchildren in a more positive light.

Find A Romantic Partner For Each Of The Siblings

Two sims talking in the street

Once you have a career, Nyssa will announce that she needs to see that the grandchildren are planning for the future, and so they need to find a romantic partner. You can either invite a Sim over or head to a social location such as a bar or park.

You will need to ask the other Sim to become your boyfriend/girlfriend, which requires 30 percent Romance. Of course, this can be achieved by talking to and getting to know the other Sim and slowly moving on to more flirtatious suggestions.

Sims who have more similarities and traits to your Sim will be quicker to fall in love with.

Burn 50,000 Simoleons Of Inheritance

The next stage of the Scenario will begin once you have earned 10,000 Simoleons, so, before then, remember to burn 50,000 of the inheritance money.

To burn the money, click on the phone, followed by the home icon, and select Burn 50,000 Simoleons.

Burning or donating any of the inheritance money before Nyssa has passed will not necessarily mean less money will be inherited by the grandchildren at the end.

A New Beginning For The Family

A text bubble showing Nyssa Landry talking to Lila Landry


Optional Goals

  • Mourn Grandmother
  • Read Inheritance Letter
  • Engrave Grandmother’s Urn
  • Strengthen Grandmother’s Connection To The Physical World
  • Release Grandmother’s Spirit
  • Donate Inheritance To Charity
  • Have Siblings Become Best Friends

Mourn Nyssa

Ava Landry interacting with the Grim Reaper

This section begins with the death of Nyssa. Her final words state that she feels she has let them all down by spoiling them and that she will still be watching them closely from above.

The important thing to note is that the entire scenario will automatically end when you engrave Nyssa’s urn, so make sure you leave this until last.

After the Grim Reaper has visited, you can click on the urn and select Mourn Nyssa to complete the first goal.

Read Inheritance Letter

Check each Sim’s inventory in the bottom right corner to view their individual inheritance letter and see how much they have been left by their grandmother.

The better the relationship each Sim had with Nyssa before her death, the more they will get.

Have Siblings Become Best Friends

Ava, Eddie and Lila all cooking together in the kitchen

If you’re completing optional goals, all the siblings must get along. This means that, throughout this stage, you must ensure all three of your Sims are continually having positive interactions with each other.

Additionally, you must have one of the siblings donate all their inheritance to charity in the same way Nyssa did in the first stage of the scenario.

Strengthen Nyssa’s Connection To The Physical World And Release Nyssa’s Spirit

The final optional goals can be achieved by clicking on the urn and selecting Strengthen Nyssa’s Connection To The Physical World and Release Nyssa’s Spirit.

To complete the scenario and engrave the urn, simply click on the urn and select Engrave Epitaph.

You are able to choose what you would like written so be as nice or as mean as you like.

The Endings

Information Boxes Showing Each Of The Completed Scenarios

What you do with the inheritance money after receiving it determines the ending you get.

  • Giving It All Away This can be achieved if one Sim donates all of their inheritance to charity.
  • A Happy Family At Last Achieving most of the goals and improving all the relationships within the family can increase your chances of receiving this ending.
  • Made Grandma Proud By making some improvement towards the siblings relationship with Nyssa, you can achieve this ending.
  • Let Grandma Down If you fail to make Nyssa proud and are unable to complete most of the challenges set, you will likely be left with this ending.

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